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Hello readers. I would like to share with you my grief. For the last three years I have been growing a sheffler on my window, bought in a store, I had no problems with her. But recently, in a correspondence with one of the blog readers, we got into a dispute that the shefflera should not smell. The fact is that I described that when plucking the leaves, my shefflera begins to smell like geranium, it also bushes strongly and even gave a new stem from the root. This confused us, and I decided to find out what it is that I grow.

Heptapleurum or Scheffler? Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com Dinesh Valke

So, amid long wanderings in all kinds of encyclopedias, and also thanks to our friend the Internet, I am glad to introduce you.

Heptapleurum (Heptapleurum) – family member araliev (Araliaceae).

It is a perennial tree-like fast-growing plant that resembles a sheffler in appearance. The leaves consist of 7-10 oval, pointed at the ends, green leaves, reaching a length of 10 cm.

The habitat covers almost all southern regions of the globe.

Гептаплеурум (Heptapleurum)Гептаплеурум (Heptapleurum)

Growing Heptapleurum does not require much effort. This is a heat-loving plant, the optimal temperature regime of the room where the tree grows should be at least 18-21 ° C with high air humidity. The plant requires frequent spraying and wiping of the leaves with a sponge. Heptapleurum is a light-loving plant, but it is better to avoid direct sunlight.

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In spring, summer and autumn, the plant needs abundant watering; in winter, the soil of the plant should be moistened much less often. It should always be remembered that excessive soil moisture can have a negative effect on the state of the heptapleurum. The plant must be fed once every 2 weeks with mineral fertilizers.

You can propagate Heptapleurum by stem cuttings and seeds, which are recommended to be sown in warm, loose soil and germinated at high temperature and humidity. Fortified seedlings must be planted in separate containers with prepared soil mixture. For rapid growth, heptapleurum must be maintained in proper conditions.

Гептаплеурум (Heptapleurum)Гептаплеурум (Heptapleurum)

Possible problems: red spider mite, aphid, mealybug, root beetle; falling foliage due to waterlogging and drafts.


If the heptapleurum is grown in the form of a tree, it is recommended to use a support, the plant can also be in the form of a bush, for which it is necessary to remove the growth points on the main stem.

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