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Nowadays, goat breeding has become quite popular.
around the world. The main advantage of this animal is its simplicity.
to food and care. In addition to meat, milk, skin and wool are also used.

It is believed that the smell of goat meat is so strong that it gets rid of
from him is simply impossible. However, this “flavor” does not come from the pulp,
and from natural animal secretions – sweat and urine. In order to
it has not spread to meat, skin is carefully removed first,
and then they thoroughly wash their hand, thereby preventing it from spreading

In ancient times, many doctors perceived goat meat exclusively
as a storehouse of vitamins and beneficial properties that help in treatment
the body from many diseases. This product is very easy to digest,
and it is filled with all trace elements and amino acids necessary for a person.

Also, goat meat is unique because only it contains more water,
rather than fat. It should be noted that these animals do not get very sick
serious diseases – tuberculosis and brucellosis, which are very
cows often get sick. It contains less cholesterol than
beef or pork.

How to choose

First of all, you should go to the market, not to the store. It’s related
with the fact that it is much easier to buy fresh goat meat there than in
a large supermarket. Pay attention immediately to the color of the meat, because
it is he who is the most important sign of freshness. Then explore
carefully surface. To do this, you can put your palm on it and
it must remain completely dry. You should not buy this product
if it has stains or mucus on it.

Pay attention to the smell, it should be pleasant, not repulsive.
Fresh meat, like the spring, returns to its place after being pressed.

How to store

The best way to store any meat is to freeze it.
It should be noted that the pulp separated from the bone is stored for much
better and longer. It is recommended to eat goat meat during
three days, so all the nutrients and trace elements are not preserved for long.

Reflection in culture

Earlier, the high priests, performing the Hebrew rite, during
whose sins were forgiven, they put their hands on the head of the goat. In this way,
they transferred all the sins from all of humanity to this animal.
After this sacred rite, the goat was released into the Judean
desert. It should be noted that it was from here that the expression appeared

Calorie content of goat meat

It is 216 kcal per 100 g of product. It has an increased
content of fats and proteins and saturates the body well. In the moderate
quantities of goat meat do not cause obesity.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Calorie content, kcal 39,1 28,6 – – 5 216

Useful properties of goat meat

Composition and presence of nutrients

This meat is very rich in amino acids, which are essential for our
organism. Goat meat contains many vitamins: thiamine, retinol, riboflavin
and others.

Useful and healing properties

Goat meat is important for our body because it contains
in itself fatty acids. The most important advantage of this product
is that it is not affected by any parasites.

Nutritionists always recommend goat meat to older people who
suffer from atherosclerosis,
heart disease and those with weakened immunity.

From time immemorial, goat meat was considered a “natural first aid kit”. Should
note that goat meat contains a small percentage
fat compared to pork and lamb. This makes this product
dietary, which is why it is so popular. It is recommended
elderly people due to low cholesterol levels, which are significantly
lower than that of other representatives of the animal world. The most delicious and,
perhaps the most useful is the meat of fairly well-fed goats,
who are only 1,5 months old. Such pulp is distinguished by its
delicate texture and absolute absence of any smell.
For this purpose, the kids goats on purpose, until the onset of the prescribed
for slaughter, fed with goat’s milk and sometimes fed with wheat
or rye bran.

It is in no way inferior in taste and the meat of castrated
animals. Such goats are popularly called vahuli. In their pulp there is such
the same content of nutrients and vitamins, as in young
goats, which are much more difficult to find on our counters.

In cooking

Goat meat is slightly lighter than lamb, and fat is white and accumulates
in the abdominal cavity. It can also be deposited under the skin, but in a slight

You can cook anything from young individuals, but old goats
it has long been customary to pickle. Without this procedure, they do not begin to cook.
Young red wine is used for the marinade, but sometimes white
while adding garlic to it
and a range of spices. The goat chops are very juicy. His
can be stewed, and for a side dish you can use both potatoes and
and any other dish.

Currently, this product is in great demand among the most
famous restaurants in the world. The meat is cut into small cubes,
then salted, lightly sprinkled with pepper or other spices. After
this it can be fried with vegetables, stewed, boiled with prunes
or with beans. It should be noted that meat rolls are obtained from it
just delicious.

Dangerous properties of goat meat

This product cannot do any harm to the body. The only one
the limitation for its admission is individual intolerance.

Among the goats, there are also quite amazing breeds, one of the
them is myotonic. This is a scientific name, but in life they are called
unconscious… They got this name for a reason,
as this breed does faint with every fright.
Muscular paralysis even surprises them.

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