Features of decorative garlic

Features of decorative garlic

Have you decided to create a beautiful new flowerbed in your summer cottage and don’t know which seedlings to choose for it? Plant decorative garlic – this plant will not only delight you with its beautiful and delicate flowers that perfectly decorate your site, but also surprise you with its taste.

  1. Characteristics of garlic
  2. Popular varieties
  3. Use of the plant
  4. Planting rules
  5. Selecting a place
  6. Planting dates
  7. Soil preparation
  8. Planting <
  9. Vegetable care
  10. Common illnesses

Особенности декоративного чеснока

Features of decorative garlic

Characteristics of garlic

Few people know that garlic has a decorative name. By the way, it’s practically The appearance and taste of vegetables are almost identical. The main difference lies in the color of the inflorescence of the plant. Depending on the selected species, the seedlings will amaze you with a variety of colors.

Popular varieties

Breeders bred a huge number of types of decorative flowering garlic. The most popular among gardeners and gardeners are Neapolitan, Moths and Narcissiflora. Consider them in more detail.

  1. The Neapolitan species is distinguished by its delicate color and shape of inflorescences. White bell-shaped flowers look great both as a complement to any landscape and as an attribute of home decor.
  2. Moth variety or golden onion.The main distinguishing feature is that this plant does not need sunlight and can grow in any part of your garden.
  3. Daffodil. Despite its name, this species is distinguished by a rich cherry-burgundy color. The plant reaches a height of 20-25 cm and ripens in late June and early July.

Application of the plant

Decorative garlic has been widely used in cooking, design and vegetable growing. In all countries of the world, this vegetable is used as an irreplaceable and very tasty spice, an original and beautiful attribute of landscape composition and as an excellent tool for combating insect pests.

Can decorative garlic be eaten? This question worries many gardeners who decided to plant this amazing plant for the first time in their area. Do not be afraid, despite its name, this vegetable has the same taste as regular garlic. Its arrows perfectly complement any summer salad, giving the dish an original taste. They are also often used to prepare haute cuisine.

Because of the amazing and unusual colors, designers are increasingly using the plant to create landscaping, such as a roller coaster. Allium is in great demand today – flower beds from decorative onions and garlic. Most often, designers use several varieties at once, which successfully complement each other in color and are the center of landscape composition.

But gardeners very often use vegetable crops to prepare a solution that very effectively fights insects and protects plants from pests.

Since the seedlings bloom quite quickly, the flower bed needs to be supplemented other plants. As a rule, with decorative garlic they plant such flowers as peonies, hydrangeas, irises and daisies. Actively to create various flower arrangements use these inflorescences in their work and florists. Moreover, both the green seedling and the dried one look beautiful.

Planting rules

Choose a place

Before choosing a place on your planting site, keep in mind that this ornamental plant loves a well-lit and dry place. Most often, seedlings do not grow well in the shade. You can’t plant this vegetable crop after potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers, as they not only deplete the soil very much, but also leave behind various pathogenic microbes that can easily infect other plants.

Чеснок садят по срокам

Garlic planted by the timing

Planting dates

If you decide to grow a vegetable using seeds, it is very important to observe the timing of their planting. As planting material, dried buds of inflorescences are used. As a rule, they are planted in late autumn 1.5 months before the onset of frost.Seeds need to be properly prepared for this procedure. Somewhere in a day they should be soaked in water or tincture of wood ash, having selected only healthy and whole ones for planting. To sow seeds, you need to make not very large grooves in the soil with your hands (not deeper than 5 cm), and pour sand there.

Prepare the soil

If you decide to grow seedlings with cloves, remember that the land for planting must be prepared in advance, at the end of summer. Dig and overfeed the soil. As a fertilizer, it is best to use 400 g of wood ash, 300 g of superphosphate and magnesium sulfate, as well as 10 kg of humus per 1 sq. Km. m of land.


The slices in the groove must be stacked vertically. In order for the seedlings to winter well, the beds need to be sprinkled with peat. In the process of planting, you can use wet newspapers in specially made holes, cloves are laid and covered first with humus, and then with soil. This is done so that in spring the seedlings can calmly gain strength and weeds do not interfere.

Care for vegetables

Care is an important component, although this plant is very unpretentious . There are several points that you must adhere to if you want to grow beautiful decorative garlic.

  1. When the sprouts sprout, they must be carefully and regularly weeded and watered. Allow enough time for these procedures.The plant should not be watered more often than 4 times per season, but the soil should be loosened as often as possible, especially after rain and intensive watering.
  2. If you want the plant to please you with its fruits, then be sure to pick it off arrows, because if you do not carry out this procedure, the garlic heads will be very small.
  3. Harvested in August, as in varieties of winter garlic. For 1 square. You can grow up to two kg of fruit in the garden.
  4. Interestingly, this vegetable crop can be grown simply as an ornamental plant that perfectly complements your flower garden.

Common diseases

This vegetable, like any other garden plant, is susceptible to diseases and attacks of various insect pests. Most often, decorative garlic affects neck rot – a disease that manifests itself during storage of the crop. First, the cloves become soft, and then gradually dry. To ensure that your harvest wintered perfectly perfectly intact, you must carefully dry the vegetables in the sun before lowering them into the cellar.

Giant Garlic / Technology for growing winter garlic
Diy panel with garlic to the kitchen with your own hands. HobbyMarket # 18 issue

Strada ie the plant and from the downy mildew -. fungal disease that develops in the soil due to excessive moisture disease affects the whole plant, as a result of which it is not gaining strength, shallow and stunted. Light green spots appear on the stem and leaves, and the plant gradually dries. To prevent this from happening, periodically change the place where the seedlings are planted, and be sure to process the seeds before planting.

If the plant was attacked by insects (ticks, moths, onion flies), drugs that can easily save the crop can be found at any specialty store.To grow this vegetable is not at all difficult. It will be a wonderful decoration of your land, and also bring an excellent harvest, which you can use with pleasure for food.

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