Furazolidone for broiler chickens

Furazolidone for broiler chickens

Chickens are the most popular poultry characterized by their simplicity. Poultry farmers prefer to breed broiler breeds on large farms, because they quickly mature and make a profit.

  1. Medical value
  2. Dosage of the drug
  3. Terms of treatment and prevention
  4. Taking the medicine
  5. Precautions and contraindications
  6. Conclusion

Использование фуразолидона для цыплят

Use of furazolidone for chickens

However, chickens of such species have rather weak immunity and are prone to many diseases in the early stages of life.In order to protect young growth from infections, in the early days of chickens propayiva t with antibiotics . Among the medical products, farmers prefer to use furazolidone for broiler chickens. This medicine does not injure the microflora of the bird’s stomach if you follow the instructions for use.

Medical value

Furazolidone is a nitrofuran drug that has an antibacterial effect on animals and birds. It is used during epidemics:

  • dysentery;
  • colibacteriosis;
  • balantidiosis;
  • salmonellosis ;
  • cholera.

The active components of this medicine not only destroy infectious bacteria, but also create a non-pathogenic environment. If the chicks are drunk with the drug as a prophylaxis, this will prevent relapse and exclude the disease.

Профилактика и лечение цыплят

Prevention and treatment of chickens

Medicine does not lose its beneficial properties in water, so it can be given to birds in the form of a solution.

Furazolidone for domestic chickens and laying hens can be purchased freely without a prescription. Together with the medicine there is an instruction for use, which must be read before using the drug. The price of this product varies from 120 to 200 rubles.


Furazolidone is given to broilers in a strict dosage. The daily rate of the drug is always in the instructions for use. The dosage differs depending on the breed of the bird and its age. The general condition of the chickens and the nature of the disease are also important.

Before using the drug, it is advisable to read the instructions for use and consult a veterinarian: he will select the necessary dose of medicine for each specific case.

Duration of treatment and prevention

If furazolidone is given to chickens in broilers at an early age, then chicks are soldered with vitamin complexes and glucose solution before taking the drug. The medicine can be given to chickens whose lifespan is more than 10 days. Newborn chicks do not yet have an established microflora, so they have weak immunity.

the course of prevention has the following dates:

  • furazolidone is given for 3 consecutive days;
  • on the 4th day, the medicine is stopped and they take a break for a period of one week;
  • the drug is given for 5 days;
  • a 3-day course is repeated;
  • one week break.

According to this scheme, the medicine is soldered to chickens during the entire feeding period. Usually it is 1.5 months, because by this time, precocious breeds gain the weight necessary for slaughter.

Breaks between courses can vary from 1 week to 2, depending on the tolerance of the drug. If an epidemic of intestinal diseases broke out on the farm, then furazolidone is soldered to the whole population without fail. The prophylaxis can be resumed 3 days after the birds have completely cured.


There are 2 methods by which medications are given to birds:

  • the tablet is crushed to a powder and mixed with food;
  • the powder should be diluted in water.

For adults, both methods can be used, but the second is more suitable for chickens. However, with direct exposure to sunlight, furazolidone loses its healing properties, so young animals need to be soldered manually or in a dark place.

Before giving furazolidone to sick chicks, feeders and drinkers should be thoroughly sanitized.You also need to check the body’s reaction to the medicine, so the trial dose should be half that of the daily norm.

Прием лекарства

Taking the medicine

To better absorb the drug in the body, broilers can be given B vitamins. These useful substances are found in animal products and sprouted cereals:

  • whey;
  • fish, bone and meat flour ;
  • sprouted oats.

Into the water in which furazolidone was diluted , you can add dry milk about: it will improve the assimilation of drugs in the body

Precautions and contraindications

furazolidone by improper dosage can cause vomiting in laying hens and chicks.. In addition, birds react poorly to external stimuli, sleep a lot and move little. An overdose of the drug can result in death in young animals. To avoid this, you should clearly adhere to the instructions for use.

There are such features of storing the medicine:

  • the storage location should be dark and dry;
  • storage temperature should be in the range of 10 to 20 ° C;
  • the drug can be stored for 5 years.

It is forbidden to solder chickens with furazolidone before slaughter.The medication should be stopped 2 weeks before slaughter: a large number of microelements in the broiler’s body makes the meat toxic to humans.


Furazolidone is suitable for chickens – laying hens and chickens as a cure for intestinal diseases.

This antibiotic is distinguished by elements that preserve the microflora of the stomach of small broilers. Furazolidone also strengthens the immune system and eliminates bacterial infections in poultry.

The medicine has a strict dosage, which can be found in the instructions for use.This tool is given to birds in dry form with food or bred in drinking water. Many experienced poultry farmers use this drug because it is freely available and has a low price.

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