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It is known that a person does not always need exactly the flower that corresponds to his zodiac sign. If you have sufficiently developed your zodiac qualities and you want to achieve something more – then this article is for you! Choose a flower that will help you with this.

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In a house where there are many plants, they get sick less, the owners have stronger immunity and chronic sores are less likely to worsen. Any indoor flower, even the most delicate one, has an excellent ability to adapt to reinforced concrete walls, TV and computer radiation, exposure to household chemicals and synthetic materials.

Flowers are able to adapt even to their owner. There are many examples of how water-loving cacti, being in the house of a person who takes a shower three times a day and enjoys walking in the rain, begin to require regular watering even during the winter hibernation. If plants live with you in the same rhythm, they will be able to survive even your most difficult times, when you have neither the strength nor the time to deal with them.

Plants, just like people, correspond to different signs of the zodiac and are subject to the influence of the planets. Having plants in your house that belong to your sign is the right thing to do. They will easily enhance your inherent positive qualities and smooth out the negative ones. And plants of other signs will help to acquire advantages that you do not have.

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Aries plants

Garden geranium (with red and dark pink flowers), Indian and Japanese azalea (with red and pink flowers), royal begonia, dwarf pomegranate. Aries symbolizes a strong personality, helps to achieve personal success and build character.

У Begonia royal large, surprisingly painted leaves. If you work with people, get begonias in your workplace. It neutralizes the negative energy that arises in disputes. Begonia is the best gift for an indecisive lover, because it helps to take a step in a relationship. She gives eloquence and can even reduce stuttering.

Begonia actively and beneficially affects the bronchi. Red begonia is good for those who like to host. She will make the gatherings more interesting and will not allow guests to interrupt each other. She will give a slow person quickness and quick wits.

Azalea, rhododendron, english rose – one of the brightest indoor plants blooming in winter. At home, two types of azaleas are grown: Japanese and Indian. If someone is on the phone for a long time, put an azalea nearby. It makes conversations useful and informative. If you want to share household chores among yourself, let the azalea be present in the conversation. She will allow you to agree with each other. If you are a night owl and life forces you to get up early in the morning, put an azalea in your bedroom.

Azalea in the workplace will help those who tend to pull for a long time before starting work. Azalea is useful for those who are afraid to take responsibility for a big deal. Azalea purifies the atmosphere at home.

Geranium has a calming effect, develops a sense of humor, relieves stress, makes people kinder. Geranium acts as a fire engine. If there are often heated debates at home and you take everything that happens around you to heart, get a geranium. It will soften the energies of anger and help develop a sense of humor and improve your mood. Red geranium is a great stress reliever.

Cyclamen Persian
Cyclamen Persian. Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com alison.klein

Taurus Plants

Usambar violet, Persian cyclamen, beautiful gloxinia.

Those born under the zodiacal sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, effortlessly attract those around them thanks to their complaisant character, ability to work, patience, constancy, as well as an innate sense of beautiful and impeccable taste. Taurus is a sign of material stability and its plants contribute to the achievement of material wealth. Taurus also symbolizes endurance and its plants help maintain strength.

Gloxinia – a wonderful plant for representatives of the sign of Taurus. This lovely flower, like the sun, radiates streams of positive energy and actively dissipates negative energy. It helps to achieve stable material well-being, and plants with red flowers will support Taurus in their stubborn pursuit of the goal.

Violet calms, brings comfort to the house, develops wisdom in a person, strengthens his spirit, unity between family members, protects against throat diseases. White violets soothe excessive emotions, cleanse the house of negative energies and sometimes even drive household insects out of the apartment. Blue violets develop creativity – it never gets boring in the house where they grow. Purple violets are needed when there is no mutual understanding between family members. They help you look at your problems in a more philosophical way.

Cyclamen cheers up and is useful for everyone who is allergic to cold. Cyclamens are needed in houses where soft-bodied and susceptible people live. Thanks to the cyclamen, children stop being capricious, and adults become more independent.


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Gemini Plants

Tradescantia, asparagus, ferns, feathery palms, ivy.

Goddess Flora, patroness of everything that grows and blooms, endowed Gemini with climbing plants, as well as flowers with lush, elegant foliage. Gemini is a sign of friendship and learning. For those born under this sign, their plant helps to improve physical and mental health, lightens the soul, and helps to strengthen memory. They are kept in the house as talismans, good relations with both close friends and with friends and colleagues, as well as learning assistants and quick assimilation of information.

