Description of pepper Agapovsky

Description of pepper Agapovsky

What could be tastier and healthier than juicy and tasty vegetables? They are simply irreplaceable, as it is a source of vitamins and minerals. Pepper Agapovsky is a worthy representative of vegetable crops. By the content of vitamin C, this vegetable crop surpasses even lemons and currants. What is so special about Agapovsky pepper? How to grow it properly? What care is needed to get a good harvest?

  1. Characteristic of the variety
  2. Description of the fruit
  3. Description of the bush
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  5. Caring for the crop
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Перец Агаповский

Agapovsky pepper

Characteristics of the variety

Sweet pepper has a number of characteristics associated with the origin of this garden crop.It grows best in warm places, which is why greenhouses are usually used for planting.

X The characteristics indicate that Agapovsky sweet peppers belong to early ripening varieties, it is an annual garden vegetable crop. It takes about 120 days to grow (from planting to full ripening). It is characterized by good fruit yield (9.5-10.3 kg / sq. m).

The characteristic indicates that the variety is distinguished by its versatility in use (fresh, in various preservation).

Description of the fruit

The fruit is hollow, has a shape similar to a prism, large size. The taste is fresh, sweetish. The fruits are juicy, have a pleasant characteristic aroma.

The surface of the pepper is smooth, slightly ribbed. When technical ripeness sets in, it becomes dark green, while in biological ripeness it turns bright red.The fruits have a rather large mass (about 120 g), and the wall thickness is up to 7 mm.

Description of the bush

Description of the bush: the plant has compact dimensions, medium height This is obvious advantage for people who grow this crop on small plots of land, for example, on a house plot or a small garden.

There are a lot of leaves on the stem. They are painted dark green, large, wide. The fruits are drooping on the plant.


Перцы нужно опрыскивать

Peppers need to be sprayed

The description suggests that at the time of transplanting seedlings should be 95-100 days old. It is best to immediately plant the seeds in single peat pots, as the culture does not tolerate diving.

  1. Before planting, the seeds must be allowed to lie in warm water.
  2. Then they are planted in small peat pots size, covered with plastic wrap or glass.
  3. Do not forget about the temperature – at least 20 ºС during the day, 15 ºС at night.
  4. Lighting in the initial stages does not play a big role.
  5. Water the seedlings with warm water and make sure that the soil does not dry out.

Plant in the open yty ground stands in May and June, and in the greenhouse – in April. Remember that you can’t bare your roots!It is recommended to plant additionally other tall crops (tomatoes, corn) between the beds of pepper, as it is subject to over-pollination.

Care of the crop

The principle of caring for the pepper, as well as for most of these garden crops consist of timely watering, top dressing, gartering and other procedures aimed at improving yield and quality of fruits.

The variety is very sensitive to drought, so you need to carefully monitor the amount of water in the soil . Watering is necessary twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. In dry times it is worth increasing the number of irrigation. But, as in any other business, the main thing is not to overdo it, since the root system can simply rot from an excess of moisture.

It’s your power to attract insects to the garden. Culture needs pollination. You need to spray the plants with a solution of sugar in water.

Feeding is done with chicken droppings no more than four times during the growing season, with mineral fertilizers or nettle infusion.

Possible diseases

Most often, sweet peppers are affected by diseases such as white and vertex rot, black leg. To prevent them, you need to carefully monitor the amount of watering.

The culture is susceptible to pests: slugs, aphids, whiteflies, Colorado potato beetle. They fight insects not only in folk ways, but also with the help of chemicals.

The characteristic indicates that the Agapov variety is resistant to the tobacco mosaic virus.

Sweet pepper Agapovsky. Your Farm
Agapovsky sweet pepper
Pepper a huge crop by variety


Growing Agapovsky pepper is a good solution for your garden. This culture has a high yield of large fruits, which have an excellent taste and a fresh characteristic aroma. The culture contains many vitamins and minerals necessary for the body.

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