Description of the variety of cucumbers Balcony miracle

Description of the variety of cucumbers Balcony miracle

Agronomists have developed several varieties of cucumbers intended for cultivation in residential conditions. These include a variety of cucumbers Balcony Miracle. It does not require a large amount of land, and the yield will please any housewife.

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  2. Description of the plant
  3. Description of the fruit
  4. Planting rules
  5. Sowing period
  6. Preparing seeds for planting
  7. Growing seedlings
  8. Planting seedlings
  9. Rules for leaving
  10. Diseases and pests
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Описание сорта огурца Балконное чудо

Description of the variety cucumber Balcony miracle

Characteristics of the variety

Cucumber Balcony Miracle f1 is a hybrid of the first generations, bred by crossing 2 types of cucumbers, this feature gave vegetables incredible taste: the cucumber has a sweet taste without bitterness.

Cucumber f1 is parthenocarpic – it does not need to be pollinated. The flowers on the plant are female, due to whereby the variety has a high yield of 9 kg / sq. m, or 0.10 c.

The vegetable feels great in dark rooms, does not require a lot of light. The plant is classified as weakly and medium-tall. The root system is neat, which allows you to cultivate the plant in simple flower pots or planters. This type of cultivation is convenient for balconies, window sills and loggias.

Cucumbers can be grown in gardens and in greenhouses.The variety is undemanding in care, tolerates drought well and has strong immunity to almost all diseases. This feature allows you not to use chemicals and grow vegetables environmentally friendly, without wasting time.

Plant Description

Variety Balcony Miracle f1 has stems up to 1.5 m in size. During the ripening period, it well releases lateral branches, which they necessarily pinch. The leaves of the plant are green, small. The stem and branches have a large number of nodes, each of them produces 2-3 buds.

The variety has an average ripening period. Fruits are ready for harvesting 50 days after sowing the seeds, but as a rule you can start trying the first cucumber on the 40th day of ripening.

Description of the fruit

Cucumbers Balcony Miracle are referred to as gherkins . Their sizes are small, within 7-8 cm. The weight of one cucumber is 60 g.

The fruit has a cylindrical shape, medium tubercles are present on the skin. The vegetable has a bright aroma and delicate taste. The middle is not very dense, sweet. Fruits crunch during consumption, suitable for fresh consumption and preservation for the winter.

Planting Rules

Cucumbers Balcony Miracle are exotic enough, however, it will not take much time to grow them. Even beginner growers can do this.

Sowing period

The plant likes warmth, temperature is from 15 ° С. That is why seedlings are planted in open ground at the end of May. They plant in the greenhouse at the beginning of the month. When a person selects the most optimal growing option for himself, it is worth considering the period of sowing seeds for seedlings. You need to count 20-25 days from the approximate date of planting seedlings in the soil.

You can sow seeds at home all year round, because the apartment is always warm and favorable conditions for good growth.

When calculating the time of sowing seeds keep in mind that in winter the day is shorter: it is daylight that cucumbers need for proper development, it accelerates ripening by 10 days.

Preparing seeds for planting

During processing from all bad substances leave the seed, plant formation is accelerated. Seeds are prepared step by step:

  1. Warm up. To do this, they are dried in the oven at a temperature of 50 ° C. Also, for a couple of days you can tie a bag of seeds to a warm battery.
  2. Disinfect. To do this, they are poured for 2 hours with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
  3. Germinate. To do this, they are placed in a damp cloth with a temperature of 27 ° C. This procedure helps to accelerate plant growth.

The warming process helps to increase the female flowers in the plant, which increases yield. Germination not only enables the plant to grow rapidly, but also is a sorting step. The procedure lasts 2-3 days.If there are seeds that have not allowed the shoots to grow during this time, they are removed. Then they are sown in prepared soil.

Growing seedlings

Семена перед посадкой рекомендуется обработать

Seeds before planting are recommended to be processed

Seedlings are planted not only for planting on beds, but also for home cultivation, as small pots are much easier to transfer to light, in a warm place. Seedlings do not need to be often watered and fertilized. To start growing it, prepare the ground and special containers.

  1. In the form of a container, you can take plastic bottles with a diameter of 8 cm, and also use peat cups. There they must make holes for air intake.
  2. Any land for sowing is suitable: it can be purchased with all fertilizers or prepared independently. If it is taken on a plot, it is fed, for which it is mixed in equal parts with peat, sand and humus.

When the seeds germinate, they are planted in the ground to a depth of 1-2 cm. Before they appear the first stalks of seedlings are kept in a room with a temperature of 25-27 ° C. When the seedlings sprout, it is transferred to a well-lit place with a temperature of 22 ° C. Seedlings need to be watered and fed every day. The plant is fertilized with the following mixture: 1 tsp. urea in 3 liters of warm water.

Planting seedlings

Any gardener knows how to plant seedlings in an open area.Growing in pots is an unexplored process that can make cultivation difficult. At the time of planting seedlings in the tank, you need to know the basic rules and be sure to adhere to them:

  1. The tank should have a size of 5-8 l, no less. Flower pots or cut-off plastic bottles and bags are suitable.
  2. Holes are made in the pot for air intake, small bricks or expanded clay are laid at the bottom.
  3. The container is filled with prepared soil, you can take the seedlings used . It is well suited for the composition.
  4. During the period of planting cucumbers, seedlings are carefully removed from the previous container, so as not to scrub the ground from the roots. If peat pots were used for seedlings, it does not need to be removed: this material decomposes well in the soil after planting.

During planting of cucumbers, top dressing is added, consisting of a spoon of nitrophoska and a spoon of urea.

Care rules

Care rules for the variety Balcony Miracle f1 is no different from other cucumbers. The conditions are similar to greenhouse cultivation.

For good growth, you must follow the recommendations of specialists:

  1. When the stems begin to grow upward, they are tied up. Cucumbers have long loops, so they use twine so that they curl well up to a height of 1.7 m. The twine is fixed on the balcony on the ceiling. It is very convenient to use a cache-pot: with this method, cucumbers can not be tied.
  2. Cucumbers must be nipped.Fertilizers are added 1-2 times a week. As a top dressing, take organic matter, wood ash, tea infusion, eggshells and special fertilizers.
  3. Water the plant once every 2 days. Water is taken only warm and boiled, it can be thawed.

How to Grow Cucumbers on a Growing Cucumbers Balcony or Windowsill from seed start to finish

Harvested every day, this process will help the plant begin to produce new ovaries and fill the small fruits with useful elements.

Diseases and pests

The variety has strong immunity and tolerates powdery mildew, cucumber mosaic and other diseases. During the growth period, the plant does not need to be treated with chemical agents.


Cucumbers Balcony Miracle were bred specifically for those who prefer to experiment. This vegetable can be grown at any time of the year.

The plant is grown both for food and as a decorative element.

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