Description of hens breed Ameraukana

Description of hens breed Ameraukana

Poultry breeding does not stand still. Every year new breeds of chickens with record productivity indicators or some unusual decorative features are bred. In the 70s of the last century, the breed of Amerukan chickens bred from Araucans became popular in the USA.

  1. External characteristics of the breed
  2. Productivity <
  3. Is it worth it to breed
  4. Features of bird keeping
  5. Resettlement
  6. Features of the diet of birds
  7. Some tips for breeding

Характеристика кур породы Амераукана

Characteristics of the hens of the Ameraukan breed

Bred by breeders the individuals had a high egg production, as well as good weight growth. The egg breed was not only achieved by this. Amerukan’s hens carry blue eggs, which is why they are often called Easter eggs.

External characteristics of the breed

Ameruakan breed was bred in USA in the beginning of 70. Araucana bird introduced several years earlier became the parent of this unusual breed. Crossing it with the American feathered subspecies, breeders wanted to achieve maximum efficiency from livestock breeding in the US.

The result of such an experiment exceeded expectations. In addition to high productivity characteristics, hatched birds received an important decorative feature: the unusual color of the eggs. Blue, green or pink coloring of these products gives them an Easter look (can be seen in the official photo).

Ameraukan’s chicken is no less popular because of its appearance.

She has a very lush beard and a long comb. In addition, the color of the plumage is different. Numerous reviews indicate the existence of 8 colors, including blue, black, white, wheat, etc. But the most expensive is an instance that has lavender-colored feathers. Such chickens are rare. In addition, breeders noticed a connection between the color of the birds and the color of their eggs. Long-term observations showed that some species of individuals of the breed Ameraukan breed eggs of different colors. Moreover, their color does not depend on the quality of human care.

A full description of the breed of hens Ameraukan can not do without the brethren of these “Easter” birds – the breed “Bentam “. These birds have the same external characteristics as the progenitor hens. But their weight is 3, and sometimes even 4 times less. This affects the size of the eggs. In addition, the productivity of Bentam livestock is average. They can also have different colors, but their size is proportional to the chicken’s parameters.

Курица породы Бентам

Bentham chicken


Ameraukan breed is meat-bearing.

Every farmer who decides to get such individuals should provide them with proper care and feeding.If everything is done right, the breeder can get:

  • chickens weighing up to 2.7 kg;
  • roosters weighing up to 3.5 kg;
  • egg production one chicken up to 260 pieces per year.

In addition, chickens start to race from 5 months, and the productive period lasts up to 2 years. An incubation egg reaches 68-70 g, which is a good indicator even for industrial breeding. The blue, pink and green coloring of products attracts the buyer more than the usual color familiar to a person.

But the breed of Ameraukan is rarely found at home. This is caused by the poor maternal instinct of females and the aggressiveness of roosters. To save future livestock, the egg is aged in the incubator. This is the reason why, when deciding to breed these birds, you need to take care of purchasing additional equipment.

Is it worth breeding a breed

Numerous reviews of birds of the American breed indicate that that they are suitable for keeping and breeding in domestic climatic conditions. They tolerate frost well and rarely get sick. The main thing is to know about the nuances of bird care. In addition, before acquiring chickens, it is necessary to understand what advantages and disadvantages the Ameraukan breed has. Among the advantages include:

  • different egg colors (there are blue, pink and green colors);
  • fast bird growth;
  • egg production up to 250- 260 pcs.per year;
  • the taste of meat;
  • stable immunity;
  • the ability to keep in any climatic conditions.

K In addition, Ameraucan chicken reaches a mass of 2 kg in just 5 months. High bird growth rates with easy care make the livestock profitable for the breeder.

Курицы породы Амераукана имеют высокий темп роста и просты в уходе

Chicken breeds Ameraucans have a high growth rate and are easy to care for

But there are some disadvantages. One of the main ones is the excessive aggressiveness of males. A rooster of this breed can attack not only other birds, but also its owner. Hens are more flexible, and if aggressors are not isolated in a timely manner, the number of livestock may decrease. In addition, the cock often breaks eggs.

