Description of Onion Stardust

Onions are a healthy vegetable that can be easily grown in your garden. Onion Stardust f1 bred by the Dutch breeder and has already established itself as a productive and tasty product. The variety description indicates that it is best to grow Stardust onion sets as an annual crop. This variety is not inferior to similar varieties in storage duration.

  1. Pluses of the Stardust variety
  2. Characteristics of the Stardust variety
  3. Features of planting and cultivation
  4. Storage of seeds at home

Лук-севок Стардаст

Bow- starvard starvings

When stored properly, Starvast onion sets retain its taste, aroma and useful properties for several months.If you decide to purchase Stardust f1 onions for growing in the garden, it is recommended to study the description and from calls for this variety, as well as chat with gardeners who have already grown this variety in their homeland and can share experience and useful tips.

Pluses of the Stardust variety

  • Sevka is rarely damaged by insects and fungi.
  • Requires a minimum of experience.
  • Yield.

Characteristics of the Stardust variety

The description of the bow and its characteristics are really good. Stardust is considered a variety of white onion. Such a vegetable is quite juicy, with a pronounced taste. The bulb is considered medium in size, the feather ripens and grows well. This is an early variety, and seeds can be planted some time before other vegetables are planted. In the open ground, a vegetable in the presence of a warm and stable temperature should be planted already in early May.2 months after landing from 1 sq. Km. m on the site you can collect a juicy, white and fragrant onion (about 2-6 kg).

With proper care and regular treatment of weeds, such a variety can give an even more plentiful crop.

Many gardeners liked this variety because Stardust has good resistance to various pests and diseases. White onion is great for growing for sale, as it has good keeping quality. You can plant white onions for yourself, as most often these varieties are used in order to prepare delicious dishes from the chef. You can see how the white onion sets look in the photo or video.

Features of planting and growing

In order to plant and grow normally, you need to pay special attention when planting soil condition and observe the distance when planting bulbs next to each other. Before planting vegetables, you need to dig a piece of soil, remove weed grass and fertilize the ground. If you plant sowing in infertile soil, the bulb may not grow to large sizes. If you plan to grow seeds first, then they must first be disinfected, and then planted in 3 rows in a plastic container.

If the container is voluminous, you can plant up to 30 pieces each. Some seeds may not sprout. Only strong and developed specimens should be planted in open ground.One adult onion, when fully ripened, weighs approximately 40-60 g. Many gardeners have opted for Stardust due to the fact that the seedling sprouts well and yields a plentiful crop without additional chemical treatments.

Storage Seed at home

To keep the onions well and not spoil, they must be properly assembled, cleaned and stored. Harvest is best harvested only in sunny weather. With heavy rains, it is not worth collecting sevocs, since the bulbs may not dry out and rot. After the heads are dug up, they need to be shaken off the soil and laid out under a canopy so that they dry out. If the weather allows, then you should lay out the vegetables directly in the sun to dry slightly. A sure sign that the bulbs are ready to be harvested is the fit of the feathers on the ground and yellowing of the leaves. If this does not happen, and the harvest season comes to an end, then you can independently put the onion feathers to the soil and gradually collect the entire crop.

Onion variety Stardust (white onion), season 2015
Stardust bow to pen tip 👍


After the bulbs are completely ready for storage, they need to be laid out in drawers or simple nets. l on the heated balcony or in the pantry. It is important to ensure that the humidity in the room is not higher than 80-90%, otherwise the onion can put up an arrow or roots. Such onions become unsuitable for food.

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