Growing squash squash

Growing squash squash

Squash squash is included in the list of vegetables that are considered dietary food, because it contains a large number of nutrients, The total volume of microelements in the culture is famous for its low calorie content and large vitamin reserve.

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Выращивание кабачков Скворушка

Growing squash squash

Description of the variety

The variety of zucchini was a real discovery for gardeners, because It is quite unpretentious to weather conditions and agricultural equipment. These vegetables belong to annual plants that are part of the pumpkin family.

Squash is a medium early variety. It is one of the varieties of zucchini. Italian zucchini translates as a small pumpkin. This vegetable is distinguished by external parameters, mainly color: dark green or yellowish.

According to the description of the squash squash, the fruits have a cylindrical shape with some bulges on the side surface. They are dark green in color with small white spots. The peel is quite smooth and has a fine structure.

The maximum length of zucchini of this variety, which were fixed by gardeners, is about 25 cm. During the ripening period, fruits with a weight of 0.5 to 1.3 kg can be harvested. The pulp of the vegetable has a white tint and is characterized by high juiciness, due to which it has excellent taste properties.


After you notice that the squash squash begin to bloom , you need to count 20 days, and then you can proceed to the first harvest.During this time, the fruits will not have time to grow to the maximum parameters, but it’s precisely such sizes of the zucchini that are suitable for cooking dishes. a vegetable can change its taste, and in some cases even become unfit for consumption.

It is easy to determine the maturity of the fetus. To do this, pay attention to the zucchini peel: if it is hard, then the vegetable has ripened. With a dull sound when tapping on it, you can also collect zucchini from the garden. Torn vegetables can be stored for 4-5 months from the date of harvest.

This variety is considered the leader among early ripening (up to 50 days), and is also characterized by high productivity. With the right agricultural methods, you can collect 5-7 kg of zucchini from 1 bush.


Zucchini is a dietary product and contains a huge amount of mineral components that fill the body with all the necessary substances. Also, this vegetable is easily digested and normalizes metabolism. Nutritionists highlight a number of benefits of using squash squash in any form:

  • it should be added to dishes for those people who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system and obesity;
  • zucchini are considered preventive vegetables , which are used in case of problems associated with disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.They contribute to the absorption of heavier foods that are consumed with them;
  • fruits in some cases can be used as an anthelmintic, because they contain a large amount of oil;
  • the vegetable is useful for the elderly, because considered the main barrier to the accumulation of cholesterol in human blood.
Овощ универсален в приготовлении

The vegetable is universal in cooking

A large number of dishes can be prepared from the culture using various technological processes: cooking, frying, stewing, stuffing, preservation. It can be used to create sauces, cream soups, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages

The squash squash has a number of advantages:

  • high yield;
  • fruits ripen almost simultaneously;
  • short ripening period (from 40 to 50 days);
  • excellent taste;
  • vegetables are suitable for transportation;
  • relative resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Squash flaws are almost impossible to identify. The only inconvenience during cultivation may be that the crop needs sunlight and heat. To obtain a rich harvest, they recommend planting bushes in a place fenced off at least on two sides from strong winds that could tear their whips.


Soil with a neutral acidity level is recommended for growing zucchini seedlings or sowing seeds. If the soil in your area is acidic, you must first add limestone to them to reduce this figure.

Before planting, additional methods of preparing the soil can be the introduction of organic fertilizers. Planting a crop is recommended in the soil where potatoes, tomatoes or onions were previously grown.

Squash cultivar squash is grown in two ways:

  • seedlings, which are prepared 2 months before immersion in open ground;
  • with the help of seeds – during the period when the earth warms up well and there is a small chance that frosts will appear (late spring – early summer). Several seeds are sown in a pre-prepared well to increase the possibility of culture germination. If all the seedlings have ascended, then only the strongest leaves must be left.

When preparing the planting pits, keep a distance of about 60 cm between them.


If you follow all the rules of agricultural technology at the end of the season, you can harvest an excellent crop. Attention should be paid to loosening the soil. Constantly ensure that the bed allows light and water to pass through well. Loosening is necessary depending on the type of soil: the harder the soil, the more often it is necessary to use this procedure.

Сорт порадует вас хорошим урожаем

The variety will please you with a good harvest

Watering the bushes of zucchini should be approximately 1 time in 10 days. This volume of water will be enough to ripen the fruit. Water for irrigation should be warmed up to prevent the formation of rot. The birdhouse does not tolerate high humidity, so 10 days before harvesting, you can stop watering.

It is recommended that the bushes be fed additionally: during flowering and fruit growth. In this case, a cowberry or other special preparations will be an ideal fertilizer.

During the flowering period of zucchini, the petals of the inflorescences should be periodically moved apart so that pollinating insects can easily reach the stamens. h2 id = ‘h2_6’> Reviews

Gardeners celebrate the fastest ripening time of the crop, the compactness of the bushes and high yields.

Zucchini Squash Squash zucchini, description, growing experience.
Zucchini Squash Yield, storage
Zucchini Squash

The fruits of the squash variety Squorushka lend themselves well to processing and are suitable for preparing blanks for the winter.

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