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general description

Common guinea fowl belongs to the family of guinea fowl, domesticated
human. Has a horn-like process on the crown, red fleshy
beard, slightly hooked, laterally compressed beak of medium size,
short, rounded wings and a short tail covered with coverts
feathers. The back of the head and upper part of the chest are naked, lilac in color. Guinea fowl
has a uniform dark gray color with white rounded spots,
which are bordered by black rims. In Africa, they are also called genephals.
or blood.

The first mentions of the guinea fowl appeared in Ancient Greece, their
confirm the ancient mosaics found in Chersonesos. Exists
even the legend of Meleager, in which the goddess Artemis set a huge
angry boar on the property of his father, who destroyed everything on his
paths, uprooting trees by the roots and did not spare even people. Meleager
they killed a wild boar with their fighters, but everyone wanted to wear the title of the winner,
which led to a civil war in which the hero accidentally killed his
uncle. Mother became very angry and asked the gods to punish Meleager,
and the hero’s sisters begged the gods to spare their brother. As a result, Meleager is all
he died, and his sisters turned into beautiful guinea fowls; them
plumage is associated with girlish tears.

The homeland of the common domestic guinea fowl is South and West Africa.
Back in antiquity, domestic guinea fowl was brought to Ancient Rome
and Ancient Greece, and a little later the Portuguese brought the guinea fowl
to Europe, where to this day it can be found on almost any
poultry yard.

Guinea fowl are bred to get tasty dietary meat, eggs
High Quality. They are also used to exterminate pests:
worms, insects, slugs. On some farms, guinea fowls are released
to potato fields to kill the Colorado potato beetle.

The meat tastes more like game than chicken,
it contains less fat and water. According to many indicators, it is considered
the best poultry meat.

However, guinea fowl is grown not only for dietary meat, they
eggs contain carotenoids and vitamin A and are not allergenic. Feathers
guinea fowls are used to make handmade jewelry, overhead
eyelashes and for design work in a manicure service.

Nutritional value per 100 grams:

Proteins, g Fats, g Carbohydrates, g Ash, g Water, g Caloric value, kcal 21 2,5 0,6 1,3 73 110

Useful properties of guinea fowl meat

Composition and presence of nutrients

In terms of protein composition, guinea fowl meat is much more saturated than
in other domesticated birds; it contains about 95% of amino acids,
such as: valine, threonine, histidine, phenylalanine, methionine, isoleucine.
Such a meat product is useful in a constant diet for both adults,
and children; especially beneficial for the sick, pensioners and pregnant women

Caesar meat is rich in water-soluble
vitamins (mainly of group B), as well as minerals.

Useful and healing properties

A large amount of vitamin
B12 will help in the treatment of patients with iron deficiency anemia, and
with pathology of the peripheral and central nervous system will help
pyridoxine (Vitamins
C6). Riboflavin (vitamin
B2) helps with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, skin, eyes, and thiamine (vitamin
B1) helps to restore metabolism, relieves symptoms
prolonged physical and psychological stress, as well as
very useful during pregnancy and lactation.

In cooking, they use the meat of young guinea fowls, about 3-4 months old.
Fillets of young birds are brown in color, and after heat treatment becomes
white. In different countries and regions, guinea fowl meat is combined with a variety of
products and spices. For example, in Europe, poultry is baked either in
own juice, or stuffed with different fruits and stew; also
it is smoked, after soaking the carcass in salted water, and in
while smoking is seasoned with juniper twigs. In greek
in the kitchen, olives and tomatoes are served with fried or stewed guinea fowl,
sometimes medium-hot tomato sauce.

In Italian cuisine, they prefer fried guinea fowl with chopped
greens, and a special delicacy is stuffed with cottage cheese, ham
and greens carcass. Another variation is guinea fowl meat in lemon
juice with rosemary.

If you want to give your dish an oriental flavor, then cook
with the addition of cassia or cinnamon.

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guinea fowl eggs.

Dangerous properties of guinea fowl meat

Guinea fowl meat is so healthy and rich in vitamins that its use
there are almost no contraindications, in addition to rare cases when it is observed
individual intolerance to this product.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that guinea fowl meat, like any
the product should be eaten in moderation so as not to provoke the disorder
and discomfort in the digestive system.

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