Emu eggs, Calories, benefits and harms, Useful properties

general description

Emu eggs are healthy as well as chicken eggs. They don’t even differ in
cooking methods. The weight of one egg is from 450 grams. up to
1800g., which is equal to about 25-40 chicken
eggs. The largest egg is 18.67 cm in diameter and 2350 grams in weight. was
registered in China.

The shell of an emu egg is very dense and durable, despite this it is
quite easy to break. It is dark green, almost black in
color, and the eggs themselves have a rich yolk and translucent white.

Eggs are not found on the free market in our country. You
can buy them only from the breeder in the spring and summer, because only
during this period the emus lay eggs. In order to boil such a huge
egg, it will take about 75-80 minutes.

The first mentions of emu ostriches (including eggs) appeared
in the 1-2 century BC. At least they are depicted on the grave of
a Chinese emperor from the Han dynasty. Then they spread
to the territory of what is now Central Asia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. In the
twentieth century, they appeared in the Arabian and Syrian
deserts. At the moment in Ukraine and.
ostrich farms are very common where this bird is grown.

Some Polish restaurants make huge scrambled eggs from such
eggs, which can feed about 10 people. Also, emu eggs are used
for baking (mainly in industries), because they have a strong
taste. It is added to salads and omelets are fried.

The shelf life of intact eggs is about 3 months, and a
broken egg can be divided into portions and stored in the refrigerator for
about 2-3 days.

There are other uses for emu eggs as well. Due to their similarity to porcelain,
they are perfect for engraving and painting, as well as for the production of
decoupage-style souvenirs.

Calorie content of emu eggs

The product contains almost 160 kcal, it is quite fatty and nutritious. This is a protein food with a low level of carbohydrates, which should not be carried away by overweight people.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Caloric value, kcal 14 13,5 1,5 1,3 74 160

Benefits of Emu Eggs

Composition and presence of nutrients

Emu eggs contain a huge amount of nutrients similar
to those found in chicken eggs. They are considered a dietary
product because they are very low in cholesterol. It is
in these eggs that the level of harmful substances is lower than in poultry eggs.
This product is hypoallergenic, rich in trace elements and vitamins.

Also, emu eggs contain polyunsaturated acids that
help maintain the cardiovascular system.

Use in cooking

Eggs are used in cooking for various appetizers,
casseroles and baked goods.

Emu eggs make a great snack. To do this
, boil the egg until tender, peel and cut into rings.
Each ring should be spread with a thin layer of butter, laid out like a cake
on a plate and covered with mustard

A dish called “scramble” will become a decoration of each table.
First you need to cut 150 g of ham into small slices
and chop a bunch of green onions. Crush one and a half teaspoons of dill seeds
in a mortar. Next, in a large bowl, you need to beat the
emu egg and milk,
with the addition of 1 teaspoon of ground paprika, then add
ham, green onions, dill seeds and salt to taste. Coat the baking
dish with butter and pour the resulting mixture into it.
We put in an oven heated to 160 degrees. The cooking time
is approximately 15-17 minutes.

Dangerous properties of emu eggs

Emu eggs are very similar in composition to chicken eggs and are considered
difficult to digest due to their high cholesterol content.
In addition, excess cholesterol clogs blood vessels and, therefore,
contributes to the appearance of wrinkles and bags under the eyes, and also leads
to obesity.

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