Description of the Bashkir breed of horses

Description of the Bashkir breed of horses

Horses are people’s best friends after dogs. They will always and everywhere find application not only for skiing, but also for work. The Bashkir horse breed is one of the most popular and relevant varieties. The Bashkir horse is excellent not only for work, but also for the production of meat, milk.

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Башкирская порода лошадей

Bashkir horse breed

Theories about the breed

As the experts found out, the horses of the Bashkir breed have been forming their qualities for centuries. Even today, DNA Bashkir horses are being formed and improved.The DNA of the species reveals participation in its creation of 2 breeds: these are local wild animals that lived in Bashkiria, and other pedigree horses from Tarpanov.

Nomadic people took horses with them and did not follow them, allowed them to run on spacious steppes, as a result of which horses of the Bashkir breed crossed almost from by all breeds around the world. Experts say with confidence that the breed “wears” a lot of different DNA and no one will ever know in which generation new-old genes will appear.

Experts say that the Bashkir breed of horses is an animal that holds the middle between forest and steppe wild breeds of horses. A large population of these animals does not change this fact. Natural selection has become the main engine in the formation and approval of horses of the Bashkir breed.The Bashkir horse has almost no features, but is characterized by incredible endurance and unpretentiousness. In 1971, this breed, or rather several of its representatives, was transferred to America, where it was given its name and recorded in documents as the American Bashkir curly.

What is remarkable about the breed

Bashkir horses generally not suitable for horse riding. This is a breed of hard workers, but not horses. They are too free and freedom-loving, do not like to obey. These are free personalities who do what they see fit. Bashkir horse breeds have worked too much and too long in agriculture and in vegetable gardens, and because of this they have a skeleton in which there are no excessive growths of fluid.

The Bashkir horse breed has a very strong and powerful skeleton structure. The horse’s body is very massive and wide, 2 times, or even 3 times larger than that inherent to other horse breeds. The croup of this species is slightly lowered, the withers are set low, but it does not look bulky. A distinctive feature of the breed is its straight back, working horses often bend their backs.

The legs, like any work horse, are short and very strong. The bone structure is wide and hardy. Due to the fact that animals very often have to look for food to live under the snow, their hooves are strong and strong, they must withstand severe frosts and the hardest soil. They can easily and painlessly tolerate even the most severe frosts – 40 ° C.Despite the small growth of the animal, 1 m of snow is not a problem for them, they can get everywhere.

The head of the horses is on a very thick and strong, but short neck. The head has a direct profile with a large and oblong forehead. When you look at a horse of this breed, it seems that the head is 2 times larger than the body itself. Females of this species are smaller than males. Adults weigh from 410-450 kg, and live weight of a horse is 460-490 kg. According to measurements at the withers, the stallion reaches a height of 1 m and 42 cm, and the girl – 1 m and 38 cm. The circumference of the chest and stallion and the female reaches 1 m 17 cm. The heels of the animals are no more than 20 cm. In the photo you can see how beautiful and big compared to the mare’s stallion.


In the photo you can see how beautiful these creatures are and how harmoniously they look in the snow. The wool of the breed flies easily in the wind and curls, this process is especially noticeable in winter. It is then that animals are most curly. Because of this peculiarity, the horses got their name – curly.

In summer, this process is almost not noticeable, since during this period the coat becomes much shorter than in winter. Throughout the year, permanent changes in the coat occur. Most often, hair falls out almost completely by summer, so that new and strong hairs grow in the winter of the industry.

The color scheme of this breed is not very diverse.Often you can meet representatives of this type of red, brown and venerable color. They are very energetic and inquisitive creatures, they can run away for a couple of days to find out the territory.

Special characteristics

This breed has special herd instincts. Very rarely you can meet only one representative of this species walking around the field. Most often, where there is one animal, there is a herd. Pets can be divided into several groups, but they will not be separated by more than 300 m. As in any herd, where one of the strongest leaders is responsible for their animals, here the most powerful and fastest stallion is the chapter that always leads herd. In case of danger, he quickly gathers everyone with his neighing and builds in such a way as to protect against possible danger. He can even sacrifice his life to save others.

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Because of that that the horses are not very whimsical, they easily adapt to any conditions and can find food anywhere. As many experts say, young animals who grew up at home, you It grows very submissive, kind and sweet. But even those who grew up in the field can be tamed to home rules. Riders can very easily get used to the conditions of the pasture and the enclosed space, but at first they will try to escape.

After the Bashkirs you can observe the following character traits:

  • ease of management;
  • perseverance;
  • hard work;
  • poise;
  • assertiveness;
  • courage.

They are used in a variety of ways. Kind and unpretentious, they are good as a workforce. Much earlier, even in the days of the great warriors, they were taken to the most powerful cavalry, and representatives of this species always walked in the front ranks, honorably carrying all the ammunition of the army.If you constantly train with horses, you can teach them to switch to the fastest gait and gallop. This is very difficult, not all horses in the world can do this, even with the strongest legs.


In Bashkiria, there is still a tradition to organize races, races and performances with this view and use it for riding. Today, this breed is more used in the direction of meat and milk. The stock breeds very quickly. The demand for such horses is very large. Most often, horses are brought to Asia. All herds themselves perfectly find and get food. Most often, first the leader goes to inspect the territory to be sure that there is no danger anywhere and you can safely eat.

If you constantly fatten the herd, the amount of milk will increase by 2 times. On average, representatives of this species produce 1.6 tons of milk, but you need to be careful, because if you overfeed the animal, there is a high probability that the meat will become fat and the cost of production will increase.

This breed is very popular today, very simple in care and does not require special attention. The only difficulty is that you cannot keep only one or a couple of representatives of this species: they live only in a herd and they always have to have a leader who will be responsible for the whole herd. If you are interested in the breed, the site (or VK) will help you find out a lot of interesting things, discovering “new horizons”, study the description and features of these magnificent horses.

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