Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

Sweet bee products are usually consumed internally as a food supplement or as a remedy. But even when applied externally, they can significantly improve the condition of the upper layers of the epidermis. Honey massage combines the benefits of manual skin care with the components of a bee-made product. With its help, you can cure some diseases of the musculoskeletal system, stop aging. After several sessions, a positive effect is noticeable: the skin is smoothed, tightened, and looks fresher.

The benefits of honey massage

Unlike oils and creams that make it easier to slip your hands during the procedure, bee products create a sticky film on the skin. Therefore, the masseur acts by pressing the palms of his hands, followed by peeling off instead of rubbing, stroking.

The benefits of honey massage are in improving the circulation of fluids, cleansing and smoothing the upper layers of the skin. The effect is especially noticeable on areas of the body where stagnation forms inside the fatty layer: abdomen, thighs, buttocks.


When performing the procedure, the blood supply increases, the outflow of lymph increases. As a result, cellular metabolism is accelerated, excess fluid is removed, and the skin becomes more elastic.

In addition, the effect with honey relieves muscle tension, calms the nervous system, and relaxes. It is used to treat diseases of the respiratory system to make it easier for sputum to pass from the lungs. After the procedures, the state of health and the quality of sleep improve.

Composition of honey

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

Due to their plant origin, natural bee products contain many compounds and chemical elements that do not disappear when processing nectar.

The vitamins of honey have a strong influence on the condition of the skin:

  1. Tocopherol interferes with the interaction of cells with the external environment, protecting against oxidation and destruction, excessive consumption of elements.
  2. Thiamine, niacin, biotin break down organic substances, convert excess subcutaneous fat into energy.
  3. Riboflavin, folic acid, cyanocobalamin are involved in the formation of blood cells, improving its quality.
  4. Pyridoxine supports healthy skin and mucous membranes by accelerating the production of proteins that form connective tissue.
  5. Pantothenic and ascorbic acids help to heal wounds and cracks.

Honey contains phytoncides (plant antiseptics) and flavonoids that slow down cell aging and protect them from harmful external factors.

Types of honey massage

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

For different parts of the body, a more intense or, conversely, gentle effect of the hands on the skin is applied. Usually with a honey massage:

  • eliminate congestion in the fatty layer of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks;
  • relax the back muscles;
  • improve the appearance of facial skin.

These procedures are often offered by salons, studios, but they can be carried out at home according to the instructions.

Honey massage for cellulite

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

Lipodystrophy usually affects the lower trunk and thighs in women. In these areas, the outflow of lymph slows down in the subcutaneous layer, and a gradual accumulation of fluid occurs. Over time, hard lumps, irregularities appear.

To eliminate fluid stagnation, a mechanical effect on the skin with warming wraps is used.


Sessions of anti-cellulite honey massage are aimed at kneading the seals, improving capillary blood circulation, lymph circulation.

The active substances penetrate deeply into the fatty layer, supplying the cells of the epidermis with oxygen, vitamins and microelements. After a course of honey anti-cellulite massage, puffiness decreases, tissue elasticity is restored, thighs and buttocks become smoother and more elastic.

Honey facial massage

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

The procedure helps to tighten the aging skin, give a radiant look, smooth out fine wrinkles. It is used to cleanse clogged pores, normalize secretions from the sebaceous glands.

For medical purposes, kneading the facial muscles is recommended for chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane and paranasal sinuses. It relieves tissue swelling, facilitates the release of accumulated mucus.

After a course of facial massage with honey, the skin becomes more elastic. Improvement of well-being is noted: fatigue disappears, headache disappears.

Honey back massage

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

Warming compresses with a sweet mass extracted from the beehive are a well-known traditional medicine that relieves pain in joints and muscles. Sessions of honey massage of the body are prescribed for an intense mechanical effect on the body. The procedures help in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, inflammation.


The use of honey massage for osteochondrosis, radiculitis or myositis should complement the course of treatment prescribed by the doctor.

Vigorous hand movements quickly relieve coughing – patting on the back makes it easier for sputum to pass.

A course of honey massage for osteochondrosis relaxes muscles, eliminates pain. Under the influence of bee products, inflammation is relieved, blood circulation improves, and joint mobility returns.

Slimming abdominal massage with honey

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

Outside the anterior abdominal wall, when you gain weight, fat deposits quickly appear, stretch marks may appear on the skin, and muscles weaken without load.

Exposure to the belly with honey, subject to diet and physical activity, helps to reduce belly circumference.


Mechanical impact on the problem area of ​​the body eliminates congestion. In the process, the accumulations of fat cells are kneaded, the circulation of fluids improves.