Asparagus – these plants are appreciated for their graceful openwork, like lace, shoots. In a bright place, attached to a support, they reach a considerable length. This flower helps to make dreams come true, it is good to have it if some of your family speaks a lot and does little. If the feeling that life is passing by does not leave you, asparagus will help you find harmony.

Place asparagus in your child’s room when attending school: it helps to express thoughts concisely and beautifully and promotes literacy. This flower relieves the condition of anyone suffering from chronic diseases, especially pulmonary diseases. Place the asparagus in the room where you are exercising. It improves the flexibility of the body and the elasticity of the skin.

Tradescantia brings joy, does not allow you to turn into an envious person and teaches you not to make a tragedy over a trifle.

Ferns useful for those who do not know a sense of proportion. It helps to find a sense of proportion, does not let you lose your head, makes you distinguish whims from real desires, develops a sense of tact.

Palm trees (coconut or date) needed by superficial, disorganized people. Cirrus palms charge you with vivacity, energy and confidence.

Ivy irreplaceable when someone has offended, betrayed, or when it is simply hard on the soul. It can also help you get rid of addictions, such as quitting drinking or smoking.


Begonia Mason
Begonia Mason. Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com Valery Chernodedov

Cancer Plants

Bush peperomia, hybrid fuchsia, tree aloe, American agave, Mason’s begonia.

Cancer is a home, family sign, its plants are needed to preserve the family, improve relations with relatives and create comfort in the house. This moon-ruled sign patronizes compact bushes with juicy, fleshy leaves. All of these flowers have one thing in common – they help us maintain physical and mental health and make relationships in the house kinder.

Peperomia – This is a compact, slowly growing flower with funny inflorescences in the form of cobs or white twisted spikelets and a rosette of small fleshy leaves, different in shape and size. Peperomia helps a person get out of difficult streaks of life. If someone from your family torments you with their stubbornness and spirit of contradiction, peperomia will smooth out the rough edges. For example, when you are unfairly criticized. Where this plant is, benevolence and friendliness reign.

If you find it difficult to relax after a busy day, peperomia will ease the tension. Peperomia promotes healing of sutures, fights inflammation of internal organs.

Fuchsia – a lovely plant with elegant flowers. It blooms long and abundantly. Fuchsia willingly shares her creative energy and cheerfulness. If several generations live in the house, it is not easy for them to find a common language, then fuchsia will make conservative people more flexible. If you find yourself in a vicious circle of problems or you are pursued by the same failure, fuchsia will break the vicious circle and suggest a new solution. Fuchsia has a beneficial effect on the condition of the gallbladder and mammary glands.

У aloe strong character, it promotes health and is absolutely necessary in families where there are seriously ill and often ill children. Aloe develops strength of mind in people with a weak character who are afraid of difficulties, it gives determination and patience, allows you to withstand difficulties, even those who are timid and tormented by trouble. Aloe helps to be self-sufficient and therefore useful for people living alone.

Agave americanadespite its prickly appearance, it is a caring plant. This plant is good to have for those who want peace in the family and protect the house from family quarrels and conflicts with children, where the child suffers from constant quarrels between parents. Agave soothes and instills tenderness. In addition, it helps to develop intuition and not be locked into oneself and one’s problems.

Begonia Mason useful to have for those who would like to clearly and clearly express their thoughts. She develops a talent for commerce, has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and mammary glands.

Chinese rose (hibiscus)
Chinese rose (hibiscus). Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com David Trevan

Leo Plants

Chinese rose (hibiscus), balsam (touch-me-not), calla, Japanese camellia, royal geranium.

The sign of the lion is associated with creativity, spirituality and nobility. Plants, which are patronized by the zodiac sign of Leo, will become loyal allies not only to Leo, but also to representatives of all signs of the zodiac. Any of the colors of this sign should be made as a talisman of successful creativity and happiness in love. Most Leo plants bloom beautifully, but they are also quite demanding on the conditions of keeping, in particular, they need good lighting.

The brightest representative of the sign of Leo is the Chinese rose, the Chinese rose, or, scientifically, hibiscus… This is a flower that stimulates you to search for something new in everyday things. In Hawaii, it is considered the national flower, and in many hot countries it is known as the “passion flower”. Beautiful women adorn their hairstyles with these flowers.

Settle this plant in your apartment, if someone is able to wallow for hours on the couch and will not even wash the plates after themselves, the Chinese rose (hibiscus) turns the energy of laziness into the energy of creation, stimulates the will to work. It is needed by people who are constantly dissatisfied with something.

