Description of the potato variety Evolution

Evolutionary potato variety is a root crop that ripens relatively quickly. Farmers grow it in order to harvest an early crop and sell it faster. This is a universal variety that can produce crops in any region, regardless of climatic conditions.

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Описание сорта картофеля Эволюшн

Description Evolution potato varieties

Variety characterization

Evolution potato is of Dutch origin. It was bred at the end of the 20th century. Literally a year later, this variety gained recognition all over the world and was entered in the National Register of the Russian Federation.

This type of root crop is suitable for any region. Any soil is suitable for its cultivation, the main thing is that it has a low acid content. to develop this variety.

Description of the plant

The characteristic of the Evolution potato variety is that it is medium early. The growing season is about 80 days. The stalk is quite tall and sprawling. Side shoots can fall apart under heavy load. A large amount of foliage is formed on the stem, which has a dark green tint. At the edges of the leaves of the plant there is a ribbed surface.

In the upper part of the bush you can see the inflorescence, presented in purple. About 4 inflorescences can form on one bush. The only nuance is that the flowers fall pretty quickly.

Description of the fruit

The description of the potato says that the fruits have equal shape and weight. The mass of the fetus can reach a mark of 150 g. Their shape is oval and has smooth edges. The peel is presented in red. On the top of the peel there is a small number of recesses, of medium size. About 1 potato can be in one bush.

In the section, the flesh is presented in a warm yellow tint. It is quite fragile, but it does not boil during cooking. Starch levels are quite high at 19%. This is a very good parameter, because the taste is improved. Another characteristic of the Evolution potato variety is its versatility. It is used to make soups, salads, mashed potatoes or even french fries.

Advantages and disadvantages

Универсальный сорт

Universal variety

When considering this variety of potatoes, the following characteristics can be distinguished:

  • versatility in growing;
  • pleasant taste;
  • increased starch;
  • high yields: per hectare farmers harvest about 590 centners of the crop;
  • medium immunity to common diseases.

The disadvantage is the fact that the inflorescences quickly fall off. You should also highlight the nuance that consists in the degeneration of the seed material.

How to grow a plant

The seed material does not have to be germinated. When choosing soil, preference should be given to those options that have a low alkaline content, because this can adversely affect the root system and reduce the amount of yield. Due to the fact that the seed material sprouts rather quickly and begins to grow with roots, do not store them in places with a high temperature.

Before planting, you should take care that you need to cultivate the soil. It is important to remove from the soil all the weeds and signs of last year’s crop, because this can dull the process of bush development. It is also recommended that special fertilizers containing potassium, magnesium and phosphorus be added to the soil.It is better to choose those substances that are a mixture of sulfate with magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Planting is carried out as follows: between the rows a distance of 75 cm must be maintained. Between the holes it should be about 30 cm.

Care for the plant

The Evolution potato has no particular preferences about leaving. They should be looked after like most other varieties of root crops. Firstly, regular top dressing of the bush is important. For this, organic substances are used. Preference should be given to litter, humus or wood ash.

Secondly, it is important not to forget to spud rows so that the root system is constantly in a covered state. It is also recommended to regularly remove weeds and loosen the soil. This is done so that the plant receives more oxygen. The third factor is proper watering. In those places where the climate is temperate, watering is quite rare. But at high air temperatures, watering is carried out as the soil is drained.

Diseases and parasites

This variety is quite resistant to most diseases. For example, it is not subject to diseases such as nematode, potato late blight or scab. But, this variety can be exposed to late blight of the plant part, so preventive measures should be taken.

First of all, the seed is processed with drugs such as Fofatox.It will dull the development of the disease and resist it throughout the growing season. Also, do not forget about the processing of foliage. Again, you can use this medication. That’s just spraying carried out a few days before watering.

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This is very good a variety that is not in vain recognized as one of the best in the world.It is not demanding to care for and gives a good harvest. These options are perfect for those people who are just starting to work in the field of farming.

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