Descriptions of varieties of long cucumbers

Descriptions of varieties of long cucumbers

For a long time, gardeners neglected long varieties of cucumbers, but over time the variety found its admirers.

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Описания сортов длинных огурцов

Description of the varieties of long cucumbers

Characteristics of cucumbers

Long cucumbers are characterized more watery structure. They have a thin, smooth peel. The taste does not contain bitterness, therefore, the vegetable is suitable for fresh salads and salads. The length of the cucumbers is much longer than typical for standard species (from 20 cm), therefore they are inconvenient for preservation.

All long-fruited cucumbers are characterized by high yield and early ripening. The growing season does not exceed 50 days. Pollination can be carried out by the plant on its own or with the help of bees.


For growing long cucumbers, it is important to germinate the seeds in advance: this helps to improve the germination and development of the plant.

For the bush, they must create supports so that the plant does not lose its structure and does not break under the weight of the fruit.

Chinese snake

The Chinese snake quickly gained popularity.Its main feature is undemanding care. According to the description, the length of the cucumber reaches 85 cm. It has a winding shape, which is where the name “snake” comes from. The peel of the fruit is thin, but strong.

The taste is rich, with a slight note of sweetness. Bitterness is completely absent. The height of the bush is 4 m. It is also characterized by a minimum number of shoots on the sides, which allows you to plant seedlings in close proximity to each other.

Cultivation and care

Growing is even possible in shaded areas. Due to resistance to temperature extremes, bushes are able to bear fruit before the onset of winter frosts. Planting in open ground should be carried out in early May, but seeds for seedlings should be planted in April.

Care of this variety is simple and consists of proper watering, loosening of the soil and top dressing with mineral substances (phosphorus or potassium). It is really possible to refrain from nitrogen, because the growth of the bush and the fruit is already quite large. The plant has high resistance to common diseases and parasites.

Shanghai well done

Плоды лучше употреблять в сыром виде

Fruits are better to eat raw

The name of the cucumber was given by the city of the cultivation of the variety. Shanghai well done quickly ripens and belongs to self-pollinated species. Type of flowering female.

The variety is suitable for growing both in open ground and in greenhouse premises. The vegetation process lasts 50 days.

Cucumber is called well done because of its unique characteristics of appearance. Cucumbers grow to a length of 46 cm. On the surface of the fruit are small tubercles covered with white bloom, despite this, the peel is quite thin. The inside of the cucumbers is filled with a special chamber where the seeds are contained.

Among the advantages of the variety, it is noted that the fruit is subject to long-term storage and transportation, which is facilitated by the density of the skin, which protects from early lethargy or rot.


Planting in open ground is possible both with the help of seedlings and with the help of seed material. Standard care includes watering, weeding and top dressing with phosphoric or potassium substances. The variety is resistant to a number of diseases like powdery mildew and late blight.

Snake-like cucumber

The name of the variety was given by the shape of the fruit.

The length of the fruit is 81 cm, weight reaches a mark of 250 g. The color of the cucumber is dark green. The stem reaches 3 m in height. Oblivion is moderate.


First of all, it is important to plant seeds for seedlings. Special containers are used for these purposes.

  • The depth of planting does not exceed a mark of 3 cm.
  • Seeds will sprout well only if the soil is heated to a temperature of 26 ° C.
  • Once the seedlings are 30 days old, it can be transplanted into the open ground.
  • Between the rows, keep a distance of 50 cm, and between the holes – 60 cm.

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The plant is watered every 7 days. It is better to use drip irrigation, because it injures the plant less. or litter. It’s important to use minerals with high m containing potassium and phosphorus. They improve the taste and appearance of the fruit. The feeding interval is 10 days. High characteristics of the immune system that protects the bush from false spotting, powdery mildew or root rot are described.


Long vegetables are not universally used, but modern gardeners try to grow them in their plots. Thanks to good yields and excellent taste, these species have gained the main position in the hearts of most farmers. If you make efforts to grow and care, a long variety of cucumbers will thank excellent harvest.

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