Description of tomato Black pineapple

Tomato Black Pineapple is a very interesting variety, as it has a dark skin. Many vegetable growers turned their attention to it for a long time and even began to intensively engage in its cultivation. The tomato variety Black Pineapple has the ability to grow only in the greenhouse.

  1. Description of tomatoes
  2. Preparing the soil for planting
  3. How to sow seeds and care for seedlings?
  4. Planting a tomato in a greenhouse
  5. Caring for Black Pineapple
  6. Black Tomato Diseases
  7. To summarize

Описание томата Черный ананас

Tomato description Black pineapple

Description of tomatoes

Black tomato Pineapple was born in Belgium. It has a sweet citrus flavor and a three-color color. Tomatoes are added to salads, eaten with vesicles and canned food for the winter. Their pulp is sugary, and there are practically no seeds. The color of tomatoes is always different, it is impossible to guess what colors will be this season. They can be painted in green, olive, yellow, black, red, burgundy and orange, moreover, this color is not only outside, but also inside.

The shape of the Black Tomatoes is round flat with a small ribbing. The fruits are large enough, the weight of one is 700 grams. Description Black Pineapple has a different, it all depends on the growing conditions. Tomatoes grow well in the greenhouse, the growth of the bush is 180 cm, and the fruits are mid-ripening. Tomatoes are formed in several bushes, the crop is rich and beautiful. Basically, when seeds are sown for the first time, the fruits grow in large sizes.

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Black Pineapple tomato variety ripens within 120-130 days. From one bush you can get 8 kg of the crop. The Black Pineapple tomato variety tastes great and is interesting in color. It is preferred by many gardeners who are always enthusiastic about growing it. In addition, there are other varieties of tomatoes that have the same qualities and characteristics:

  • David Black;
  • Hawaiian tomato;
  • golden tomato;
  • Zebra variety.

Preparing the soil for planting

For planting, an important point is the acidity of the soil. Many tomatoes prefer light soil and Black Pineapple as well. If the acidity of the earth will be very high, then it will have to be liming every 3-5 years. It is forbidden to plant tomatoes in the place where eggplant or pepper used to grow. The plot where cucumbers, carrots, onions or cabbage have recently grown is perfect for them.

Humus or peat are necessarily added to the ground. It also needs to be mixed with superphosphate and wood ash. So that during the cultivation the vegetables do not begin to hurt, before mixing all the fertilizers in the ground, it is frozen for a while. In order for the tomatoes to grow and develop quietly, they need to add substrates, for example, such as:

  • peat 7 parts;
  • 1 part sawdust;
  • 1 part wood ash;
  • 3 lots of peat;
  • 1 lot of humus;
  • 0.5 sawdust and manure.

How to sow seeds and care for seedlings?

Через месяц рассаду можно высаживать в теплицу

After a month, seedlings can be planted in the greenhouse

An excellent crop is obtained if the seedlings are grown correctly. First you need to check tomato seeds for germination, so they are placed in salt water for 10 minutes. Those seeds that are drowned must be discarded, and the remaining ones washed under running water. Tomato seeds are transferred to a towel and allowed to dry slightly. The next day they begin to plant them in special pots for seedlings.

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Holes are made in the pots so that excess moisture can come out and oxygen get to the roots. Land for planting must be prepared in advance and poured into pots. The seeds are instilled to a depth of 1 cm, and then they are well watered. After 20 days, the seeds will start to sprout the first stems, and after 45 days, the stems will begin to grow stronger. In addition, seedlings are watered 3 times a day and sometimes put in a sunny place.

Solar procedures will not allow the seedlings to begin to rot. It is also necessary from time to time to ventilate the room where the plant stands. After a month, the sprouts can be transplanted into the greenhouse. 7 days before transplantation, the plant is sprayed with boric acid, per 1 l of 1 g. This is necessary in order to get a good and high-quality crop.

Planting a tomato in a greenhouse

To begin with, 2 handfuls of humus are added to the pits.Remember that you can’t throw fresh approvals, such as humus or dung, because of this the vegetables will die. In a hole with seedlings, you can put 25 g of simple superphosphate, or 15 g of double. Fertilizers in the form of nitrogen and potassium are not added. Nitrogen can cause greens and weeds to appear, and this will only slow down plant growth.

Ananas Noire ( Black Pineapple) Tomato
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Caring for the Black Pineapple

To make the tomatoes feel great in the greenhouse and also grow properly, they need to be trimmed. Extra leaflets, unnecessary processes are removed, as they interfere with normal growth. But you should do this very carefully so as not to accidentally tear out something extra. First, the leaf itself begins to grow, and only then the stepson. It is located between the leaf and the peduncle. The stepson must remove the gardener in order to accelerate ripening.

If you do not cut, and leave everything as it is, the bushes will overgrow and give green fruits. Circumcision is carried out with the first brush, which immediately begins to bloom. To get a good harvest, leave from 2 to 5 brushes. If you leave 2 brushes, the tomatoes will grow simply giants, and if 5, then small. A person who grows tomatoes decides for himself what size he needs the fruits.

Diseases of Black Tomatoes

In order for the tomatoes not to eat parasites, preventive measures must be taken Events. The most common diseases that settle on tomatoes are presented below.

  1. A black leg disease infects a plant stem, it begins to darken and thin. The disease appears due to the large amount of moisture in the ground and in the air. To prevent it, you need to ventilate the greenhouse and take care of the light.
  2. Another popular disease is vertex rot.It can appear from a lack of water in the ground and in the air. Brown spots appear at the top of the bush, which eventually attack the entire bush from the top to the roots. To prevent the disease, water the soil correctly and ventilate.
  3. Streakiness is a virus that infects many plants, including tomatoes. To recognize the ailment, you do not need to make a lot of effort: brown streaks appear on the peduncles, and dark spots sprinkle on the leaves. The plant will eventually die, since the streak is hard to remove. But there is one method, for this the plant is disinfected in a 1% solution of potassium permanganate.
  4. The last most common disease is rot of the fruit. It appears due to pathogens during ripening. Rot spreads to all fruits quickly enough. It all depends on temperature and humidity. To prevent it from appearing, it is necessary to ventilate the greenhouse often, and adhere to the correct temperature.
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To summarize

It is not difficult to plant and grow Black Pineapple tomatoes. Any gardener can do it. The main thing is to fulfill all the requirements and monitor the appearance of diseases on the plant. Tomatoes of this variety have a wonderful sweet taste that can be compared to any fruit. Those who have already grown this variety were satisfied.

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