Durian, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

General information

Durian has such a disgusting smell that you are unlikely to be allowed with it.
to a public place. However, if you overcome disgust or simply
close your nose and taste the juicy pulp, you will immediately understand where
there was a concept king of fruits.

Of the whole variety of fruits, only durian became the owner of such
popular characteristics. Few people imagine that everything is absolute
truth. Durian has such a “pleasant aroma” that you can’t
go to hotels, elevators, shops, taxis and many other public
places. Some of them even have a special durian sign.
crossed out with a red line. This means that the entrance with the fruit
is strictly prohibited. This is because the smell is very persistent.
and even after a long time after eating it, the aroma
remains and, most importantly, it does not erode and is not killed,
cosmetics. This is the main reason due to
which it cannot be stored for a long time. There are many epithets in the world,
which are used to describe the smell of this fruit.

Despite everything, he is considered the king of fruits. You yourself can
make sure of this after you taste the pulp, which truly
divine taste. Thais claim that it can be compared to delicious
milk cream
and eggs. If you want to get an unforgettable experience, then by all means
try durian.

The name originates from the Malay word for thorn – hard,
as well as the suffix an, which means thorny fruit. His
homeland is India, Indonesia, Ceylon, Thailand, Philippines and
Indochina. It is believed that the best durian grows on a plantation
near Bangkok.

This fruit has quite large fruits that can reach
30 cm, and weigh up to 8 kilograms. They are completely covered with skin,
which is “decorated” with thorns. Inside there are several oblong
chambers, and in them delicate yellowish-white tasty masses.

Durian is an evergreen giant tree that grows to
40 meters high. It has shiny and leathery leaves that
slightly pointed and alternating. Top of the leaves
smooth, while the opposite is covered with scales. Blooms
this amazing fruit is only a few hours old: golden brown,
white or golden flowers have a heavy sour odor.
They open at dusk, and fall by dawn. The main period
ripening of fruits is the beginning of spring, and ends at the end

How to choose

Do not trust the seller to buy durian, but do it yourself.
This purchase will require special attention during off-season, because
that’s when bad durians are often on the shelves. When
when pressed, the fruit should be slightly soft. Overripe fruits are very
soft, and immature does not give in to pressure at all.

The ripeness of this product can also be determined by the condition of the thorns.
If they shift, then the fruits are of high quality and ripe, but if they
motionless, then he still has to lie down.

Pay attention to the smell of durian. If he is very strong
aroma, then it is very likely that inside it will be snotty
– overripe.

You should not draw conclusions on the color of the fruit, because the colors of different varieties
differ considerably.

How to store

It is best to eat durian right away, but in a different situation
you can also resort to storage. It should be noted that this fruit
you don’t need to put it in the refrigerator. At room temperature, this
the product can be stored for 5 days, but not more. Do not do it
keep durian with others

In cooking

The seeds of this amazing fruit have been used for centuries.
in cooking. They are mainly used as a condiment. These
fruit has a strong pungent smell, which resembles a mixture of cheese, rotten
onions and turpentine.
Despite this, the pulp has a rather pleasant taste, so it is consumed
as food in the form of a delicious dessert.

Most often, durian is used to make milkshakes,
chips, ice cream and dried fruits. Sometimes it is fried in the same way.
like potatoes.
It should be noted that it goes well with coffee.

Reflection in culture

The Chinese value durian very much and is a rather expensive delicacy.
for kids. They buy it only for the holidays. On this day, the whole family
must sit down at the table and eat all the fruit in one sitting. For Malays
eating durian is a real ritual that can be compared
with meditation. In absolutely all Asian countries in which it grows
durian, it is considered a medicinal plant. These fruits have long been
has been credited with rejuvenating power.

There is a legend about a king who was in love
into a charming girl, but she did not reciprocate his
feelings. Because of this, the lord turned to the magician who gave him
the fruit. The king gave the girl a taste of the fruits and she immediately
I fell in love with him. The ruler was so glad that he forgot about the magician, so
and without repaying him. The magician got so angry that he cursed these wonderful
fruits. When Vladyka came for a new fruit of love, he did not find it
but only a prickly and disgusting smelling fruit. The king was seized with anger,
and he threw it to the ground. He was very surprised when he discovered
inside the “love mass”, and therefore gave it a new name, namely

Useful properties of durian

Composition and presence of nutrients

Fresh durian contains (per 100 g):

Calories 147 Kcal

Vitamin C 19,7 Potassium, K 436 Vitamin
B3 1,074 Phosphorus,
P 39 Vitamin
B1 0,374 Magnesium, Mg 30 Vitamin
Кальций, Ca
Витамин B5
On 2

Full composition

This fruit is very rich in proteins, fats, vitamins and carbohydrates.
It is very important to know that there is no cholesterol in it. The pulp contains
vitamin C, niacin, carotene, folic acid, riboflavin, calcium,
iron, niacin and phosphorus.

In addition, it contains indole. It should be noted that only
it contains organic sulfur.

Useful and healing properties

Durian is considered a unique fruit due to its organic
sulfur. It is she who is the reason for his characteristic and not very pleasant
aroma. It is the only sulfur fruit in the world that is suitable
for eating.

An unpleasant smell is a characteristic sign of the presence of indole in fruits.
It should be noted that highly diluted indole has a completely
the opposite scent of jasmine. It is very useful because it has
bactericidal property.

At the beginning of the last century, many pharmacies began to sell
tablets “Dur-India”, the main component of which was durian
and a very rare Indian onion. The last one, very rich
vitamin E. If for several months, regularly consume
this drug, then a concentrated vital
energy that will make him stronger and more indefatigable. These pills
positively affect the human spirit, making it younger and clearer.

Durian has a wonderful property – it can increase potency.

The pulp of this amazing fruit is anthelmintic
means. Durian roots and leaves are used for cooking
decoction, which will later be used as an antipyretic.
For people suffering from fever, juice from leaves is applied to the head.
of this plant. To relieve skin inflammation, use a decoction of
durian leaves and fruits. When spilling bile, you should take a medicinal
bath of the leaves of this exotic fruit. Ash of this plant
used in the postpartum period.

It should be noted that durian is the absolute leader among all fruits
by the content of nutrients, organic sulfur, antioxidants,
fatty acids, protein, amino acids and vitamins. What is one worth
only bioactive sulfur, the medicinal properties of which simply do not lend themselves
no appraisal.

Dangerous properties of durian

The use of this exotic fruit is prohibited for people with increased
blood pressure. It is contraindicated to eat during
during pregnancy. Breastfeeding mothers should also refrain from
the use of this fruit.

In no case should it be combined with alcohol,
as this can cause poisoning and a number of complications.

Durian is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance.


The video will tell you about what durian is and reveal the beneficial properties of this exotic fruit.

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Durian, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties
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