Description of hens of breed Brahma Svetlaya

Chickens of the Brama Light breed are the most popular type of poultry in Russia and not only. They have a very beautiful color and have a decorative appearance. These giants are friendly and can protect themselves and their offspring from cats or dogs.

  1. History and description of the Brama breed
  2. Asian-American breed
  3. European type of Brahma
  4. General characteristics
  5. Light Brahma
  6. Breeding of Brahma hens
  7. Feeding and feeding
  8. Conclusion <

Брама светлая

Bright Brahma

Such hens look good in the yard on a green lawn, bring large and large eggs, have delicious dietary meat, thereby attracting farmers. They are brought not only for beauty: they bring a lot of benefits. They are distinguished from other breeds of hens by large size and plumage.

History and description of the breed Brahma

There is There are two variants of the origin of the Brama breed: First, hens were bred in areas of India since 1850, after an exhibition in Boston. The second option is North America. The breed was officially registered in 1874. In the XIX century, this breed was brought to the territory of Russia.

Hens were distinguished by the main qualities: a lot of tasty and juicy meat. That was their main task. The rooster could reach a weight of up to 8 kg, and the chickens grew very quickly and gained weight. Even after 4 years of life, hens rush perfectly. Eggs in birds are large, and their content does not bring much trouble.However, over time, Brahma breed hens began to be used for decorative purposes, their meat qualities faded into the background. Having such hens is a decoration for the yard.

Asian-American breed

Such Brama hens rush after 7-8 months. They bring about 100-125 eggs a year. After 2 years, productivity decreases and the mass of eggs ranges from 53-59 g. By weight, chicken and rooster have a difference of 1 kg. A rooster weighs approximately 4-5 kg. Chickens grow slowly. During the period of their development and growth, one should be wary of the cold season, otherwise they will not winter. Chickens older than 5 months old must be kept in a separate enclosure , otherwise fights will occur.

The instinct of planting in chickens is strong, but they are not suitable for hatching. You can get out of the situation by placing eggs of geese or ducks under the hen, because your chicken can simply be crushed, and the shell of goose and duck is stronger and thicker. Why are there such problems? The answer is simple. Due to the fact that once they decided to make these chickens more decorative, they lost all their main qualities. They began to mate with different breeds, so now it is very difficult to find a purebred chicken of the Brama breed, such as it was centuries ago.

European type of Brama

The description is slightly different American. These pets are characterized by a small head and a wide forehead, long red earlobes, earrings, a little skin under the beak.The plumage is thick and long, the color is exclusively white, without impurities yellow or dirty, the tail of the rooster should only be dark black. The legs are short, so it is hard for chickens to walk and bear their weight.

General characteristics

The description of both representatives of the species has common features.

Brahma chickens are divided into several subspecies:

  1. Light.
  2. Dark.
  3. Fawn.
  4. kurapchatchataya.

They differ in the color of plumage and some features in the exterior. The light breed is very popular among the population of Russia. Such pets are more practical, their snow-white color shimmers in the sun and pleases with their appearance. The eggs of the described birds are large, and the meat is very tasty. There are some peculiarities in feeding and breeding these birds.

Brahma Svetlaya

Large birds with powerful, albeit short legs, have a beautiful pearl white color and serve not only decor, but also a great product. They are also called Colombian Brahma. The breed can live in absolutely harsh conditions, in winter it does not feel discomfort. Previously, such birds could weigh 7-8 kg. Now the rooster weighs from 4-5 kg, the chicken – 3.5-4 kg. Light Brahma begins to rush from the age of 7-8 months and bring from 100 to 130 pieces a year. Large eggs, hard shell, ocher color. Three-year-old hens rush already less. By the fifth year of life, productivity will decrease, per year there will be from 50-65 pieces.

To purchase thoroughbred chickens, farmers go to exhibitions. Oddly enough, chickens also receive awards, because their main function is decorativeness . To breed such birds, buy from 3 hens and 1 rooster. Brahma light is beautiful not only in the photo, but also in life.

Breeding hens of the Brahma breed

For breeding you need to take 2-3 year old chickens.

Youngsters rush, but not for breeding and increasing the herd. Only 2-4 year old chickens will begin to give good offspring and show their abilities to their full potential. Good young stocks appear, chickens and good performance. To preserve the breed of Brahma, it is necessary to breed offspring at the beginning of the year, the first 2 winter months. Birds grow for a long time, but surely, and therefore they must form in good chickens until the next cold sets in.

