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It is believed that the native land of plants of the Carmona genus is the countries of Asia, where they are usually used for bonsai. One and two-year-old branches of plants lend themselves well to forming with the help of a special wire.

The correct and official name for plants of the genus Carmona is Eretia buxifoila, however, the name Carmona microphylla is better known and widespread in the world.

Кормона (Fukien Tea Tree)

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The genus belongs to the uncommon family of Burachnikovs and includes two dozen species of evergreen shrubs with rough bark and small shiny leaves covered with short light hairs.

Plants reach a height of thirty to forty centimeters. However, there are also larger specimens – fifty or more centimeters in height. Plants can bloom at any time of the year. From small white flowers, not very decorative in appearance, beautiful red or yellow fruits develop. They are inedible (bitter in taste), the size of each is no more than a centimeter in diameter.

Carmona is a thermophilic plant, but in summer it should be kept in partial shade in the open air. In winter, the plant is moved to a warm room with high air humidity. The optimum temperature during this period is + 20 … + 23 degrees Celsius.

Кормона (Fukien Tea Tree)

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When watering, you need to use only settled water. Moistening of the substrate should be uniform, spraying of plant leaves should be periodic.

As they grow, Karmona is transplanted into larger containers. But this must be done very carefully and no more than once every two to three years. Carmona is propagated by cuttings using phytohormones.

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