Eggplant does not tie during flowering

Eggplant does not tie during flowering

In horticultural practice it often happens that the eggplant does not set during flowering, although before that the plants developed well. There are many factors that lead to a problem. They are improper care. This usually happens when growing vegetables in greenhouse conditions.

  1. Reasons for lack of ovaries
  2. Unsuitable landing site
  3. Unsuitable temperature
  4. Unsuitable soil
  5. Incorrect watering
  6. Too much fertilizer
  7. Too much pollen
  8. Preventive measures
  9. To fix the problem
  10. Conclusion

Баклажаны при цветении не завязываются

Eggplant does not set when flowering

Causes of lack of ovaries

Since eggplant is moody crops a, it is necessary to provide him with appropriate conditions, eliminating all unfavorable factors.

Unsuitable planting site

If plants that are planted nearby create a shadow, this threatens poor formation of ovaries Therefore, you should not plant near trees and other tall crops. Shading can create thickened landings. Then the bushes will take light into each other.

Unsuitable temperature conditions

Eggplants are thermophilic. The optimum temperature at which they grow well should be at the level of 25-27 ° C. At indicators of 15-18 ° C, bushes stop their development. If they are set at 32 ° C and above, the fruits are not formed.Sudden changes in temperature are bad for vegetables.

Unsuitable soil

In order for the crop to produce a high yield, it is advisable to plant on fertile, drained land with a neutral pH level. Unacceptable for it are clay and podzolic soils, the high density and acidity of which does not allow the earth to warm up. Under such conditions, the eggplant does not set well.

Improper watering

Well-moistened soil contributes to the formation of a large number of flowers, high fruiting. Watering should be rare, but plentiful. The soil should be moist up to 50 cm deep. Reducing the number of ovaries and shedding them can provoke frequent watering.

Excess fertilizer

Баклажаны хорошо завязываются при правильной подкормке

Eggplants are well knotted when fed correctly

When gardeners are fertilizing, which eggplants respond well, it is important to monitor the amount of nutrients. If you overdo it with nitrogen, the plants will begin to actively build up green mass to the detriment of the formation of ovaries. There will be very few flowers. Those that are will eventually dry up and fall off. Therefore, it is recommended that nitrogen-containing substances be added in the correct dosage.

Excess pollen

Most of the bushes self-pollinate. For greenhouse conditions it is very convenient.But it often happens that pollen cannot be transferred to other flowers. The reason is its large number or high humidity. As the accumulation of pollen becomes heavy, which leads to the bonding of the substance. The pollination process is disturbed, the ovaries are not formed.

Preventive measures

Poor fruit formation can be prevented by observing the following rules:

  1. Plant seedlings on well-lit place.
  2. Perform soil analysis. In the greenhouse, the soil is prepared for planting in this way: 1 part of sod land, 2 parts of humus.
  3. Correctly form a bush – remove low-quality ovaries and some leaves that cover the flowers, but not in large quantities. This can disrupt the development of plants. It is also necessary to remove the yellowed diseased leaves in time. When the fetus is formed, the remnants of the corolla of the flower are removed, since it rots with time. This will entail rotting of the vegetable.
  4. Produce regular ventilation of the greenhouse. Keep track of temperature readings. To reduce them, several frames are lifted. At low temperatures at night, the bushes are covered with hay or special material. So that the soil warms up well before planting seedlings, in the fall, not too rotted manure or compost is laid in the prepared trenches.
  5. Properly moisten the soil. For this purpose, watering is carried out 1 time in 7-10 days, contributing 40 liters of water per 1 square. m. It is also worth saturating the earth with oxygen, so it is regularly loosened.
  6. To prevent pollen from drying out, you need to periodically shake it from the flowers. These manipulations will also increase pollination. For varieties that require pollinators, the procedure is carried out artificially. To do this, use a brush with which pollen is taken from mature yellow anthers of a flower. It is applied on the stigma of the pistil of another flower.
  7. Fertilizers are applied according to a certain pattern. The first top dressing is a few weeks after planting (nitrogen-containing products). The second – before the formation of fruits (complex preparations). The third – during fruiting (phosphorus and potassium fertilizers).

Solving the problem

If the ovaries do not form naturally, plants stimulate different drugs.

For this purpose, use the following tools: Bud, Gibbersib, etc. These substances contribute to the growth of culture, as they contain phytohormone. Its plants can be produced on their own, but when all the conditions requiring culture are created.

If, due to the high nitrogen content in the soil, eggplants are not tied in the greenhouse, you need to add substances that soften its effect. For this purpose, potash and phosphorus fertilizers are used.

It is also worth inspecting the bushes for pests. The Colorado potato beetle and aphids can eat flowers, which will not allow them to tie. Insects are collected manually, since the use of chemicals in the greenhouse is unacceptable.Vegetables accumulate harmful substances in large quantities.

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In order for the eggplant cultivation process to please a good result, it is worth observing agricultural technology. If the plant blooms, and the ovaries do not form, it is worthwhile to find out the cause and eliminate it, then the fruiting will be high and high quality.

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