The disadvantages of the Ameraukan breed also include the underdeveloped maternal instinct of females. Chickens do not pay enough attention to hatching eggs, so it is necessary to place food in an incubator. Without this device, the egg will quickly freeze, because for the development of the embryo it is necessary to constantly maintain a temperature of 36 ° C. And even after hatching eggs in the incubator, each chicken should be there at this temperature for another 2-3 days.

Features of bird keeping

Birds of the Ameraukan breed are unpretentious to certain conditions that is important for the breeder.Before settling the livestock, it is necessary to carry out standardized measures to prepare the chicken coop for new residents. The farmer needs to:

  1. disinfect not only the room itself, but also all the equipment;
  2. lay or remodel the litter;
  3. equip the chicken coop with ventilation ;
  4. to insulate and whiten the walls and ceiling of the room;
  5. to equip recreation, walking and feeding areas.

Like other birds contained on the farm, representatives of the Ameraukan breed require protection from rodents and predators. The best way to save the number of livestock – to make an aviary for walking. It is best to connect it with the entrance to the chicken coop itself. This will allow birds to move freely from one zone to another, without additional efforts on the part of humans.

You can get productivity from the declared characteristics of the breed description by creating all the necessary conditions for grooming. One of the main features is the microclimate in the chicken coop. The best indicators of egg laying are observed at a relative humidity of 70%, and the air temperature should be 18-28 ° C.

Description of the Ameraukan of the chicken breed indicates that such birds are very productive and adapted. But at the same time, they require special care and maintenance rules.


Before starting the birds in a new place of detention, you need to take care of arranging the premises with everything you need.Install the feeder and the drinker , as well as spread a soft litter. For it should be used:

  • straw;
  • foliage of trees;
  • peat.

The content of Ameraucan birds in novice breeders can cause some difficulties. They often relate to the aggression of males, so each lush rooster should be isolated from the whole flock in a separate cage. In addition, aggression itself can also be manifested through the fault of a person. Incorrect resettlement of birds can easily cause a struggle for territory in the livestock. It is because of this that experienced farmers recommend not exceeding the rate of 10 chickens per 1 sq. Km. m.

It is equally important to purchase an incubator. Only with it will the breeding of birds be effective. Each fertilized egg is there before hatching. Within 2-3 days after birth, the chicken can be kept in a spacious box under the heating of an infrared lamp (can be seen in the official photo). Blue, pink and green egg coloring may also be of interest to children. But it should be remembered that these poultry often show aggression. Children cannot be allowed into the chicken coop without adults.

Features of the bird diet

Feeding quality of birds directly affects their productivity – an indicator of egg production and muscle gain, therefore, the breeder must ensure a balanced diet for your birds. It is recommended to make it yourself or buy ready-made feed.Chickens eat everything that other birds eat. The basis of their diet is grain and greens. In the summer, part of the bird’s feed is produced independently during the range, so the portion size can be reduced.

We must not forget about the substances that are useful for the immunity of birds. It is recommended that crushed chalk, shell, bone meal and even eggshell be added to the mixers. All these products are rich in calcium, necessary not only for the health of the birds themselves, but also for the formation of eggs. In addition, we must not forget about the constant access to water. The drinker should always be filled with clean liquid.

Some breeding tips

Experienced breeders who decide to breed Ameraukan breed recommend that beginning farmers not rush to buy a large number of hatching eggs. Often, due to ignorance of the characteristics of this breed, people buy frozen foods, especially if a person decides to buy uncertified eggs. In addition, there is another way to start farming – to purchase already hatched young animals.

Ameraukan breed is kept in conditions of high humidity. But such parameters are suitable only for adults. Chickens survive only in warmth and dryness, which is why they should be populated in spacious heated cages with installed drinking bowls and feeders. Drinking bowls should be protected from overflows. If a puddle forms on the floor, the chicks may be injured.

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