Distinctive features of sickle pigeons

Distinctive features of sickle pigeons

For many years now, people have been enthusiastically watching the doves soar in the sky. But among many breeds of birds there are especially spectacular. For example, Crescent pigeons, whose wingspan is like a sickle, which is why they were called that. They are unusual, and their flight captivates.

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Crescent pigeons


Just one glance at the birds in life or in the photo is enough to understand how their name is Crescent pigeons. makes the flight of birds inimitable and recognizable.

The first evidence of the appearance of Crescent pigeons on the territory of the Russian Empire dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century. It happened in Ukraine, before that only such birds could be found in Turkey and Syria, they were immediately noticed by the Ochakov pigeon breeder Kirichenko and began the selection of the best individuals. Due to this, the breed got its new name – Ochakov eared pigeons – and became Ochakov’s pride. Already in the post-war years, specialists began to improve the breed. This happened in 3 stages, during which:

  • improved flying abilities;
  • made the flight as elegant as possible;
  • engaged in training, thanks to which Crescent eared pigeons mastered new tricks.

Nowadays, this species is developed as follows:

  • pay attention to the clarity of the body;
  • try to achieve a wing that is clearly open with a sickle;
  • rely on the selection of birds with a smooth wave of the third wave.

Often, crossbreeding of species causes a loss of former qualities that distinguished this breed from others. The problem is that the pigeons regularly fall as a result of the loss of balance.

Description of the appearance

Crescent pigeons, although small in size, are muscular, perfectly developed body. They have a small head and a curved profile, short legs and thick plumage. When folded, the wing almost reaches the tip of the tail. A prominent feature is the convex fourth joint on the wings. It is at his expense that pigeons make a sickle, and their flight becomes incredibly impressive. The colors of the feathers are different, but the color of the eyes has a lot of weight in determining the breed: they must be light.

From 2 months old, small chicks are taught a unique style of flight. Inverted pigeons are hardy and capable of long flights. True, they prefer to do it alone. It’s good to train in the morning and evening hours: at night, when it’s dark, it is very dangerous to do it.


To notice Ochakov pigeons there is a chance in the sky off the coast of Crimea. There was also a case when Rostov residents captured the flight of these beauties. Experts generally suggest that the climate of the Black Sea region in the best way influenced the flight of Crescent pigeons, because strong winds affect other birds in the wrong way, often preventing them from moving.However, this breed with its help simply strengthens its muscles. In addition, such birds have the ability to quickly adapt to the direction of the wind.

Why are birds called inverted sickles? Just during the flap of the wing, the extreme feathers turn out and touch each other with their tips, creating a circle. This specificity also helps to carry out a phenomenal flight. Individuals move in the air horizontally in relation to the ground, but people who behold from below see the winged movements as if slowed down.

Cirrus pigeons have such distinctive features:

  • they quickly recover after the appearance of offspring and fly regardless of the time of year;
  • are considered excellent parents;
  • fly naturally, easily and smoothly;
  • do not suffer from the influence of air masses;
  • perfectly orientated on the terrain.

It concerns only purebred birds, which Tate selection is less and less. For some reason, the inverted winged ones return home only after a couple of days, and there are those that never fly to their pigeon again.

Food and care

These pigeons are distinguished by their energy and unpretentiousness. Excellent survival gives them the opportunity to adapt to any living conditions, even extremely difficult, so not only experienced pigeon breeders, but also beginners will be able to breed them.Only one main condition for their maintenance should be taken into account: they need space, because of this, the dovecote should be large, balconies and attics are not acceptable for them. You should also monitor the cleanliness and lighting of the room.

Cirrus pigeons part 4
Kulagin N.I., Ochakovsky crescent pigeons, P. Zimovniki, Rostov Region, 8 928 159 23 85
Cirrus pigeons in the Tambov region of Vladimir and Nicholas

Mixtures of cereals and legumes are suitable for feed, while a smaller part should be allocated to wheat, and a large part of millet and legumes. The thing is in the small intestines of birds, which is suitable only for easily digestible food. One thing can be said for sure: the pleasure of observing the flight of Crescent Pigeons is incomparable and forgetting it is very difficult. Breeding these birds is absolutely simple, it does not require much time and effort. But the reward will be the artistic soaring of pets under the sun and clouds.

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