Helminthiasis pumpkin seeds

Helminthiasis pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are of great benefit to the body – they are rich in vitamins, minerals and beneficial amino acids. With regular use, they increase immunity and prevent the development of many diseases. Consider how to take pumpkin seeds from worms and what contraindications exist.

  1. Against which parasites use
  2. Terms of use
  3. with milk
  4. on honey
  5. with garlic and honey
  6. Castor oil
  7. Soda with honey
  8. Cocoa <
  9. Dill seeds
  10. Semenova’s method
  11. Treatment of children
  12. Treatment of pregnant women
  13. Contraindications and side effects
  14. Application Results

Тыквенные семечки от гельминтоза

Pumpkin seeds for helminthiasis

Against which pair Itov use

Pumpkin seeds help to get rid of such parasites:

  • nematodes – round (roundworms, pinworms);
  • cestodes – tapeworms (tapeworms and lentots) ;
  • trematode flukes (giardia, Siberian flukes and liver worms).

Such an effective action in the fight is provided by the substance – cucurbitin, which is a part of a large amount.

Terms of use

To achieve the desired effect in the treatment of worms, pumpkin seeds must be taken fresh: if they are peeled, oh nor lose beneficial components and oils. You can combine them with several useful foods (recipes are listed below).

In folk medicine, the product is taken on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals.

At the same time, it is allowed to give it not only to people, but also to pets – a dog, a cat.

With milk

A mixture of pumpkin seeds and milk is considered an excellent anthelmintic.


  • clear peel seeds, grind with any convenient tool into powder;
  • add warm milk, mix;
  • insist for 15 minutes.

Rules for use: in the morning on an empty stomach you need to drink 50 ml, after a Sik with a glass of boiled water. Three hours after this, do an enema. After seven days, repeat the reception.

On honey

To cleanse parasites, you can use honey with pumpkin seeds. Prepare a therapeutic mixture of 300 g of powdered seeds, 1 tbsp. l boiled water and 1 tbsp. l liquid honey.

It is recommended to take such a remedy half an hour before breakfast, and three hours after ingestion to clean the intestines with an enema or drink a laxative.

Continue to take it every three days until the tests are good.

With garlic and honey

Лечение производится натощак

The treatment is performed on an empty stomach

Proportions and method of preparation is the same as in the previous recipe, only in the honey-pumpkin mixture you need to add five more cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped on a grater or blender.

Garlic has a strong effect on worms, and in combination with pumpkin seeds, its effectiveness is much higher.

Take a therapeutic mass on an empty stomach before breakfast. After an hour, do an intestinal cleansing with an enema. The procedure is carried out several times.

Castor oil

To prepare such a mixture, raw peeled seeds (100 pcs.) Will be required. Each day should be consumed in 25 pcs., Washed down with 1 tsp. castor oil.

After the first application you will feel an improvement in general condition. The treatment lasts no more than 4 days.

Soda with honey

Pumpkin seeds must be fried in a microwave, oven or pan, then pass through a meat grinder or chopped with a blender. Then mix 200 g of crushed seeds with 200 g of liquid honey and add 1 tsp to this mass. soda. Transfer the resulting mixture into a sealed glass dish and insist for 10 days.

The prepared medicine should be eaten 1 tsp. on empty stomach. After reception, breakfast is only allowed after 3 hours.In the process of treatment with such a remedy, you also need to make enemas that accelerate the process of cleansing the intestines from various parasites.


For this recipe, worms are not fresh, you can even use last year’s pumpkin seeds (100 g).

First you need to peel the seeds, mix with 50 g of cocoa and crush in a mortar on a powdery mass. Add a little warm water to the mixture and bring to a porridge-like consistency. Make 20 small peas.

The day before taking the medicine, you can drink only water, green tea without sugar or natural juice. In the morning on an empty stomach, you need to start taking the medicine – one pea every 15 minutes.

After eating all 20 pcs. need to put an enema. After a month, the treatment is repeated. For preventive purposes, adults are allowed to use the medicine no more than once every 6 months.

Dill seeds

For this recipe you will need the same number of dill and pumpkin seeds. They are mixed, poured with boiling water (1 tbsp. L. Mixture of 1 liter of water). Cover and insist 10 minutes. The broth is filtered, diluted with boiled water.

Take this remedy on an empty stomach three times a day, 50 ml. The course of therapy is a week.

Semenova’s method

The body is cleansed of worms as follows – in the morning on an empty stomach you need to eat 250 g of raw and peeled pumpkin seeds.

Then prepare the solution: 30 g of Epsom salt and 100 ml of boiled water, then drink it. After a couple of hours, you need to do an enema. At least 7 such procedures will need to be done per day.

It is important to use only boiled water, as crude contributes to the revitalization of parasites.

During the treatment period, you should strictly follow a diet – eat cereals, fruits and vegetables. Before going to bed, you can drink a glass of honey infusion (1 teaspoon of honey per 1 tbsp of boiled warm water).

The cleaning process itself takes about 10-12 hours.

Treatment of children

Almost all of the above recipes are suitable not only for adults, but also for children, only you need to give them seeds in a lower dosage:

  • 5-7 years – 100 g;
  • 8-9 – 150 g;
  • 10-15 – 200 g

Daily intake for adults – 250-300 g .

For young children (under 5 years old) it is better to give pumpkin milk against worms.

In the evening, 100 g of peeled and chopped seeds are poured 500 ml of boiling water. The mixture is kept for 2 hours in a water bath, then insisted 12 hours. In the morning, remove the film from the surface of the broth and give it to the child. The dosage and course of such treatment for children is determined by the attending physician.

Treatment for pregnant women

When treating during pregnancy, women should be very careful in choosing anthelmintic substances, since some of them are dangerous not only for the health of the expectant mother, but and baby.

 Семечки безопасны для будущего малыша

Sunflower seeds are safe for the unborn baby

There are several effective and safe folk remedies that help you quickly and easily get rid of parasites:

  1. On an empty stomach in the morning you need to eat 2 tbsp. l raw chopped seeds. After that, it is forbidden to eat or drink anything for 2 hours. After this time, you need to drink 30 ml of olive oil, which acts as a laxative and helps to remove all parasites from the intestines.
  2. Crush 100 g of cleaned seeds into powder, add 50 ml of warm boiled water to them. The resulting drug is divided into four doses and consumed three times a day after meals for 10 days.
  3. Eat, chewing thoroughly, for a week, 50 g of peeled grains on an empty stomach in the morning and evening.

Such recipes are also suitable for the elderly.

Contraindications and side effects

Medicines for worms based on pumpkin seeds have some contraindications, including:

  • digestive tract disorders ;
  • urolithiasis;
  • kidney disease;
  • intolerance to the body.

In case of exceeding the permitted dose, the following side effects are possible phenomena – nausea, vomiting, heart rhythm disturbance in the direction of increased pulsation, diarrhea, pain during urination. It contains a lot of calories, so when overeating, a large load on the liver occurs.

It is allowed to take grains in combination with anthelmintic drugs. Seeds not only positively affect the body, but also enhance the effect of the action of drugs. The use of any of the above recipes must be agreed with your doctor.

Pumpkin seeds WILL HELP output Worms !
Folk remedy against parasites pumpkin seeds

Application Results

Many patients who have tried traditional recipes leave positive feedback, because they work effectively and helped parasites are removed painlessly and quickly.

Already in the first days of treatment, dynamics of improvement in the general condition are observed, and after the course is completed, all the symptoms of helminthiasis disappear and complete recovery sets in.

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