Description of tomatoes Gina TST

Russian breeders have developed a hybrid variety of tomatoes Gina TST. The fruits of this variety are large and have excellent taste. Gina TST tomato has a high yield, characterized by early ripening. This compares favorably with other varieties.

  1. Main characteristics of the variety Gina TST
  2. Description of the fruit
  3. Methods of growing tomatoes Gina TST
  4. Seed
  5. Seedling
  6. Features of the care of tomatoes
  7. Diseases and pests of tomatoes
  8. Reviews of gardeners about the variety Gina TST

Описание томатов Джина ТСТ

Gin TST tomato description

The variety description says that the use of Gin tomato is limited. They are not suitable for pickling. recommend consuming fresh fruits, in salads.

Main characteristics of the variety Gina TST

Gardeners are well aware of the tomatoes Gina and their hybrids Gina TST. open ground is produced as soon as warm weather sets in, usually at the end of March. Caring for young sprouts is standard.

A complete characterization will help give preference to the Gina TST tomato variety. Description of tomatoes:

  1. The bush is low (55-60 cm), strong. 2-3 shoots immediately grow from the root. The leaves grow with medium density.
  2. The ripening period is medium. The fruits ripen three and a half months after sowing the seeds. If sown at the end of March, then the crop can be harvested in late June or early July.
  3. The yield is high.From one square meter of plantation, you can collect 12-15 kg of tomatoes. In the southern regions, the yield is sometimes 20-25 kg of fruits per square meter.
  4. The variety is suitable for cultivation in the open area and in the greenhouse.
  5. Pest resistance is medium. Tomatoes are not susceptible to Fusarium, verticellosis.

Tomatoes have some growing characteristics. Experienced gardeners do not recommend planting more than four bushes on one square meter of land. This is due to the branching of the plant, the bushes will obscure each other. To ensure that the fruit has enough nutrition, it is also advised to tear off the lower leaves.

According to the instructions of the breeders who developed the tomato variety Gina TST, the bushes do not need to be tied to a support. But the reviews of gardeners, say the opposite. To prevent branching bushes with heavy fruits from breaking, they need to be tied up.

Description of the fruit

The fruits of hybrid tomatoes Gene TST deserve a separate description. They were highly appreciated by experts and ordinary consumers.

Characteristics of Gina TST fruits:

  1. The shape is round, slightly flattened. Low degree of ribbing.
  2. The color of ripe tomatoes is orange-red.
  3. The mass of tomatoes grown in the open field, 200-300 grams. The weight of greenhouse fruits can reach 400-450 grams.
  4. The skin of a tomato is thin but dense, does not crack.
  5. The pulp is dense, juicy, tastes good.
  6. Excellent commodity characteristics, the fruits tolerate transportation well, are stored for a relatively long time.

Tomatoes are suitable for raw consumption. Pickling and salting them is also possible, but not entirely. Large fruits do not fit into the jar, crumple and crack.

Many consumers find hybrid fruits less useful. The chemical composition of the fruits of tomato gin variety is no different from other varieties. They are also rich in vitamins, micro and macro elements.

Methods for growing Gin TST tomatoes

There are two ways to grow Gin and Gin TST tomatoes:

  • seedlings (from seedlings);
  • seedlings (from seeds).


The method of planting by seeds is used in southern areas, in the middle band seedlings take root better. The seat should be well-lit, with moderately moist drained soil.

Before planting seeds, you need to prepare furrows about 30 cm long. The bottom of the furrow is sprinkled with ash and treated with potassium and phosphate fertilizers. Then the wells are made, 3-4 seeds are placed in each well. Pits are buried in the soil.


Seedlings are grown from seeds in wooden boxes. She is left in a warm place. Small sprouts appear after 10 days. They can be covered with transparent polyethylene to increase yield in the future.

Watering and feeding seedlings should be moderate.Young plants can be transplanted to the prepared open area for 45-50 days after sowing.

Features of tomato care

Ухаживание за томатом не потребует усилий

Caring for a tomato does not require effort

Proper care will ensure good survival of seedlings, high yield of tomatoes. It’s not difficult to take care of Gina.

How Hybrid Tomatoes should be Care:

  1. Watering is carried out twice a week, after sunset. Watering volume – one bucket under one bush. The water temperature should be about 25 degrees.
  2. Regular top dressing, mineral fertilizers and organics. During the growing season, dressing under the bush is applied 4 times.
  3. Regular treatment from weeds. It is equally important for young seedlings and adult plants. Weed herbs take away minerals and moisture from plants.

Watering must be stopped 15-20 days before harvest. This will accelerate the ripening of tomatoes.

Mullein, nitrophos, potassium salts and superphosphate are used as fertilizer. You can use specialized store mixes to fertilize tomato. During the fruiting period, it is necessary to feed the plant with superphosphate. It is not worth overdoing with fertilizers.

Diseases and pests of tomatoes

The main problem that gardeners encounter when growing tomatoes Gina TST is the “black leg” of seedlings.At the root, the young shoot blackens and thinns. A sick seedling develops much slower than its counterparts, it can die.

To save seedlings with a black-leg disease can only be done in this way:

  • removal of diseased seedlings from the soil; li> treatment of healthy (so far) plants with special agents.

Also, seedlings can be gently sprayed with a solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate) or shower the stems at the root with ash. Adult tomato plants are relatively resistant to pests. Most often, bushes suffer from late blight.

Reviews of gardeners about the Gin TST variety

Farmers and amateur vegetable growers willingly leave feedback on Gin’s tomatoes at specialized forums, share their photos. All in one voice confirm the information about the amazing taste and marketability of tomatoes.

People share with each other the experience of growing tomatoes Gina TST. If we analyze the reviews, we can draw the following conclusions:

  1. Tomatoes do not grow well on greasy chernozem soils.
  2. The bushes are very ragged, branches with fruits are heavy, so they must be tied to a support.
  3. When the first three leaves appear on the sprouts, you must definitely pick.
  4. The variety does not require the removal of stepsons.
  5. Before planting, the seeds can be germinated in water with a growth stimulator .
  6. It is desirable to plant seeds for seedlings in a store soil mixture for vegetables.
  7. To attract insects to the tomatoes for pollinating flowers, plant mustard or basil in the aisles.

Vegetable growers appreciated the variety, noted its advantages over other tomato varieties. Among the shortcomings, they often call the frequent incidence of seedlings a “black leg”, the stiffness of the skin of the fruits.

Tomato Gina TST is a novelty in modern vegetable growing, but the variety has already become widespread. The main advantage of the variety is high productivity, excellent taste of large fruits. Also, plants are unpretentious in care. The tomato is well suited for cultivation in the middle lane, but you need to choose a sunny spot for it on the site.

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