Performing a honey belly massage for weight loss should be energetic but gentle. It creates vibration that makes the skin more elastic, helps smooth out irregularities (lumps of fat, stretch marks). The positive effect after the session is to improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Main features of honey massage

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

The use of a sweet viscous product extracted from the hive makes unique techniques for influencing the upper layers of the skin and their results. The procedure improves the appearance, contributes to the healing of different parts of the body. Indications and contraindications for honey massage are associated with mechanical action on the skin, which is complemented by the penetration of active substances deep into it.

The benefits of honey for the epidermis

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

When applied externally, bee products have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, healing minor inflammations or wounds, and smoothing out cosmetic defects. The mass applied in a thin layer is quickly absorbed, supplying the surface of the epidermis with vitamins and minerals.


Honey is a means that improves metabolism, accelerates local blood circulation, absorbs and removes excess fluid with waste products of cells.

The versatile effect of honey allows you to use it not only to restore elasticity and smoothness to healthy skin. With its help, inflammatory diseases of the joints and muscles are treated, and the volume of the body is reduced.

How to quickly wait for the effect

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

The benefits of honey massage for the face are noticed after 2-3 procedures. The skin looks healthier, more toned. The first results from kneading body parts are noticeable after 4-5 sessions in a row. Usually by this time (depending on the species):

  • pain in the back decreases or disappears;
  • hips, buttocks and abdomen are slightly smoothed, tightened.

After 14-15 days from the beginning of massage sessions with honey, the effect is clearly visible. You can measure how many centimeters the circumference of problem areas of the body has decreased.

A good result in losing weight, combating cellulite is achieved if you focus on a dietary diet, feasible physical activity. Such measures speed up the metabolism and improve the result.

What is the duration of the course

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

To combat cellulite, excess body fat, 10-15 procedures are required. The same number of times are performed with honey massages for osteochondrosis. It is recommended to conduct wellness sessions for 30-40 minutes (maximum – 1 hour) in the evenings, every other day. Such a gap is needed to rest and restore the epidermis.

If side effects occur, you can interrupt for no more than 2 days, otherwise you will not be able to achieve a good result. If you need to repeat the course, you should wait 2-3 months so that the body gets used to the changes that have occurred.


The impact of hands on different parts of the body, which is accompanied by the application of honey, is useful for those who want to lose weight or get rid of cellulite. It tightens and cleanses the skin, gives elasticity, removes small defects.

Honey massage courses are prescribed for the treatment of diseases:

  • damage to the respiratory tract with a cold – from cough to pneumonia;
  • osteochondrosis, myositis;
  • arthrosis, arthritis.

The sessions help the body to cope with high physical and mental stress, strengthen the immune system. After them headache goes away, sleep improves.

What honey to choose for massage

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

All varieties of sweetness produced by bees are equally effective when applied to the skin. The main condition is that it must be real, of high quality. Counterfeit or honey containing traces of chemicals will be of little benefit.


For the safety of the massage, take a product with a liquid consistency. Most often, a flower or linden variety is used, less often a dark buckwheat variety. Honey must be bought from sellers who have all permits and certificates.

When sugar crystals appear in the mass, more careful handling is required: a kind of scrub is obtained, which can damage the skin with hard particles. Before the procedure, heavily thickened honey is briefly placed in a water bath to restore its liquid consistency.

How much does honey massage cost in the salon

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

The price of one session depends, for example, on the location of the room, the availability of a great experience of a specialist. On average, 1 hour of massage with honey for osteochondrosis, myositis, cellulite costs 2-4 thousand rubles. Therefore, people tend to learn the technique of performing procedures for the face and lower body in order to do them at home on their own and not spend money on the services of a massage therapist. Suitable honey is bought at fairs and shops.

What side effects may occur

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

Small internal hemorrhages may occur with strong hand exposure or the location of the capillaries close to the skin surface. This is a common negative effect of massage with honey for weight loss. But small redness is even beneficial – the body will begin to produce substances that slow down blood clotting, improve its outflow, and prevent the formation of clots.


The occurrence of painful hematomas is the reason to temporarily interrupt the sessions. Resorption of subcutaneous blood accumulations should occur within 2-3 weeks.

If the absence of allergy to bee products has not been previously checked, redness and irritation of the areas of the body to which honey was applied may appear. In this case, it is better to abandon the further use of natural sweetness.

Prolonged, too frequent massage sessions lead to reddening of the skin, cause fatigue, dizziness, and nausea. Similar sensations will appear if the procedure is performed with an increase in body temperature and blood pressure.

Frequent mistakes when carrying out honey massage

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

Most of the side effects are due to the lack of seriousness in the treatment. For example, to test the tolerance of honey, 15-2 drops of the product are left on the skin of the bend of the elbow and wrist for 3 minutes. But before the start of the session, not everyone devotes time to this, and may face an allergic reaction.


