Growing Pepper Player

Growing Pepper Player

Sweet pepper is a capricious vegetable, and its harvest depends entirely on the growing conditions and region. Time does not stand still, and breeders do not stop They work by creating new improved varieties and hybrids that are resistant to temperature fluctuations and can form ovaries in any weather. Bulgarian pepper possesses such properties.

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  4. Advantages
  5. Use of fruits
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Выращивание перца Игрок

Growing pepper Player

Description of the bush and fruits

The player is an early variety, it takes about 3.5 months from the appearance of the first shoots to the ripening of the fruits.

The fruits are beautiful, glossy , saturated bright red hue, have thick walls of about 0.9-1.2 cm. Peppers resemble a cube in shape, their ribbing is average, gaining weight about 130-150 g. They have a pleasant sweet aftertaste.

The bushes of a vegetable of this variety are semi-spreading, grow of medium height (about half a meter). The leaves are slightly wrinkled, small in size, dark green in color.


The variety is highly resistant to changes in air temperature and unpretentious to growing conditions. Due to the not too large bush size, the plants do not need to be shaped and tied up, although the fruits ripen rather large. will reach about 5.5-6 kg / m². Ripening occurs amicably, almost at the same time.


In the variety all the best signs are connected.Characteristics of pepper show that it has such advantages:

  • high yield;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • ripening friendly;
  • universality of use;
  • resistance to many diseases and pests;
  • good keeping quality;
  • high transportability;
  • ability to grow in almost any region Russia (excellent yield indicators in the Moscow region);
  • rich taste;
  • not afraid of temperature changes.

Use of fruits

Sweet pepper varieties Player universal n in application. Suitable for use in salads, for stuffing, preservation or freezing of vegetables is possible.

Features of growing

According to the description, this variety is suitable for growing both in a greenhouse (tunnel) and in open ground. It is better to cultivate it with seedlings, preparing it 2 months before planting in the ground. You need to start sowing seeds at the beginning of March. The best temperature for seedlings to grow is considered to be about 26-28 ° C.

Seeds purchased in the store do not require additional processing, except for soaking for germination. Their germination is excellent, almost 100%.

When a plant has at least 10 full-fledged leaves, it is time to transplant into the open ground. The air temperature should be 14-15 ° C. You need to transfer the seedlings to a constant place of growth around the 20th of May.


Like any other seedlings, seedlings of peppers need regular maintenance: watering and feeding . It is necessary to ensure that the soil not only does not dry out, but also is not excessively moist, otherwise fluid stagnation may occur.

As the crop grows, it is necessary to feed the crop at least 3-4 times with various mineral fertilizers. The first recharge is made 10-14 days after the transfer of seedlings to the beds. The following dressing is carried out before the appearance of flowers, then – during the flowering period and the last time – during the ripening of peppers.

Residents of summer residents

Vegetable growers often share reviews about various vegetables, their cultivation methods or ripening characteristics. varieties Player, summer residents note that they chose it for planting due to the early ripening of fruits.

Regardless In the region, the plant sprouts well: the bushes are strong, the peppers are thick-walled, succulent. Most prefer growing in greenhouses, and seedlings are pre-sown at home (on the balcony). Inexperienced summer residents, planting seedlings in open ground, cover the seedlings with foil, fearing the difference temperature.

Gardeners are especially pleased with the versatility of the variety: peppers are used in any form, raw or cooked. They taste great. They praise their keeping quality and ability to be stored in a cool room for a long time.

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