Description of the tomato Wonder of the World

Most gardeners believe that growing crops is an important part of life. They make a lot of efforts to ensure that their harvest causes a feeling of envy of others. There are certain varieties of tomatoes, growing which, you can get amazing results in quality and productivity. These include the Wonder of the World tomato.

  1. Variety characteristic
  2. Description of the plant
  3. Description of the fruit
  4. Advantages and disadvantages
  5. Growing rules
  6. Care
  7. Pests and diseases
  8. Conclusion

Описание томата Чудо Света

Description of the tomato Wonder of the World

Characteristics of the variety

This miracle of the world was developed on the territory of the Russian Federation. In 2002, this tomato variety was listed in the National Register of the country. Many gardeners began to note the commercial qualities of the species and its high level of yield.

These tomatoes are ideal for growing in any part of the country. They can also be grown in open ground or planted in glass greenhouses.

Description of the plant

Characteristics and descriptions indicate that this variety ripens in an average amount of time. Its growing season is up to 100 days. The bush is indeterminate and quite tall. The height of the bush can reach up to 2 meters. Leaves of a dark green shade, with a slight corrugation at the edges. This species also has a standard flowering type.

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It should be remembered that the formation of this bush in 3 stems is important. Each stalk should have about 4 brushes.It should be worried that approximately 20 fruits were formed on each brush.

Description of the fruit

Characteristics and description of the variety indicate that the ripened fruits are characterized by yellow hues. Their shape is slightly elongated and somewhat resembles a lemon. At some points at the end of the fruit, the color may be slightly lighter than the main part.

The size of one fruit is quite small. Its weight is about 100 g. The length of an individual ripe fruit is about 6 cm. The pulp is rather fleshy, with a small amount of water. Inside you can see the compartments, in the amount of 3-4 pcs. The dry matter content reaches 5-6%. These tomatoes are ideal for making salads or eating fresh. Also, these tomatoes show unique taste characteristics when canning or salting.

Advantages and disadvantages

If we consider the description of this type of tomato, we can highlight a number of the following positive qualities:

  • versatility in application;
  • high yield indicators: from 1 bush farmers collect about 10 kg of high-quality tomatoes;
  • resistance to most of the common diseases ;
  • good safety performance;
  • resistance to long transport;
  • good taste and unique commercial qualities.

No particular flaws were found in this variety.Each farmer can select for himself those qualities of the variety that do not satisfy him.

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Growing rules

In the case of a greenhouse, you can plant tomato seeds at any convenient time. There are only some nuances regarding planting in open ground. Firstly, it is important to pay attention to the fact that you should wait for the moment when the soil for planting warms up. Its temperature should not be lower than 15-18 ° C. Secondly, before planting, you should feed the soil with organic fertilizers. For this, an ideal animal droppings or humus.

Planting is carried out according to the following system. A distance of 40-50 cm should be maintained between the rows. But a distance of 40 cm should be maintained between the holes. This will allow the bushes to not overlap and greatly simplify harvesting.


Tomato variety Wonder of the world does not require special care principles. It is recommended to take care of it like most other types of tomatoes. The main thing is to follow the correct settings and recommendations. Firstly, regular and proper watering is important. It is best placed in the evening, so that the moisture does not evaporate and can penetrate the root system. Secondly, it is important to regularly loosen the soil and remove weeds.Also note that excess objects (stones, wires and other objects) should be removed from the ground.

Careful feeding is important. For these purposes, fertilizers are used that contain a high concentration of phosphorus and potassium. This will allow the bush to form faster and accelerate its growth. Do not forget about tying the bush. The reason for such actions is the large number of fruits on the branch. If you ignore these instructions, the branches will break and yield will decrease. If planting is carried out in a greenhouse, it is also important to ventilate it so that the plant receives a sufficient amount of oxygen. Also, the bushes must be planted so that the bush does not grow too much and does not cross with the neighboring bush.

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Pests and diseases

If you do not take into account the fact that this type of tomato has a high immunity to diseases, it can still be affected by tobacco mosaic and leaf spotting. To combat the mosaic will require a large number of forces. Firstly, initially all areas that are damaged by the disease should be removed. Secondly, the bush should be treated with a special solution prepared from manganese and water.

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A drug such as Barrier is used to combat spotting. After this, watering should be controlled so that it is not plentiful. You should also make sure that more oxygen enters the root system. In the fight against whitefly, it is recommended to use a drug such as Confidor. If the landing was carried out in the open ground, then you have to fight with the bear.To do this, carefully loosen the soil and treat the roots with pepper and water.


If you adhere to all these rules, the potential crop will surprise you with its quality and quantity. It is important that all recommendations are adhered to implicitly. Only in this case you can enjoy quality tomatoes.

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