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Home plant growing is a separate, striking hobby. Therefore, we could not help but single out a whole rubric to describe this fascinating process. At the same time, keep in mind that not only traditional flowerpots can be grown on window sills, in winter gardens, loggias and balconies. At home, you can organize vertical beds with strawberries, herbs or herbs, cherry tomatoes grow beautifully on southern windowsills, and even potatoes can be grown in a bag on a sunny balcony. This section contains a huge amount of materials on the cultivation and care of indoor plants and their street relatives, which can be successfully “domesticated”.

Where to buy indoor plants? It would seem, what’s the difference, the main thing is that the flowerpot then grows normally. After reading our article, you will understand that non-compliance with the rules for buying indoor plants is fraught with disappointment and unpleasant consequences for them. We will tell you how to care for ornamental foliage and bromeliads, which cacti and succulents love. In this section you will find a lot of interesting things about your favorite palms, orchids and ferns. And, perhaps, get acquainted with new houseplants – traditional and exotic. We also know everything about floristry and phytodesign. You can show off your achievements in growing plants at home on our Forum. Go to the relevant topic, post photos and get compliments! In addition, here you can ask your questions related to the problems of keeping certain houseplants.


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