Description of pepper Atlant

Description of pepper Atlant

Atlant f1 pepper belongs to the category of sweet peppers, it is universal in use and is popular among gardeners. Let’s look at the pepper description in more detail.

  1. Variety characteristic
  2. Description of the plant
  3. Description of the fruit
  4. Features of planting
  5. Preparation of seedlings
  6. Landing in open ground
  7. Care <
  8. Protection against pests and diseases
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Перец Атлант

Atlant pepper

Variety characteristic

The main feature of the Atlant bell pepper is the strength and size of its fruits – they are called giants.

The hybrid variety is characterized by high productivity. Early ripening: up to 120 days, technical, up to 140 biological; growing season – 65-75 days.

Description of the plant

Characteristic bush:

  • compactness, but at the same time sufficient height – up to 1 m;
  • saturated color of leaves;

The plant belongs to the half-stem, slightly spreading, small. The crown is small-sized.

Description of the fruit

Atlant pepper variety gives huge (up to 23 cm long, 10 cm wide and weighing 150 g) elongated fruits with a rich red glossy peel colors. The pulp is juicy and sweet, rich in vitamins (especially C group) and minerals. Fruits have 2-3 chambers with many seeds. The record weight of Atlant f1 pepper is 400 g.

Specifications may vary slightly, depending on the manufacturer. In most peppers, Atlant is produced as varietal, that is, the owner will be able to harvest seedlings in the future. The ripening period also varies: from early to medium, however, regardless of the seed supplying company, all varieties of Atlant bell pepper have large dimensions and excellent taste.

Planting Features

What do you need to know in order to grow Atlant sweet pepper fruits in your area and get a rich harvest? According to the description, the variety is hybrid: its seeds are purchased from breeders. It is focused on growing in a temperate climate using fertilizers. Seedling is considered to be the best method of cultivation.

Preparing seedlings

Atlant bell pepper seeds begin to be prepared from late January to early February. Untreated seeds need preliminary disinfection in a weak solution of manganese before planting in the ground. Then they are immersed for 10-12 hours in a container of water with the addition of a stimulant or, according to a popular recipe, aloe juice. Everyone rinses again.

The soaked seed is planted in peat pots: two pieces each. Since the Bulgarian vegetable does not tolerate transplantation, it is better to immediately place the planting material in several pots. Earth must be moist.Covered with a film, the containers with the holes below are placed in a dark, dry place, for example, to the battery.

When the first sprouts hatch (this can happen in a week), the seedlings are transferred to a well-lit place, where it is regularly watered with warm water: not colder than 30 ° C, otherwise pepper is in danger of getting sick. If sunlight is not strong enough, use an LED lamp for heating. The temperature should be maintained in the region of 25 ° C.

10-15 days before planting in open ground, seedlings are taken out into the fresh air every day, hardening it thereby: an unhardened plant can grow much more slowly. Regular plentiful watering will also be useful: as soon as the soil dries, immediately moisten it. Cultivation land can be made independently by mixing with peat and sawdust. Before planting, the seed is thoroughly washed through a sieve.

Planting in open ground

Перец растет на грядке

Peppers grow on the beds

When to plant on the beds? It all depends on the weather. Traditionally, the process is carried out at the end of May, but only on condition that the weather is warm outside. However, excessive light radiation can burn the crop.

The roots of the plant are treated with a special solution to accelerate growth or diluted dioecious nettle. Bushes are planted at a distance of 40 cm from each other.Pegs do not need to be driven in, since a half-stem support is not required. Formation takes place in 2 stems with pinching and pinching.

Usually with 1 square. 4-5 kg ​​of fruits are harvested: in greenhouse conditions, indicators increase. Farmers manage to get a crop twice if they manage to plant seedlings in spring.


To ensure that Atlant f1 pepper reaches the maximum possible size, it’s easy if you follow the description of leaving specialists. You can’t do without feeding. Use mineral and organic (eg, manure) fertilizers.

If you believe the description, during the growing season the plant will need 3-4 feeding sessions. Closer to budding, sweet pepper Atlant is fed with a potassium-phosphorus mixture. Timely watering is very important for the growth and normal development of pepper, but not too cold and not hot: in the first case, growth is inhibited, in the second case rotting occurs. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the soil and prevent its dryness, otherwise an oxygen crust will form around.

Depending on whether you are going to send the vegetable for storage, choose the time to remove it from the beds. If so, wait until the color of the fruits on the bush turns green: this means that they have reached technical maturity and can be used for preservation and salting. In the northern regions, vegetable growers cover the seedlings with special material so that the pepper is well ripe. Then remove it at the ripening stage is not required.Timely ripened fruits are removed so that they do not interfere with the ripening of new ones.

Rapidly growing specimens need garter stems. Thin pegs are used for this purpose.

The variety is capable of producing a rich harvest both in a greenhouse and in open ground, but in the sixth year it is recommended to transplant it into a greenhouse.

Protection against pests and diseases

Atlant variety is resistant to various kinds of obstacles. This does not mean that he does not need prevention. To prevent an attack by ticks and aphids and protect Atlas from infection, they prepare an infusion of yarrow or garlic and spray them with bushes. If you use chemicals like Fitoverm, they do not allow the product to get on the leaves of the vegetable.

At the initial stage of aphid invasion, it is enough to dispense with a solution of ordinary laundry soap, treating the fruit a couple of hours after watering. The disadvantage of this method is that the product can be washed away even with light rain. As for the tick declared in the hot summer season, wormwood broth, tobacco tincture or diluted milk are useful here.

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A whitefly can spread many factors on the Atlant plant larvae. Only insecticides will help in the fight against the parasite.


According to the description, sweet pepper Atlant gives large and very tasty fruits. It is ideal for industrial cultivation, as it is able to maintain its presentation and not spoil for a long time. It can be safely called a proven variety.

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