Do-it-yourself living paintings of moss – care

Plants are an important element for decorating and optimizing indoor spaces. Recently, designers, in search of new objects for their work, are turning their attention to mosses.

Moss graffiti

General information about living paintings from moss

There are a number of undoubted advantages in making living pictures from moss. First of all, this is a fresh solution, exotic, and the new always attracts. In addition, most mosses in nature tolerate drought well and do not require frequent watering. Also, most bryophytes have a weak connection with the substrate (mainly attachment), getting the necessary nutrients mostly from the air.

An important point is the slow growth rate and “retention” of the form of the composition for a long time. And the variety of life forms (rugs, pillows, threads, etc.) is a fertile and new tool for a phytodesigner. These properties are especially important for creating “living” paintings – relatively flat vertical compositions with plants.

Decorative living panel made of moss
Decorative living panel made of moss

There are, of course, downsides. This business is too unusual, it requires special knowledge, and it is not customary somehow. Let’s try to fill this gap and reveal some secrets.

There are two types of moss paintings: The first is pseudo-living, when dried moss is used, often tinted. This, in fact, is a kind of one of the areas of pure floristry. We will not touch upon this direction of interior decoration art. Another direction is when using live plants. It’s much more complicated, but the resulting effect is amazing.

How to create a living painting of moss with your own hands?

In accordance with the artistic concept and spatial parameters of the composition, the selection of living material takes place:

Dicranum is paniculate
Dicranum is paniculate. Farmer Michael Becker
Levkobrium gray
Levkobrium is gray. Farmer Aorg1961
Crested pylium
Ptilium crested. Farmer MPorciusCato

  • for large compositions with a large “depth” of placement of objects, spherical tropical mosses (Levkobrium gray) or pillow-shaped forms (Dikranums, Ptilium, Gilokomium) are used;
  • for small and flat compositions, it is better to use unpretentious epiphytes (Hypnum cypress, Dikranum mountain, Ortrtrichum, Brachythetium). Here you can use ready-made curved branches and roots taken from nature already with mosses;
  • for microcompositions and living inscriptions on the walls, it is better to use xerophytic epiphytes (Ceratodon purple, Grimmia, Silver Brium).

Cypress hypnum
Hypnum is cypress. Farmer Kurt Stueber
Brachythetium brook
Broach brachythetium. Farmer HermannSchachner
Orthotrichum blunt-leaved
Orthotrichum is obtuse. Farmer HermannSchachner

All these species are widespread in Russia and the CIS countries and can be found in almost every forest area.

The fastening of mosses in the compositions is carried out on a small layer of soil (1-4 mm, for large ones up to 8 mm) using ordinary glue, but gluing not in a continuous strip and pointwise, in order to enable plants through rhizoids (analogs of roots) to receive, albeit limited water and essential nutrients.

Brium silver
Brium silvery. Farmer Mbc
Ceratodon purple
Ceratodon purpurea. Farmer Mila Moudra
Grimmia cushion
Grimmia is cushion-shaped. Farmer Mbc

Moss compositions care

A few words about how to care for such living pictures of mosses. For their life, they need a rare, about 1-2 times a month, watering with a spray bottle. Replace dead plants in a timely manner (experienced professionals create a small supply of material). Plants can be trimmed where necessary, especially those that are amphipodic and can easily form lateral shoots (Hypnum, Brachythetium, Ptilium). Such compositions of mosses do not require special lighting, since most species can grow in semi-shaded and shaded conditions.

Try creating these living moss paintings in your home. It will be unusual, add style to the interior, amaze guests, and creating them, you will experience the joy of creativity and the realization of your fantasies and ideas.


Do-it-yourself living paintings of moss - care
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