Description of the variety of cucumbers Marinda

Description of the variety of cucumbers Marinda

Marinda cucumber variety is especially popular not only in the domestic market, but also in the world. As soon as he appeared, he immediately got the first places of all possible exhibitions. It appeared a long time ago, so it deservedly takes pride of place in the gardens of summer residents and farmers.

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Описание сорта огурцов Маринда

Description of the variety of cucumbers Marinda

Characteristics of the variety

A variety of cucumbers Marinda f1 appeared at the beginning of the 21st century.Monsanto became the company that developed this hybrid, and the breeders did their best and created the first of its kind self-pollinated species.

It can be grown both indoors, such as a greenhouse, and in open ground. It does not lose its main characteristics, regardless of where it grows. It is characterized by high yields and salable.

Cucumber Marinda f1 ripens in the average amount of time, which is 40-55 days from the moment of planting in the soil. The description suggests that the weaving of this variety is moderate. Flowering occurs only in the female type. The ovaries are formed in bundles.

Once you decide to plant seedlings in the soil, you can safely count 55 days. After this time, you can begin to abundant harvest of cucumbers.They not only differ in pleasant taste, but also in good salable types, which allows you to quickly sell them at a bargain price. This hybrid cucumber is very rarely exposed to diseases and pests.

Description of the plant

The bush has a fairly powerful structure. Each node is able to form up to 7 nodes. The leaves of the plant are bright green.

Description of the fruit

The shape of the fruit resembles an even cylinder. Large pimples form on the surface, which have a slight light shade. The very surface of the peel is dark green. The pulp is characterized by high taste, high density, without bitterness.

The length of an individual fruit is 8-10 cm. But the weight reaches a mark of 80 g. Description and characteristics show that this variety has high cucumber yield, which are about 30 with 1m2.

Universal fruits in use. Due to their dense structure, they crunch very much, which attracts the attention of many people. They are used not only in fresh form, but also as a preservation. Very often, the gherkins of these fruits are poured with brine, and allowed to infuse. At this point, all the taste is manifested much stronger.


This type of cucumber does not require pollination with the help of bees.In addition, the following unique characteristics of the variety can be distinguished:

  • no matter what the weather and nursing conditions are, the harvest is always high;
  • a large number of ovaries formed in one node ;
  • high rates of taste and commercial quality;
  • an open-type plant grows, which only improves harvesting and carrying out nursing activities;
  • is not exposed to diseases and viruses.
Растение обладает массой положительных характеристик

The plant has a lot of positive characteristics eristik

No flaws were found in this variety.

Growing principle

The characteristic of this variety allows planting not only seedlings in open ground, but also the seeds. Landing is carried out by the usual method. Seeds of Marinda f1 cucumbers should be planted to a depth of at least 4 cm. A distance of 50 cm should be maintained between the rows and 30 cm between the holes. It is best to cover the beds with a special film so that Marinda c1 cucumbers do not freeze during the nighttime air temperature drop. . If the conditions are good, then the seeds will begin to emerge in a week.

In order to plant seedlings in the ground, it should first be grown. To do this, seeds should be planted in containers that are stored in a warm room, with warm air and medium humidity.Literally in a month, the seedlings will be suitable for planting in open ground.

Until the seedlings have been planted on beds, it should be carefully watered and regularly fed. Top dressing can be from 2 to 4. If you notice that the seedlings need additional light, then you need to put special lamps and point them at it.

The soil should be chosen that contains a high concentration of nutrients and should be high-quality aeration. Such conditions are created due to the fact that sawdust made of wood or rotting foliage are introduced into the soil. Landing is carried out not earlier than the initial days of June only if the soil has not yet warmed up. If climatic conditions allow that it is possible to land already in the final numbers of May. When planting in open ground, the distance between rows of 100 cm should be maintained, but between the holes it is 70 cm.

Care rules

It is best that the soil for planting seedlings or seeds had special drains that would conduct air and moisture. It is very important that it does not contain a high concentration of nitrogen. This may adversely affect the end result. Ideally, if there is a large amount of humus in the ground, and it turns out to be warmed up.

Watering is best done in the evening and only with warm water. It is carried out every 2-3 days. Every 10 days, fertilizing the earth and plants should be carried out.Organic fertilizers, which consist of bird or cow humus or urea diluted in equal proportions with water, have a positive effect on the final result. You only need to form 1 stem from the plant and remove the side stepsons.


Marinda cucumbers f1 are highly immune and are not exposed to diseases or viruses. Fungal infections also do not spread to this type of cucumber. The creators have taken care of the simplicity of caring for these vegetable plants. But, do not forget about standard preventive measures.

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It is important to regularly inspect the stem for parasites or diseases. At the first signs of presence, you should immediately use chemicals that will help get rid of the disease. it is necessary to treat the root system with chemicals that will prevent earth pests from spoiling the roots of the plant.


Many people who want to grow cucumbers in their plots cannot decide on the desired variety , because it is important not only the quantity of the crop, but also its quality. You need to choose those options that are characterized by good taste and may not require careful care. It is to these varieties that Marinda cucumbers belong.

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