Garlic tincture for watering orchids

Garlic tincture for watering orchids

Garlic enhances the health of not only people, but also plants. Garlic water for orchids disinfects the soil and is a reliable means of preventing disease. To bring the plant only benefits, you need to know the rules for preparing the infusion.

  1. Use of the tincture
  2. When to water the plants
  3. How to cook the infusion
  4. Quick recipe
  5. How to water the plant
  6. Conclusion

Чесночная настойка для полива орхидей

Garlic tincture for watering orchids

Use of tincture

A lot of useful substances are stored in one garlic clove, it includes sulfur, mineral salts, organic acids, substances with antioxidant properties. Nentes are easily absorbed by living organisms.

The chemical composition of the vegetable determines the useful properties of its concentrated infusions for indoor plants:

  • soil disinfection, the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms: viruses, bacteria, fungi ;
  • maintaining the immunity of a plant that has just been transplanted;
  • stimulating the growth of leaves and flowers.

Garlic water is a natural and cheap remedy for prevention phalaenopsis diseases and other species. If you properly feed or water the plant, the product will not do any harm.

When to water the plants

Watering orchids with garlic water is carried out at any time of the year.The procedure is often not recommended, the optimal number of repetitions is 1-2 times per month for preventive purposes.

If treatment is needed to kill pests, plants are poured regularly, alternating once with regular watering.

It is forbidden to use garlic for orchids during flowering: the acid in the composition can damage delicate petals.

How to prepare an infusion

The extract is easy to prepare in home conditions. To do this, prepare vegetables from fresh crops, distilled or filtered water, a garlic squeezer and a 1-1.5 liter jar with a screw cap.

Concentrate recipe:

  • 170 g of vegetable are peeled from the husk, separate the cloves;
  • crush the cloves with a crush;
  • 1 liter of liquid is heated to a temperature of 35-40 ° C, pour it into a jar, put garlic inside, tightly screw the container with a lid;
  • they put the jar in a dark place for 5 days, periodically shake the contents.
Приготовление настоя в домашних условиях

Preparation of infusion at home

The concentrate is stored after a five-day infusion in the refrigerator. The product with signs of fermentation and the smell of acid cannot be used to treat indoor plants: it will harm the soil.

Before watering the orchids with garlic infusion, it is diluted in a proportion of 1.5 tbsp. l per 0.5 l of solvent.This optimal ratio allows saturating the soil with antiseptic substances and mineral salts.

Sometimes succinic acid is added to the tincture recipe. It improves the healing properties of garlic and increases the number of buds in phalaenopsis.

Quick recipe

Garlic infusion for orchids is prepared according to this recipe:

  • 1 clove crushed, squeezed juice in a saucer;
  • slurry and juice pour a glass of boiling water, mix;
  • the mixture is insisted for 20 minutes.

The cooled solution is filtered through cheesecloth. The correct proportions for dilution to water the phalaenopsis are 3 tbsp. l per 1 liter of water.

How to properly water the plant

Orchids are watered with garlic water in the root and non-root way. Only fresh, dilute solution is used: the use of the concentrate leads to spoilage of the roots.

Орхидеи поливают чесночной водой корневым и некорневым способом

Orchids it is watered with garlic water by the root and non-root method

It is convenient to feed the plant by immersion (here, it is not soaked with a decorative orchid by garlic, but by soaking in a solution). To do this, pour clean water into a bucket and pour a glass of concentrate (usually a volume ratio of 1:10 is used). Pot with a flower for 40-180 min. immersed in a bucket. The liquid should fill 2/3 of the pot.After the procedure, the pot is placed in a sink or a clean basin for half an hour, so that the glass is excess moisture. The immersion method helps to enrich the soil with useful substances, qualitatively wash the roots, improve the plant. Damaged leaves are recommended to be sprayed with a solution from the spray gun, it is allowed to use the method in the absence of flowers and buds.

For medicinal purposes, the plant is poured with infusion every other time as the soil dries. The result of watering the orchids with garlic water appears after 14 days.

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Garlic water for orchid irrigation is a reliable and economical tool for the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. The recipes are simple and easy to prepare at home.

Garlic tincture for orchids only benefits if you follow the rules for preparation and watering. If the liquid is used incorrectly, the roots, leaves and flowers of the plant can be damaged.

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