Growing cucumbers in the suburbs

Growing cucumbers in the suburbs

The cultivation of cucumbers in the suburbs is a laborious process. The region has a variable climate. To grow a rich crop, you need to carefully choose the variety and seeds.

  1. Cucumber varieties
  2. How to choose the variety
  3. Adapted varieties
  4. Preparation of open soil
  5. Planting time
  6. Selecting a place
  7. Plot <
  8. Seed preparation
  9. Planting Rules
  10. Caring for the bush
  11. Watering <
  12. Feeding
  13. Pest Control
  14. Conclusion <

Выращивание огурцов в Подмосковье

Growing cucumbers in the suburbs

Varieties of cucumbers

Choosing variety for the garden, it is necessary to determine the place where the cucumbers will grow: in the greenhouse, greenhouse, or in the open area. In advance, decide when you will harvest to select the appropriate variety.

How to choose the variety

Cucumbers are grown for preservation for the winter and for fresh consumption. It is recommended to choose a variety for universal use, for example Nezhensky.

The weather in the Moscow region is unstable, drought alternates with high humidity. Spring frosts destroy young seedlings. Breeders bred suitable hybrids for the Moscow Region, able to survive unstable weather conditions, variable humidity, and disease.

It is recommended to choose cucumbers, taking into account the following parameters:

  1. Maturing dates – choose varieties that ripen quickly, in 43-50 days.
  2. Purpose – universal, salad , pickling.
  3. Pollination – in the conditions of the changing climate of the Moscow Region, parthenocarpic (pollinated) should be chosen.

Many grow 7 species of cucumbers simultaneously on one site. Combining self-pollinated and bee-pollinated.

Adapted varieties

Cucumbers in the suburbs choose the following:

  1. Goosebumps are a self-pollinated variety, early, with small gherkins and pimples. They grow in greenhouses and on open ground. They are used fresh.
  2. Courage is a species characterized by great fecundity, one bush gives up to 25 kg, with proper care. Resistant to frost and disease.
  3. Masha – in the suburbs grown well. The variety is early, the fruits are long, slightly bitter, medium-sized. Harvested after 30 to 35 days from the time of sowing.
  4. Vir 505 – excellent in taste, medium early. The length of the cucumbers is about 11 cm. Suitable for pickling, pickling and canning.
  5. Petersburg Express. Early variety, small cucumbers. Used fresh, not suitable for preservation and salting. Begin to bear fruit after 40 days from the moment of sowing.

You can also plant in the suburbs, cucumbers of varieties: Early Altai, Nerosimy 40, State Farm, Vyaznikovsky, Soyuz, Splendid hybrids, Competitor, MOVIR hybrid, Urozhayny 86, Santana, Libelle, Farmer, Stork , Claudia, Blizzard, Nightingale, Blizzard, Crane, Cellar, Pike, Annushka, Rodnichok.

Preparation of open ground

Важно тщательно выбрать участок под посадку

It is important to carefully select the landing area

If you plan to plant salad cucumbers in the Moscow region, you need to carefully choose plot A.

Planting time

Bushes of cucumbers will bring crops if they are planted at the right time. Sowing cucumbers in open ground in central Russia begins in late May – early June. Sown until mid-June.

Harvest can be obtained two weeks earlier by planting seedlings in mid-May in order to transplant to open soil by the end of the month. This will protect the cucumbers from frost.

Select a place

The place should be protected from the winds and have enough sunlight. Pay attention to what culture grew in the soil in front of cucumbers. Cabbage, onions, perennial herbs, potatoes are well suited. It is not recommended to plant cucumbers in one place for several years in a row.


The plot begins to be prepared in the fall. It is necessary to dig a ridge, the size according to your desire.Loosen the soil several times. Before the sowing, the process is repeated.

It is convenient when your plot is rectangular. The place of intended landing is fertilized in advance. Dig a long, deep trench up to 25-30 cm. At the bottom, put fertilizer:

  • sawdust;
  • straw;
  • peat;
  • grass;
  • leaves;
  • manure.

This preparation will insulate the beds. Top can be sprinkled with wood ash. It is recommended to apply 6-8 kg of fertilizer per 1 sq. M. (Locally).

Chicken droppings are also suitable, but high toxicity can damage the plant, so you must first soak and dilute with water.

Fertilizer on an organic base will not only provide the necessary nutrients for the soil but also increase air permeability.

Seed Preparation

Семена нужно подготовить к посадке

Seeds need to be prepared for planting

Preparing seeds before sowing will increase the number of seedlings. Check the seeds for suitability, so:

  • dipped in salt water;
  • seeds that have surfaced are unsuitable for sowing;
  • then washed with clean water and dried .

Warming the seeds will give its result. Place them in the oven, set the temperature to 50 degrees, stir occasionally for 4 hours.

The seed can be soaked with a light solution of boric acid with potassium permanganate.You can additionally harden the seeds. The seeds of pink color or another (purchased) do not need to be hardened, germinated and soaked.

Planting rules

2-3 seeds should be sown in the hole. It is necessary to observe the distance between the holes in half a meter, if 1 row. And up to 1 m, if 2 rows. The distance between the rows is 0.5-0.6 m. After planting, cucumbers do not need to be watered, plentiful humidity will displace oxygen.

Care for the bush

Like any other plant cucumber requires regular watering, loosening and proper top dressing of bushes. Care must be taken to clean the soil, as weeds grow faster than cucumbers and take nutrients.


Cucumber is water loving plant. It is necessary to pay special attention to watering, the quantity and quality of fruiting directly depends on this. At the seedling stage, a cucumber does not require a larger volume of water; on the contrary, moisture will delay development in excess. With the advent of lashes, watering should be in moderation, a large amount of water at this stage will delay flowering. When the bush begins to actively bloom and bear fruit, watering is carried out more often, the soil should be constantly moist. It is not recommended to pour cold water, especially in the heat. It is watered when the daytime heat drops – in the evening or early in the morning.


Cucumbers in the open ground in the Moscow Region need fertilizer.Weather conditions in central Russia are not always stable, and torrential rains can leach nutrients from the soil. It is necessary to carry out additional dressing. When growing seedlings make nitroammophoska. Two weeks after disembarkation, soil is watered with urea. It is necessary to help the cucumber to form a bush by tying up the threads or by making a net in advance.

Pest treatment

Diseases and pests can destroy part of the crop.

Aphids – the main enemy of the cucumber. Insects are located under the leaves and suck out all the juices. It is necessary to spray the nettle infusion, diluted in water soap, infusion of wood ash or tobacco infusion. Ladybugs will also help you in this matter.

Growing cucumbers in a greenhouse. Moscow Region 2017.
Early cucumbers. A tricky way to grow cucumbers

The larvae of the growth fly harm young seedlings and seeds. During the growing season, plants need to be treated with the preparations of Karbofos and Funanon.

White spots may appear on the surface of the leaves – this powdery mildew. It is necessary before sowing cucumbers about disinfect the bed and remove all plant debris. Fungicide treatment will help in the fight against it. If the disease could not be cured, repeat spraying.


Use our tips for growing cucumbers in the suburbs in 2018. Culture does not need to be planted for several years in one place. Choose the optimal sowing dates. Caring for the cucumbers will ensure a high yield.

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