Description of the Gypsy breed Tinker horses

Description of the Gypsy breed Tinker horses

A gypsy horse (aka Tinker) is one of the most popular breeds. Stallions are distinguished by their endurance and unprecedented external beauty.

  1. Historical data on the Gypsy breed
  2. Description and characteristics of the breed
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of the breed Tinker
  4. Areas of use of this breed

Цыганская лошадь Тинкер

Gypsy horse Tinker

From the earliest times Gypsies were famous for their riding skills: even children could master their horses perfectly.The four-legged companions of Gypsies also differ in their appearance and overall positive qualities mi: they are agile, quick, noble and proud.

Historical data on the Gypsy breed

This breed was created by decades of crossbreeding and gene mutations.

Ireland is considered to be the homeland of gypsy horses, where the breeding of local horse breeds with breeds brought by Roma (nomadic tribes) began. The progenitors of such horses are many breeds. Direct breeding of tinkers was started only in 1996 alone, although the breed was formed around the beginning of the 20th century.

Today, gypsy horses are widespread in different regions of the world.

The official name is Irish harness horse, but in countries such as Germany and Holland, the term “Tinker” (translated as gypsies) is more common. This circumstance offends the Irish, who prefer to call animals Irish cob or simply pinto cob (Irish pinto). The word cob is translated from English as “short, stocky, well-knocked horse.”

Description and characteristics of the breed

Each creature on Earth is unique, even representatives of the same family have distinctive features, the same can be said of the breed. Tinkers have a number of characteristics that distinguish them from other horses:

  1. Despite the word “cob”, which was attached to the gypsy horse, tinkers have average height by common standards (about 143-155 cm) , in some cases, it can move up (up to 160 cm, such pets are called grand) or down (from 135 to 143 cm, called mini). Such deviations are considered quite normal.
  2. The total body weight of animals can vary from 240 to 700 kg. As in the case of growth, such deviations are considered quite normal and do not indicate diseases or congenital defects.
  3. Gypsy horses have a strong, well-built body, distinguished by its power and breadth, strong muscles are clearly visible on the body.
  4. The cob has a short back, which flows smoothly into the croup, located high.
  5. The appearance of the tinkers reveals an elegant wildness: they have a low withers, a beautiful neck bend, a rough head at first glance and long ears.
  6. A gypsy harness can be distinguished by a beard located under lower jaw.
  7. Gypsy tinkers have excellent hair: they have a smooth and shiny mane, withers and tail, and the lower limbs are covered with the same beautiful hair.

Externally Tinker the battle horse stands out from the crowd. This breed does not compete with professionally raised horses, but can give odds to many of them. In addition, gypsy horses have excellent running qualities.

The color of the Tinkers is pied (light or, conversely, the dark body is filled with spots of the opposite color). In previous centuries in Europe such a suit was not appreciated and was considered “defective”, which led to the wildness and wayward nature of animals. In its present form, there are 3 varieties of this breed: tobiano, overo and tover.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Tinker breed

Tinker horses, like all others, have their positive and negative sides. A person who decides to engage in breeding such horses should familiarize themselves with all the points of pros and cons in order to make an informed decision. Positive points:

  1. The first item among all the advantages is exclusivity.The fact is that there are not very many such horses: the number of different countries of the world includes only a small number of tinker horses. For the owner, such a horse will become a wonderful friend and companion, as well as a rare specimen and an occasion to brag to a four-legged friend in front of friends.
  2. It is equally important to note the appearance (or exterior) of the horse among the positive qualities. Such a horse has an attractive appearance, proud and beautiful posture, as well as smooth hair, which makes a gypsy horse an excellent choice for admiring. These horses look good in a common harness.
  3. Tinkers have soft gaiters, which only once again speaks about the convenience of their use when riding a horse or creating a harness.
  4. Gypsy gives the horses a calm and quiet character. harnessed extra charm. Wild appearance combined with kindness and complaisance of character makes tinkers an excellent option for riding lessons.
  5. The simplicity and low cost of maintenance. This breed, due to its historical origin, is very unpretentious to food and conditions in the summer or winter. The only important thing is to treat pets with love and due warmth.

Tinker is a good horse, but it also has a flaw. This breed also has its drawbacks, which should be focused on:

  1. High cost. This factor discourages many horse breeders from acquiring a gypsy breed horse.At the moment, horses are on the wave of popularity, which increases demand and, accordingly, the price too.
  2. Unsuitable for racing. Although gypsy horse-drawn horses are good for riding, creating teams and simple dressings, they are completely unsuitable for horse racing.

We can say that the tinker is a universal horse. This breed, although it is expensive, is unpretentious in nutrition and maintenance and does not require any special rituals. The animals have powerful hooves (this is due to the fact that the gypsies have a negative attitude to shoeing their horses), the incredible beauty of the mane and tail. Such a horse is considered a great friend for children and adults, due to its flexible disposition and friendliness.

All the pluses are more than paid for by the presence of two minor minuses. The main thing is to decide on the purpose of the purchase. If the main task is to participate in horse racing and sports, Tinker will not be the best choice, but for personal use, horseback riding or just keeping on the farm Irish cob is a great option.

Horse breed. Tinker. Strong and muscular horse. Gypsy harness
Gypsy draft horse breed (tinker, Irish cob)
HORSES breed Tinker EQUIROS 2016 at ilikepet

Areas of use for this breed

Horse of breeds Tinker is widely used in various sectors of human life.Pets are universal, so we should only be surprised to look at the huge list of their possible uses:

  • horse riding;
  • making sleds;
  • keeping on farms;
  • using females as nurses for young foals of more rare and wayward horse breeds;
  • using tinkers for the rehabilitation of patients with various diseases.

This breed of horse is an excellent choice for both professional horse breeders and To those who are just making their first steps in this craft.Gypsy horses are unpretentious, which makes it possible for beginners not to worry too much about the intricacies of caring and choosing food for their wards. , and low cost for products content. These animals are very beautiful, it can be seen in the photo on the Internet. Tinkers are versatile horses and a great example for a family farm.

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