Description of Victoria Pepper

Description of Victoria Pepper

Every year, breeders develop new varieties and varieties of vegetables. Time-tested and established in the industry pepper Victoria is very popular today.

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  3. Description of the bush
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  7. Pest control
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Описание перца Виктория

Description of pepper Victoria

Characteristics of the variety

Victoria Pepper is an early ripe representative of the culture. It was bred in 1979 by crossing several species.

Victoria peppers grow in the northern regions on open ground and in greenhouses, which is a good indicator for a cold area. with the help of fertilizers and timely watering, but also additionally give plantings warm.

115-128 days after the emergence of the sprouts takes place until the varieties mature. For 1 square. m collect up to 7 kg of fruit.

Description of the fruit

According to the description, the fruit of the variety Victoria is smooth, has the shape of a cone. Wall thickness does not exceed 8 mm. After ripening, the color of the variety gradually changes from green to rich red, which indicates a large number of vitamins.The pulp of the vegetable is soft, sweet, juicy.

With the correct picking of the bush, Victoria sweet pepper gives a large number of fruits: up to 25 pieces per bush.

When transported and stored, the variety proved to be good.

Description of the bush

By characterization, the bushes are not too tall, sprawling, compact enough, suitable for both greenhouses and open ground. The bush height with proper care reaches 50 cm.


Seedlings are ready 9 weeks after planting seeds.

Rather mature shoots are transplanted into a separate container . This occurs approximately 2 months after planting the seeds, as seedlings do not germinate too quickly.

Sprouted seedlings are planted in the soil near the end of spring, but not earlier than when the frost completely recedes, despite the fact that it is a non-heat-loving crop.

when planting seedlings, a certain distance between the bushes should be observed. It should be at least half a meter, and also go deep into the ground too much (enough depth at which the seedlings grew).

Features of growing and care

Ухаживать за растениями несложно

It’s easy to take care of plants

Victoria pepper variety does not need special care.

Before the trunk starts to fork, the lateral shoots are removed so that the bush is not too thick, otherwise most of the plant’s strength will not be directed to the fruit itself and its ripening, but to the growth of the trunk. The formation of the bush begins when it reaches a height of 20 cm.

After planting the seedlings, a number of actions are carried out:

  • carry out regular watering (once a week): during hot weather, increase it (2 -3 times a week), in cool weather – make moderate (once every 2 weeks); adhere to a proportion of 0.5 liters per bush);
  • clean the grass growing nearby;
  • fertilize and fluff the ground.


Peppers are usually fertilized with urea. To prepare the mixture to 10 liters of water add 1 tsp. urea and from 1 tbsp. l double superphosphate. After the mixture is infused (after 2-3 hours), the culture is watered in the evening, (0.5 l of fertilizer for each bush).

Pest control

Bulgarian representative of this species is very resistant to various diseases. Black rot is an exception.

Like other vegetables in the beds, Victoria pepper is susceptible to a number of pests.

Colorado potato beetle

You can get rid of the Colorado potato beetle by spraying with tincture of celandine. To do this, put 1.5 kg of grass in a bucket, pour hot water and leave for 3 hours. After that – add 1 liter of a 1.5% solution of calcium chloride.

Spider mite

The spider mite is afraid of onion solution. This is the most harmless and environmentally friendly product. To prepare it, take a bucket of onion husks and pour 2 buckets of hot water. The resulting solution is allowed to stand for 5 days, filtered, after which laundry soap (not more than 2 g per 1 liter) is added to it.

Slugs naked

The pest requires mechanical violence. You can also prepare a solution. To prepare the product, they take mustard powder, ground red pepper and potassium salt, diluted in a proportion of 1 kg per 10 liters of water. The spraying procedure is performed 2 times, the second – 30 minutes after the end of the first.

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Growing Victoria pepper is not at all difficult, it all depends on the right yl planting seeds, transplanting the sprouted plants in the ground, and minimal maintenance in the process of its growth.

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