If a person who has tortured everyone and himself with the desire for unattainable perfection, criticism, self-criticism and dissatisfaction with what is, hibiscus will open his eyes to the beauty and harmony of everyday life. If a friend or girlfriend often comes to visit, who put pressure on you, manipulate your will, hibiscus will give you strength and tranquility.

The Chinese rose neutralizes the aggression of the family member who is trying to establish absolute power. In addition, she strengthens character: gives a man masculinity, and teaches a woman to be independent. If you really want a change, get this beautiful flower.

Hibiscus with red flowers will help men to show their best qualities, and women to become proud and independent. Yellow flowers will make punctual even those who are constantly late. Whites will come in handy for those who have lost faith in love and taste for creativity.

Astromedicine believes that hibiscus stimulates the heart, it is good to have it at home for people with heart disease and low blood pressure.

Calla needed in a house where people do not value their happiness. She protects the family union, makes a person more confident.

Balsam (touchy) will create a cozy, warm, benevolent atmosphere in the house, smooth out tension and teach you to enjoy life.

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Virgo plants

Japanese aucuba, birch (roicissus rhombic), monstera, asparagus, aster, philodendron, dracaena unfolded.

Virgo plants endow a person with intelligence and develop intelligence, they can serve as talismans. They are useful for maintaining health, helping to improve the gastrointestinal tract.

Birch – a common plant, unpretentious. It develops in a person the ability to adapt, teaches to feel at ease under any conditions. It has a neutralizing effect on those who are obsessed with cleanliness.

Monstera good for people without a king in their heads. She organizes thoughts, helps to learn how to articulate them clearly. Aucuba helps the humble and shy to reveal their talents. Dracenna peeled back brings joy, absorbs black energies, helps in studies, commerce, improves speech of those suffering from stuttering.


Croton (code)
Кротон (кодиеум). Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com Refinery29

Libra Plants

Indian azalea (white), truncated Schlumberger (Decembrist), capsicum (Mexican) pepper, small-flowered chrysanthemum, hydrangea, Croton (codiaum).

Libra is responsible for harmony in relationships and the development of a sense of beauty. Their plants help build peace between partners and cultivate good taste. Libra plants have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and kidneys. Even if your own zodiac sign is not Libra, plant some of the plants they patronize on your windowsill. After all, Libra plants bring beauty and harmony not only to the interior, but also to relationships, sharpen your intuitive understanding of people and events.

Hydrangea – the flower of the “golden mean”, soaring in the clouds, she will return to the earth, will give wings to the earthly ones. Start it in the house, if a guest or an envious guest spoils you, it will cleanse the atmosphere in the house. Your dear is a jealous person, torments you with clarifications. Hortense will help him get rid of senseless jealousy and suspicion. Astromedicine believes that hydrangea helps to create a beautiful body. Next to this flower, a weight loss diet is easier.

Schlumberger – winter light. It is an elegant succulent plant that blooms on Christmas Eve. Schlumberger is a flower that helps to find mutual understanding: for some to express their thoughts and feelings, for others – to understand. Place it where an inveterate egoist or dictator lives who does not notice that there are living people around.

They say that in the presence of this flower even the most callous hearts melt and begin to listen to those around them, try to help them. Whether you’re practicing a graceful gait or practicing a dance, Schlumberger can help you express your feelings with movement. Astromedicine believes that Schlumberger protects against kidney and adrenal gland diseases, makes joints flexible.

Chrysanthemum good for those people who do not have a balance between mind and feelings. She will dispel the atmosphere of constant doubts, give peace, help develop the qualities inherent in your sex: for a man she will add strength of character, for a woman – femininity, both – tenderness. It helps to overcome selfishness, to listen to other people’s opinions.

Croton calms down creative swirls, calms a head overloaded with ideas, especially if a person constantly doubts what he is doing. Croton will give a teenager self-confidence and insure against falling into bad company.

Dragon tree (dracaena dragon)
Dragon tree (dracaena dragon). Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com imagenesmy


Scorpio plants

Desert cacti, dragon tree (dragon dracaena), common oleander.

Scorpio is cunning and knows how to tempt. Its plants can look very attractive, but are often prickly and poisonous. They help develop paranormal abilities, clairvoyance, intuition. Essential for doctors, artists, athletes and people of unusual professions to develop their abilities.

