Healing wormwood (God’s tree)

Полынь лечебная

Healing wormwood

  1. Botanical characteristic
  2. Geography of growth
  3. Practical application
  4. Farm
  5. Medical business
  6. Cooking
  7. Landscaping
  8. Conclusion

Tall shrub wormwood, God’s tree is a shrub from the family Compositae. Perennial plant with a domestic, medicinal and culinary purpose.

Botanical characteristic

Healing wormwood, according to the botanical description, many A semi-arboreal semi-woody-semi-herbaceous plant that can grow in one place for up to ten years. Artemisia is part of the aster family.

Grass in natural conditions grows in height from 0.5 to 1.2 m. Vegetative organs are represented by non-branching erect tree-like shoots, nodding along almost the entire length, up to 1.5 cm thick.

The popular names for the medicinal herb are dill and God’s tree, also called wormwood high.

Cirrus leaves – dissected, consist of narrow long threadlike lobes, due to wormwood shrub that looks like openwork. Petioles are present at the lower and middle tiers of foliage.

Panicled yellow inflorescences are formed from baskets collected by small (2-3 mm in diameter) spherical flowers. The flowering period falls at the end of July and August.Achene is formed in the period from August to October.

Geography of growth

Place of origin – Turkish median territory (Anatolia), eastern Mediterranean. On the territory of Russia, it is present in the middle lane, in rare cases in the northern regions, in the North Caucasus regions, in the southern regions of Western Siberia and in the Altai Territory.

God’s tree prefers to grow in a zone with a temperate climate in Northern Hemisphere.

The main places of growth are places near water, water meadows in the floodplains of the rivers. It occurs along the roadway, in places where people live, in forests and on birch edges. Often forms thickets.

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Practical Application

God’s tree has found a number of areas for practical application.


The healing wormwood herb has a pleasant smell reminiscent of dill, coniferous and lemon scent, because it acts as a natural air freshener.

General Medicine

Из полыни делают лечебные настойки

From wormwoods make healing tinctures

The chemical composition of wormwood shrubs contains essential oil, bitter substances, organic acids, resins and alkrotoid abrotanin, which allows it to be used for medicinal purposes:

  • homeopathy uses it in the form of extracts obtained from fresh foliage, using for the treatment of hypertension, anemia;
  • from the roots of the plant make medicinal preparations used in the fight against epileptic seizures and tubes tuberculous meningitis;
  • with inflorescences of medicinal wormwood infuse oil (100 g of flowers per 1 cup of olive oil), which is an effective folk remedy for colds and viral diseases;
  • decoctions of grass (1 teaspoon per 0.25 liters of water) is used to cleanse the body.

Useful properties are endowed with all the vegetative parts of the wormwood plant – roots, foliage, stems and inflorescences. The medicinal wormwood brooms are used in the bathhouse during the steaming process, which helps relieve muscle tension and neutralizes head cramps.

Often included in the medicinal preparations along with cranberries, sage and mint, which further increases the effectiveness of the healing properties of the wormwood plant .


Young shoots of medicinal wormwood are used fresh in the preparation of culinary dishes, limiting in quantity.Most often, it acts as a perfumed fragrance for confectionery and liquors.

To use the bitter wormwood of God’s tree as a spice, it is preliminarily dried, in which the foliage loses its bitterness.

Dry powdered grass is added to meat dishes. It acts as an ingredient in bread kneading, which provides the bread with a specific flavor. It is used as a flavoring in table vinegars and sauces.


Tree wormwood that is easy to plant and care for growing wormwood is often used in landscape design as an ornamental plant, acting as a means design of park and garden areas, urban areas and household plots.

Regular pruning of the plant gives it a compact spherical shape. Propagation is carried out by traditional methods, including by dividing, propagating by seeds and planting cuttings.

Tree wormwood (God’s tree)
God’s tree is a valuable and medicinal plant.
Wormwood of God’s tree, Chernobyl


God’s tree, or healing wormwood, is a shrub with a wide geographic distribution. hotlivo boarding and care, used in landscape design. It is used for medicinal purposes and in cooking case as a spices.

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