Oddly enough, the young growth may not get stronger, because it will be lacking in ultraviolet rays and vitamin D.

The bones are weakened, and as a result, the brood may not survive until next spring. Chickens constantly need a certain microclimate, and even if they are not afraid of cold, they simply will not have enough sunlight and heat. For proper and high-quality development of chickens and young animals you need sun, fresh air.

Keeping and feeding

The correct keeping and feeding depends on the breed of chickens.Light Brahma needs a chicken coop well-lit, warm and reliable. Its height should vary from 2 to 3 m, depending on what material it is made of. The floor must be in the litter, thick for the cold season.

To avoid fights, the nests should be at different levels with a difference of half a meter or more.

Good lighting is an important factor in breeding chickens. For good egg production, they will need normal lighting up to 13 hours a day. Lack of good lighting can affect the quality of the eggs, the shell may become thinner or even disappear. Chickens will lay eggs in a soft shell, and this is fraught with diseases, a lack of vitamins in feeding and, in order to cure this problem, it is worth spending a lot of time and effort.

The microclimate plays an important role. In warm countries, food is different from what Chickens give to chickens in Russia and the CIS. There is more cold season here, so the birds lack natural sunlight, vitamins, trace elements, and good feeding. There are 3 types of feeding for Brahma:

  1. Dry type. It is used in large poultry farms, where each layer is in its aviary. It is much more economical and more profitable for farmers. The advantage of such feeding is that dry compound feed does not deteriorate and can be stored for a long time. But it is worth following what the manufacturer puts there.Chicken may lack some vitamins and still have to do complementary foods. A dry mixture can be made at home. It is enough to grind the grain, add flour from meat and fish bones, some mineral additives, and your own dry food is ready.
  2. Wet type of feeding. This type is a crushed grain with delicious herbs and protein feed. There you can add whey, broth or leftover food. Feeding in this way is more economical, but it should not be stored for a long time, especially if there are few chickens in the herd. Use poultry farmers at home and on small farms.
  3. Combined type. The first and second types of feeding are mixed. The dry mix can be done by the owners themselves. Grinding grain and adding flour from fish and meat bones, vitamins and minerals. The second part consists of potatoes, cabbage and other wastes that are mixed and given to the chickens. Of course, such a mixture will not be stored for long, because it consists of products of natural origin. Birds eat combined feed with pleasure and even in winter the eggs do not lose their color. The number of eggs per year from such feed increases.

At the age of 130 days, chickens can be selected in a new herd and at this they cease to be young. This can be seen not only in the plumage or color of the eggs, but also in their qualities and capabilities. The plumage should be without dirty yellow spraying, legs are yellow, red earrings and a comb.If hens are needed exclusively for eggs, you can refuse the presence of a rooster. And to avoid the stress of chickens, you can occasionally turn on them the sounds of crowing: this way the birds calm down and feel safe. But if it comes time to breed the chicks, you can either buy them at exhibitions or buy a rooster.


Chickens of the breed Brahma Svetlaya are interesting and unusual birds. Their large size, proud decorative appearance will please the eye and not only. Winged have their own hidden capabilities, which are pushed into the background because of their beauty. The bird is very productive and can adapt to any climate. Large egg and buffy color. Finding a thoroughbred chicken is not so easy. Farmers go to exhibitions and competitions to buy a real original breed.

Pets give good offspring, are distinguished by their delicious and dietary meat. Breeding them is quite easy and hassle-free. Like any Brahma’s bird can get sick, but everything already depends on the owner: if there is proper and good lighting, Feeding will be combined, the selected time will be successful for breeding a new herd – then there will be no problems.

In the age of Internet technology you can buy not only chicken online, but we don’t recommend doing this. There can be one thing in the photo, but in fact, it’s completely different. This also applies to the purchase of dry food. It’s better to spend time and take a closer look, because it is very difficult to find a purebred breed, it is mixed with other breeds in every possible way and sold for a lot of money. But, having spent your time, choosing good hens, the right food, putting the chicken house in order, you can get much more: high-quality meat, large eggs, a beautiful decoration of the yard with hens of the breed Brama Svetlaya.

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