Do not reapply the hardened sticky mass removed from the skin. Honey absorbs toxins, pollution, cellular waste. It cannot be cleaned, so a fresh batch is required for each procedure.

An inexperienced massage therapist can make the following mistakes:

  1. Pour a thick layer of honey, which will not have time to be absorbed, to create a sticky film.
  2. Press too hard on problem areas, try to rub them.
  3. Apply honey to parts of the body with a lot of hairs (legs).
  4. Affect the groin area, popliteal fossa, armpits. It is forbidden to warm up these zones – they contain lymph nodes.
  5. Knead the sensitive inner surface with honey massage of the thighs.

From improper actions on the skin, painful bruises, scratches, irritation appear. Unpleasant sensations during massage do not allow muscles to relax, worsen mood and the resulting effect.


Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

Exposure to the skin using bee products is not recommended for babies under 2-3 years old. An older child is allowed to do finger massage with honey on his back for a cold, which is accompanied by a cough.

Some diseases and conditions, such as diabetes mellitus, require caution when performing the procedure. The benefits and harms of massage are associated with the warming effect, the presence of active substances in the product, which penetrate deeply into the upper layers of the epidermis.


Do not lubricate the skin with mixtures with honey if you are allergic to their components. The composition is not applied to abscesses and open wounds, areas affected by mycosis.

After deep cleaning, visits to the solarium wait a few days for the epidermis to heal. During the period of menstruation, you should not affect the female skin: it is more prone to fluid retention than usual, and the effect of the procedure is reduced.

Contraindications for honey massage – presence of:

  • hypertension, varicose veins and other vascular pathologies;
  • serious violations of the heart muscle;
  • fever;
  • mastopathy;
  • infectious lung diseases;
  • skin neoplasms (warts, tumors).

You need to refrain from sessions during pregnancy (especially from massage of the abdomen with honey), breastfeeding, recovery from operations or injuries. You cannot press with your palms on the sites of recently received dislocations, bone fractures.

Technique for performing honey massage for cellulite

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

It is recommended to prepare the skin for exposure and follow the instructions during the procedure so as not to harm health and appearance.

For honey massage for cellulite at home, you need to buy a high-quality, natural bee product. The thickened mass with crystals is slightly heated in a water bath to a liquid consistency.

After a course of massage, you will need to take care of the parts of the body treated with honey for several days to consolidate the result.

Preparing the skin for the procedure at home

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

The presence of sweat, dirt particles will not allow the active substances of honey to reach the deep layers of the epidermis. For a good effect, cleanse areas of the body before doing honey massage to remove cellulite. You need to take a dip in a warm bath, take a shower, go to the sauna or steam bath to expand your pores. To remove dead cells, the skin is rubbed with a washcloth, mitten, and cleaned with a scrub.

After washing, dry thoroughly with a towel. Additionally, the necessary parts of the body are kneaded, smoothed with hands before the session. The standard technique of honey massage involves sticking and pulling the palms off the skin, so it is advisable to remove excess hairs from the legs in advance.

Main stages

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

Before the procedure, the palms are washed and warmed up well. A small amount of the ready-made massage mixture (60-80 g) is applied to the problem area of ​​the body, spread in a thin layer over its surface in circular movements. The honey should thicken, become more sticky.

The further process consists of repetitive pressing with the hands. With the right actions, pain is almost never felt.


The relaxed palm is gently glued to the skin from the fingertips to the wrist, then pulled vigorously, trying not to hurt. Periodically, the skin is pinched, lightly slapped on it to warm it up.

Do not spend more than 10 minutes on one area of ​​your body. During the session, the front and back of the thighs, buttocks, and the abdomen are intensively treated. It is better to act at once with both hands in parallel or alternately. For anti-cellulite massage, you can use vacuum cups, roller trainers.

When honey oxidizing in the air absorbs impurities and begins to roll into whitish lumps, it’s time to finish the procedure. You can wrap with foil and lie down with it for 30 minutes, covered with a blanket.

Aftercare for thighs and abdomen

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

From the treated areas of the body, you need to wash off the remaining honey under a stream of warm water (without soap). Clean skin is lubricated to soothe mild irritation – moisturizing, nourishing creams are suitable. Loose clothes are put on top.

After a session of honey massage for weight loss at home, it is recommended to relax while sitting indoors for at least 1 hour, drink a couple of cups of water or green tea. Then you can go outside. In winter, the treated areas of the body should be wrapped warmer, and in summer, protected from sunlight.