Cacti accustomed to dramatically changing weather conditions of the desert and sandstorms, so they are able to neutralize sudden outbursts of anger, fits of rage. These plants are needed in families where the character of one of the household is unpredictable. Cacti scare off dark forces, suppress the manifestation of harsh emotions, resentment. They have a calming effect on touchy people and do not allow hatching plans for revenge. Cactus helps not to get hung up on experiences and connect logic to emotions.

Dragon tree (dracaena dragon) gives strength and confidence, removes an inferiority complex. It helps people to stop eating themselves for their own mistakes and shortcomings, does not allow them to fall into black pessimism. It teaches empathy, calms the fussy, strengthens memory and helps to achieve stable profit in business. Oleander helps to cope with bad habits, creates an atmosphere of love and harmony.

Mother-in-law's language (sansevieria)
Mother-in-law’s language (sansevieria). Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com AirFreshener

Sagittarius Plants

Lemon, bonsai trees, mother-in-law’s tongue (sansevieria), sacred ficus.

Sagittarius is a sign of travel, both physical and spiritual. Its plants develop curiosity, enhance the desire to learn about the world.

Lemon lowers the level of commercialism, raises spirituality, increases activity, helps to express oneself, to become more independent. Improves liver function and blood composition.

Bonsai useful for people who attach too much importance to the material side of life. They make the owner wiser, help to understand dreams, awaken the most sincere feelings.

sansevieriya – the most unpretentious houseplant. They say about her: “Where the mother-in-law’s language is, there is gossip and slander.” In fact, the opposite is true. Sansevieria cleans the space of evil thoughts, relieves the house of roughness and harshness, makes the atmosphere of the house conducive to thought and creativity. She helps those who decide to pursue education, and then find a job in their specialty.

Ficus removes heavy energy, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, inspires good deeds.

Ficus rubbery
Ficus is rubbery. Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com Magnetic Tigers

Capricorn plants

Yucca elephant, rubber ficus, fragrant dracaena, silver bastard (money tree).

The Capricorn sign is associated with career and social status, so its plants are essential. In addition, this sign restricts forms to strict frames, so its plants help those who dream of a good figure and want to lose weight.

Yucca will help to gather strength in difficult times. She brings an atmosphere to the family that makes calm, confidential conversations possible. She does not allow scandals and quarrels to grow, instills self-confidence.

Ficus unpretentious and does not like excessive moisture, and therefore tears. It relieves tearfulness, gives peace to people who are constantly looking for support, develops enthusiasm. It helps to focus on the main thing, especially for those who do not know how to correctly assess their strengths and because of this constantly fails work.

Dracenna evokes a love of order, organization, has a beneficial effect on the condition of the teeth and the musculoskeletal system, helps with skin diseases.

Poinsettia is the fairest
Poinsettia is the most beautiful. Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com Forest and Kim Starr


Aquarius Plants

Arrowroot tricolor (prayer plant), indoor maple, euphorbia (poinsettia is the most beautiful).

Aquarius is responsible for originality, innovation. Its plants are unusual and rare, stimulate the search for something new, support the “white crows”, help to find unconventional solutions, maintain emotional and physical health, and improve the atmosphere at home.

Marantu it is good to have where they lead a hectic life, it suppresses the energy of conflict, helps to focus on important things, in business it helps to find ways to make quick profits. Maranta is good in companies where there are many bright individuals, each of whom strives for leadership. It seems to be lining them up in a voluntary queue so that they do not interfere and do not suppress each other. Arrowroot helps against insomnia and regulates the rhythm of “owls”, makes those who have lost the meaning of life to find it again.

Indoor maple inspires others with a cheerful mood, elation.

Poinsetia (milkweed) brings joy to the house and facilitates communication, helps a young person to decide on a profession and discover new bright qualities in himself.

Orchid. Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com Impluviatus22


Plants of the sign of Pisces

Magnolia, lily, orchid, fragrant geranium, papyrus cyperus (umbrella).

Pisces is a sign of wisdom and spirituality. His plants help to distract from everyday problems and find spiritual goals in life. All of them have a pleasant aroma and beautiful flowers.

Beauty orchids acts on others ennobling, restores harmony, evokes joyful, bright thoughts and feelings, helps to get out of depression without loss, inspires, stimulates creativity. Dark red orchids drive away laziness and apathy.

Papyrus develops intuition and emotional sensitivity, he is good where there is nothing but empty chatter. He is needed in families where there are too many cunning and deceiving.

Plants of the fish sign have a beneficial effect on the nervous, lymphatic and endocrine systems, improve sleep, create coziness and calm the atmosphere of the premises.


We wish you good luck!

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