Features garter cucumbers in the greenhouse

Features garter cucumbers in the greenhouse

Despite the fact that cucumbers and tomatoes ripen at a fast pace, they need careful care. If you do not take into account the constant regular watering and a large number of top dressings, they need to be tied up. Many people in the countryside are wondering how to properly garter cucumbers in the greenhouse.

  1. Do I need to bind
  2. Various garter methods
  3. Vertical version
  4. Horizontal method
  5. Types of tying
  6. Blinding a plant
  7. Rules for forming a bush
  8. Conclusion <

Особенности подвязки огурцов в теплице

Garter features cucumbers in the greenhouse

Do I need to tie up

Garter is simply necessary because it greatly facilitates the process of caring for vegetables. -first, it will now be much easier to remove unnecessary weeds that adversely affect the development of the cucumber. Secondly, watering is easier, because now the water can go to the roots and not stay on the leaves.

Also, the garter is needed for that so that the neighboring mustache could not intertwine with each other, because otherwise, they can form whole tangles of fruit and significantly affect the poor harvest. Also, the garter allows you to form a large number of side shoots, because in this case, a large number of flowers will begin to develop, which perfectly affects the yield characteristic. In addition, vegetables that are in a tied position, it is easy and simple to pollinate yourself, because now the farmer will be able to see each flower and not be mistaken.

Various methods of garter

Many gardeners begin to knit cucumbers or tomatoes only at a time when their height reaches 35 cm. It is very important that each plant is already tied around 5 leaves. Garter cucumbers in the greenhouse should be carried out with extreme caution so as not to harm the plant. Today there are such methods of garter cucumbers in the greenhouse:

  • in the upright position;
  • in the horizontal position.

Each method is different the rest by the fact that it has its own trellis for tying.

Vertical version

How to carry out the garter vertically? Often you can hear the question regarding how to tie the cucumbers in the greenhouse with the vertical method best. In order to implement the vertical method of garter cucumbers in the greenhouse, you should use a special U-shaped installation. This support should be at least 2 m high. The horizontal bar is a support for fixing the main stem of the plant. On this bar, special fasteners should be installed that will hold all parts of the cucumber on themselves. Using this method, it is possible to achieve that each plant will be tied up on its own installation. Thanks to this, care is greatly facilitated.

You can make another version of the vertical garter. For this, a special lace is used. One end must be stuck in the soil in the immediate vicinity of the desired plant.The other end should point up where the tire should already be. The green part of the cucumber should be wound in a spiral form on the lace.

Подвязывание облегчает уход за огурцами

Tying makes it easier to care for cucumbers

It is also recommended to install a special partition in the lower part of the stem, which is located between 2 and 3 leaves. And the upper part of the partition should be fastened again in the upper ceiling bus of the greenhouse. In order to make the height adjustment easier, the fasteners should be soft and smooth at the top. This method is very simple and greatly facilitates the care of cucumbers. This is done so that the cucumbers grow correctly and do not change their regular shape. It also allows the upper stems to receive more sunlight. It is possible to change the position of the cord. This is done so as not to damage the mustache and stems when leaving. The main advantage of the vertical method is that it can significantly save space in the greenhouse. But its drawback is that you have to make a high ceiling in the greenhouse.

The horizontal method

Quite often a question is heard about how to tie cucumbers in the greenhouse in a horizontal way. The horizontal option is that all cords should be installed in the position of the ladder. The distance between the cord and the soil should be at least 40 cm.It is this distance that must be maintained between each step. If you cannot deal with pulling each cord individually, you can use a special mesh. It can be bought at any plant care store. In this case, you should hammer a few pegs in the greenhouse and attach the purchased net to them. In this case, all parts of the cucumber will wrap around the grid in the horizontal plane and counterclockwise, and the ripened fruits will be in the most visible place.

This method is quite difficult to implement, because it takes a lot of time. But, at the same time, this is ideal for cases where the roof of the greenhouse has a small height.

Subtleties of tying

Certain varieties of cucumbers have their own tendencies to other care. It is possible that they will have to be bent at the moment when the mustache begins to curl around the main stem. If the side shoot is long, it is recommended to tie it to the center cord. You can also create separate fasteners for it.

In the case of a vertical method, you should pay attention to how high the main shoot is. As soon as it reaches the ceiling of the greenhouse, it needs to be pinched and further growth prohibited. The same manipulations can be carried out with side shoots. Only in this case, the remaining parts should be thrown over the bus and directed down.

Blinding the plant

This method quickly gained recognition in agriculture. Blinding is carried out in greenhouses in order to facilitate the care of cucumbers and prevent them from developing further.

This method consists in tying the main part of the plant to the lace and removing all the side stems. You can also remove the antennae. Parts of the plant are removed at a certain distance from the soil, which is at least 60 cm.

Rules for forming a bush

The formation of a bush of cucumbers in a certain number of shoots has been used over the past few years. The whole point of this method is to create a bush not only from the main stem, but also from the side shoots. The method consists of the following steps:

  • first, the main stem should be attached to the cord;
  • the side shoots should not be touched until they begin to form an ovary;
  • as soon as new ovaries begin to appear, the side shoots are attached to the main shoot.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that the side shoots, relative to the main shoot, must be at a certain angle, which is 60 ° .You can use cucumber tendrils in order to attach secondary parts to the main one. Due to the fact that they are quite flexible, such manipulations are carried out easily and simply. In a few weeks, such manipulations will have to be repeated again. If you do not hold them, then a significant decrease in the amount of yield can occur. It can also lead to the appearance of rounded fruits.


Greenhouses are used to speed up the ripening process and facilitate treatment. Thus, the ripening period is accelerated by 25 days, compared with the crop in open soil. The yield characteristic directly depends on what kind of care the plant is subject to. Including, it all depends on whether the stem is tied or not. But, do not think that the degree of yield depends only on tying.

It is very important to pay attention to temperature conditions, watering and lighting in greenhouses. Only in the complex can the desired result be achieved. Each method individually is only a secondary care method. But, if you combine them, you can collect a relatively large number of fruits, truly the best in the whole market.

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