Gulliver potato characterization

Gulliver potatoes have a consistently high yield. The variety is suitable for sale and as a seed.

  1. Gulliver variety characterization
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Характеристика картофеля Гулливер

Characteristics of the potato Gulliver

Characteristics of the Gulliver variety

Gulliver potato was bred in the Russian Federation at the Institute of Household. It was entered into the register in 2014. It is ideal for growing in the central regions of the country, because it contains a large amount of black soil and other rich soils.

The variety ripens in an average amount of time, the growing season is 90-110 days. Productivity is high: from 1 ha, farmers collect about 500 kg of high-quality fruits. Preservation – 95%.

The variety is resistant to most diseases: various mosaic variants, cancer viruses or fungal infections do not affect this potato.

Description of the plant

Bushes of this variety of potatoes are high, always stand straight. Tops are rarely scattered several meters. This potato variety has intermediate type bushes. The color of the leaves is dark green. They are dull.A small amount of undulations is observed along the edges.

Corolla on the tops of a compact size, purple, with a slight glimpse of red. The flowers fall quickly. The roots develop rapidly, have a large intricate structure.

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Description of the fruit

Each fruit has an even shape. Weight fluctuates around 100-140 g. The shape is oval, with small curves at the ends. The peel is light yellow, has a smooth surface, medium thickness.

There are eyes, but they are small in size. The color is represented by shades of red. The pulp is a pleasant yellow color. The starch level is unstable, ranging from 16% to 20%.

Advantages of the Gulliver variety

Красивый и ровный картофель

Beautiful and even potato

According to the description, the main advantages of the Gulliver variety are:

  • unique characteristics of taste and quality when preparing;
  • tubers of good quality with a similar appearance and size;
  • pleasant presentation;
  • the ability to long-term storage and long transport;
  • the possibility of ripening, even at high temperatures environmental drought and drought;
  • resistance to common diseases.

Gulliver cultivation rules

First of all, they are selected fruits without flaws and signs of the disease.They are treated with chemicals that create protection against negative effects and accelerate growth. Literally a month later, the containers are placed on a well-lit surface.

Soil with black soil is suitable for this type of potato. It is important that it does not contain a large amount of alkaline elements. If the soil is oxidized, lime is put in it. For 1 acre, 25 kg of lime is required.

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One month before harvesting, the soil is fed with phosphates. If high temperatures are observed in the region, drip irrigation is established and it is constantly regulated.

Over 100 days of fruit ripening, the plant is spurred 2 times. It is important that the ridges are tall and free of weeds. This allows water to penetrate better into the soil.

After digging, the root crops are dried and distributed. The fruits left for planting the next year are stored in a separate room.

The soil should contain not only black soil, but also sandy soil. Before planting seeds, the soil is fed. To do this, use an ordinary bird or cow humus.

The second feeding is carried out when the flowers begin to develop. Watering is of moderate type so that the water does not stagnate.

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Sick Bani and pests varieties Gulliver

Gulliver did not affect cancer or fungal viruses. Its leaves are not crowding together and are not subject to the mosaic. In some cases, the effect of a nematode is noted. To avoid it, preventive measures are used. To do this, use preparations containing copper.

To protect the crop from the Colorado potato beetle, all weeds are harvested in advance. If the plant has been infected, it is immediately treated with insecticides or other biological preparations. To protect the crop from wireworms, the soil is steamed before planting.

Despite his young age, Gulliver managed to gain recognition in most countries of the world.

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