Description of tomato Cream

Description of tomato Cream

There are many different types of tomatoes, each of them differs from each other in its characteristics and qualities and, most importantly, productivity. Tomato Slivovka is a relatively new and interesting species that was created using hybridity.

  1. Variety description
  2. Positive aspects of the variety
  3. Negative moments
  4. Rules for planting the variety
  5. Growing and harvest

Variety description

Tomatoes of this type grow low, about 40- 45 cm. Relate to determinant varieties of tomatoes.The fruits are rounded and slightly oblong in structure, somewhat reminiscent of small zucchini. they are often compared with plums because of their shape, which is why the name Slivovka came from. Fruits are always only red, saturated and ruddy. The total mass of one fruit is usually from 75 g. to 110 g. The very first fruits will be the largest and then, when the bush grows, there will be more fruits, but their mass will change a little.

Tomatoes show good yield, from 1 bush they get up to 10 kg. The variety is considered universal, so the fruits are used for fresh use, just as suitable for preservation, and tomato, and dressing. Often, one bush is 2–3 stems, but most often only 2 are used. It can be planted in open ground, soil for this variety is not important.

This type of variety is perfect for those gardeners who have never dealt with seedlings of this type. Tomatoes are unpretentious, any type of soil is suitable for them, the most important thing is to water the plant on time.

Positive aspects of the variety

Absolutely any plant has its positive and negative sides. Rarely have negative aspects been noticed in this species. And, according to the reviews of many gardeners, there are none at all.

The positive aspects are presented below.

  1. The fruits are distinguished by their versatility, ripen well and grow to medium size in size. They have a pleasant and rich taste. Someone says that this is a sweet taste with sourness, someone says that the variety is generally sweet.
  2. Interesting and attractive external characteristics, beautiful appearance, which gives a big plus to the variety of Slivovka.
  3. A significant plus is that this variety has good yield results.
  4. Due to the fact that the variety was artificially bred, it has excellent resistance to diseases and pests, they rarely get sick, therefore you will not have a problem with this. The bushes are long-lasting, the main thing is to take care of them.
  5. The fruits ripen very quickly and by their color (red) it becomes clear that they are ripe.
  6. Varietal qualities are excellent.
Плоды данного сорта выдерживают длительное хранение

The fruits of this variety withstand long-term storage

The positive side is the fact that this type of tomato can be stored for a very long time, the main thing is to withstand all storage standards. They should be in wooden cases, preferably with a newspaper between each layer, and of course, moisture and temperature must be taken into account. According to gardeners, it is clear that such a variety can last until the New Year.

Negative points

The description of the variety shows that tomatoes also have some disadvantages. Sometimes there are situations when the seedling does not grow. This happens very rarely, and most often due to the fact that he is just “acting up.” Perhaps he did not like the fact that he was transported and planted from one condition and soil to another. In this case, the bush will either simply grow poorly at first or die completely. It is then that it is necessary to intensively give fertilizer and humus, add calcium and watering.

Despite even such a minus, such situations are rare. The root system of tomatoes has good resistance. They withstand severe frosts and severe drought, but then it is unlikely that they can be expected to yield good yields.

Planting rules for the variety

Most experts advise to carry out the sowing stage for 30-33 days until the first warm times.That is, it is best to do this in early spring, but when there is no frost. On m² you can plant 3-4 pcs. seed, but not more. This can lead to the fact that the roots grow incorrectly and, as a result, do not take the necessary vitamins from the soil and then you do not get a good harvest.

And of course, the most important rule is to fertilize the earth before You will plant a plant. The first section needs to be dug up, and then only fertilized. Basically, as mentioned earlier, a plant can live and flourish in any soil.

Growing and harvesting

Often, planting tomatoes falls in early March and late April. . 2 stems are left on one plant, sometimes 3 stems, but this phenomenon is very rare. Also, the bush must be tied up when it has a ripening peak, the fruits will gain their mass and break branches.

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After 50-60 days you will be able to collect the first crop and taste the variety. It has never been noticed that any diseases attacked the plant. This is a high tomato variety c. On average, up to 6–8 kg can be obtained from one bush, sometimes up to 10 kg can bear fruit, but this usually only happens if the bush is young and this was his first tomato crop.>

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