Description of the best varieties of cucumbers for the Urals

Description of the best varieties of cucumbers for the Urals

Ural is a territory of Russia with a unique climate. Summer is short, winter is long and frosty. This does not mean that local residents cannot grow vegetables on their plots, it is just necessary to select the right seeds. In the modern agronomic industry, there is a huge selection of seedlings designed for a wide variety of environmental conditions.How not to make a mistake with the choice and choose the really best cucumber varieties for the Urals?

  1. Features of the cultivation
  2. Most popular varieties
  3. Resistant varieties
  4. Crop varieties
  5. Greenhouse varieties
  6. Varieties for open ground

Описание лучших сортов огурцов для Урала

Description of the best varieties of cucumbers for the Urals

Features of growing

Cucumbers – heat and moisture loving kul Hurray, therefore, in the winter in the Urals it to grow only in the hothouse environment, providing abundant watering and feeding the soil nutrients. If the summer is warm, the seedlings are moved to the garden on open ground. When selecting a seed, the growing season of a particular plant species should be taken into account.

The peculiarity of seedlings selected for the Ural gardens is endurance. At the same time, it is desirable that they have good productivity and taste.

The Urals is classified as a zone with risky agriculture. Preference should be given to self-pollinating and parthenocapical cucumbers, because there is no hope for the help of bees. Late-ripening varieties must be discarded: cucumbers must ripen before the onset of frost.If the beds with plants freeze, they are immediately covered with a protective plastic film.

The most popular varieties

There are 4 hybrid varieties of cucumbers that are most beloved by Ural farmers. Thanks to what qualities they deserve such recognition?

  1. Amur F1. This early cucumber is resistant to temperature changes, not too whimsical. Care for it is regular watering, top dressing, weeding, mulching. Ripening period is up to 45 days. Cupid is planted with seeds or seedlings. Suitable for salting.
  2. Arina F1. A fairly high-yielding and frost-resistant variety, which makes it an ideal option for the Ural regions. In addition, Arina is resistant to fungal infections. The fruits are intended only for fresh consumption.
  3. Voyage F1. Variety of early ripening. Resistant to temperature changes, but it is preferable to grow Voyage in a greenhouse. Does not need pollination for reproduction. Ideal as a salad ingredient.
  4. Moscow Nights F1. An early ripening variety, the advantage of which is resistance to fungus and the ability to grow in the absence of the sun. PM can be grown both in open and in closed ground.

Resistant varieties

Для получения хорошего урожая нужно правильно выбрать сорт

To get a good harvest, you need to choose the right variety

. To get a quality crop of vegetables, you need not only good care, but also the right kind of cucumbers. There are varieties bred by breeders for breeding in harsh climatic conditions.

  1. Altai. Early and versatile, suitable for open areas and greenhouses. It tolerates various temperatures, while maintaining elasticity and excellent taste. Altai brings a fruitful harvest, is used fresh and canned.
  2. White sugar F1. A relatively recently bred variety with an early ripening period has an unusual white color. Good for pickling.
  3. Ajax F1. An early species of Dutch cucumber pollinated by bees. The fruits are quite large, the mass of one reaches an average of 100 g. Ajax tolerates severe weather conditions.

Harvest varieties

The goal of each farmer is to harvest fruits, rich not only qualitatively, but also quantitatively.

  1. Zozulya F1. Ripens quickly: within 40-42 days after planting, you can collect the fruits. They are very large in Zozuli, weighing 330 g. The cucumber is immune to tobacco mosaic and white rot viruses.
  2. German F1. Belongs to the earliest: it only takes 30 days to ripen.Fruits are small in size, ideal for conservation.
  3. Courage F1. It has the ability to self-pollination. Matures for a long time: at least 8 weeks. The weight of one fruit is an average of 175 g. Courage is able to bring the highest productivity under growing conditions in greenhouse conditions.
  4. Masha F1. An early ripe variety of cucumbers. Of the advantages – a large number of crops and immunity to viral diseases. Gherkins are suitable for pickling

Greenhouse varieties

Greenhouses are indispensable gardeners in growing heat-loving cucumbers. A hybrid specimen with short lateral branches that does not need to be pinched is suitable as a greenhouse inhabitant. This species usually does not thicken and, accordingly, is not susceptible to diseases of a fungal nature. Here is a brief overview of the most suitable varieties for greenhouses:

  1. Emelya F1. Ripens quite early 1 in less than 40 days. The yield is high, the taste of medium-sized fruits, refined. Emelya is used fresh and salted.
  2. Dynamite F1. It ripens early – in 41-42 days, it is grown all year round. It is capable of pollinating itself. The fruits are compact.
  3. Hercules F1. One of the most recent ripe species: it takes more than 2 months for the fruit to ripen. It gives a large crop, has a stable immunity. Needs artificial pollination

In the greenhouses of the Urals, farmers also cultivate such varieties of cucumbers as Pomegranate, Zarya.These cucumbers are suitable for glass greenhouses. If the greenhouse is poorly lit, the choice is best to stop at Rykovsky, Domashny, Willow – shade-tolerant and temperature-resistant varieties.

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Separately distinguish early varieties of cucumbers suitable for the Urals: Suomi, Valaam, Sarov. Hybrid Valaam copes with bacteria, destroying them in the bud and not allowing get to the root It is appreciated for its early germination and frost resistance, limited fruit growth and long fruiting time.

Sarovsky’s distinctive feature is a bunch-bearing fruiting type: several cucumbers in each sinus. It is early ripening and with short shoots, valued by the Urals for their ability grow in dark and cold conditions.

Suomi is chosen for resistance to viruses and insect pests, if the farmer is interested in long-term and bundle bearing.

Varieties for open ground

As mentioned above, n In the Urals, it is possible to grow fruit crops on the street only in the conditions of a warm summer, even then not every kind of vegetable can withstand the difficult climate of this region.What varieties of cucumbers for the Urals can grow in open soil?

  1. Nezhinsky F1. Early ripening, pollinated with the help of bees. The small size of the fruit allows you to use them for preservation and pickling.
  2. Delicious F1. The fruits ripen early and retain freshness for a long time, do not turn yellow. Frost resistant. They require loose soil rich in nutrients. Delicious sow seeds. It is a salad variety.
  3. Madame. Mid-season gherkins, ripen about 40 days. The root system has strong immunity.
  4. Aspen. Ripens 51-52 days, medium-sized fruits. Resistant to cold temperatures. This is an ideal raw material for preservation and salting.

It is quite realistic to choose the suitable option for open ground, which would have a high yield. The main thing is that it be frost-resistant.

These are the best varieties of cucumbers in the harsh Urals. To grow a rich crop of cucumbers at the site under the power of every summer resident, including the Ural. The main components of success are the right variety and proper care.

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