Technique for performing honey massage for the face

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

Before the procedure, you must thoroughly remove cosmetics, wash yourself with warm water and dry your skin with a towel. If possible, you should hold your face over the steam, use a scrub to clean it.

The impact should be soft and gentle. The thin skin on the face is massaged for 5-10 minutes, with gentle movements of the index and ring fingers. Do not touch the area around the lips and eyes. Carrying out a honey facial massage at home is possible in front of a mirror.

After the session, wash again with warm water, apply a light cream.

Technique for performing honey massage for the back

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

You will definitely need the help of another person, for example, a specialist from a salon with a license to massage. You cannot do such a procedure on your own.

The stages and duration of a session of honey back massage for osteochondrosis are similar to anti-cellulite. The intensity of movement decreases: it is usually regulated by the level of pain.

Deep pressure is applied, light blows with the palms in different directions: along the spine, from the middle to the sides, without touching the armpits. You need to act with both hands to knead your back evenly.

After the procedure, it is not recommended to sunbathe for several days.

Technique for performing honey massage for the abdomen for weight loss

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

The problem area should be worked out in front and on the sides, from the waist to the hips. You need to put one palm to the abdominal wall, keeping it from sudden vibrations, and the other to massage. You cannot press hard on the stomach, too vigorously peel your hands off the skin.

You can perform honey abdominal massages at home or in the salon. While standing, it is advisable to strain the abdominal wall in order to improve the effect.

What recipes can be used to prepare a massage mixture

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

Wellness sessions are not only carried out with pure honey. A good result is achieved by using formulations with the addition of clay, fruit juices, essential oils. To follow the massage technique, you will need a few drops of liquids for 1 tablespoon of bee products to improve the sliding of your hands on the skin.

To prepare popular mixtures suitable for honey massage at home, you will need 120 g of liquid bee product, as well as:

  • 200 g of black clay, 30 ml of peach oil, 10 g of chopped dried ginger root;
  • 20 drops of lavender extract, the same volume of a mixture of lemon and mint;
  • 10 ml of grapefruit juice, a little eucalyptus;
  • 3-4 drops of lemon and patchouli oils.

Clay with honey removes the accumulated excess liquid.


Citrus juice helps to eliminate stagnation inside the epidermis, to level its surface, therefore it is often used for the manufacture of formulations.

Essential oils moisturize and soften the skin. Ginger has a warming effect, improves the penetration of active ingredients into cells.

Mix for honey massage with various additives

Useful substances are combined with bee products in small quantities to enhance their effect. They help to speed up the cure of diseases, give the mixture a pleasant aroma.

Honey massage with essential oils

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

Vegetable fats moisturize and nourish the epidermis. They are added quite a bit so that the hands do not begin to slip during the procedure. With osteochondrosis, massage with honey with essential oils improves health and mood, calming the nervous system.

For 100 g of honey, 4-6 drops of a mixture of essential oils are taken: lavender, juniper, citrus (orange, grapefruit, lemon) in different combinations. Eucalyptus, geranium, almond, olive will do. When heated, liquids evaporate – do not add them to too warm honey.

Honey massage with coffee

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

After grinding the grains, small solid particles remain, which clean off dead skin cells during self-massage. They contain many useful components that rejuvenate and moisturize the epidermis. To prepare a thick homogeneous mass, mix 200 g of liquid honey with 100 g of crushed coffee beans.

Honey massage with milk

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

The composition is needed not only for the treatment of cough, sore throat with angina. When applied externally, it tightens aging skin, smoothes unevenness, and unclogs pores.

A viscous mixture is easy to prepare at home: 250 g of honey is combined with 200 ml of milk. It is needed for honey massage of the face against wrinkles, since it moisturizes the epidermis well, giving it a refreshed look.

How often can honey massage be done?

Honey massage: for face, back, abdomen, legs

Preventive procedures do not need to be carried out for several days in a row. They are usually one-off, but the break until the next session is shorter than between courses. For example, a honey facial massage can be done frequently, at least once every 1 weeks, to maintain the beauty and elasticity of the skin.

Slimming and anti-cellulite procedures are repeated every 2-3 months (4-5 times a year). Above the elimination of stagnant phenomena, you have to work more intensively, in courses of 15 sessions, stretched over 4 weeks. Is it possible to do honey massages every day, they usually look according to their feelings. If subcutaneous hemorrhages, microscopic scratches are formed, short breaks will be needed for their healing.


Honey application procedures compare favorably with the usual ones. They have a pronounced positive effect after just a few sessions. Mechanical action with honey removes stagnation from the deep layers of the epidermis, helps with weight loss in conjunction with diet and exercise. It will not harm, provided that the strength is correctly calculated, contraindications are taken into account.

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