How can and wholesome eating raw pumpkin

How can and wholesome eating raw pumpkin

Many people know about the valuable properties of melons and remember from childhood wholesome pumpkin porridge. Today, nutritionists say: you can eat raw pumpkin, because it wins not only in taste, but also in beneficial properties. However, one should not forget about the sense of proportion and the existing contraindications.

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Как можно и полезно есть сырую тыкву

How can you eat raw pumpkin

Useful properties

It is not for nothing that they call the pumpkin a storehouse of vitamins and valuable substances. During heat treatment, minerals are not bad preserved, but many vitamins, unfortunately,

Therefore, it is much better to eat fresh pumpkin. Its calorie content is quite low: from 22 to 45 kcal per 100 g, making it excellent for a diet and contributes to healthy weight loss.

A high percentage of fiber in the composition helps to cleanse the intestines and normalize digestion.

In addition, fiber creates a feeling of fullness, which is important for daily vitality and a beautiful figure.

Amino acids contained in pumpkin are responsible for building muscle and cartilage chewing gland tissue, the nervous system, cell regeneration.

Zinc, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, selenium, calcium, which are part of the composition, are necessary for normal life.

Vitamins A, C, E, B, K, T, P are perfectly preserved and serve to maintain immunity.

For beauty

This product is useful not only for health and a beautiful figure.

It is recommended for strengthening hair and improving skin. The substances contained in the pumpkin help to cleanse and renew skin cells, activate blood circulation to all organs, including the face and hair follicles.

For a lasting effect, the product is recommended to be eaten and used externally.


Fresh pumpkin is used to prepare various dishes and drinks. At the same time, they use not only pulp, but also raw seeds and freshly squeezed juice. In addition, it is useful to add pumpkin oil to the diet.


Delicious vitamin salads are made from fresh pulp. A very good combination is the pulp of pumpkins, apples and carrots. A pumpkin grated on a carrot grater is added to already prepared cereals or diluted with a spoon of honey and eaten as a dessert.

Vitamin smoothies can be made from pulp using a blender, combining pumpkin with different fruits and berries. A fresh vegetable is tasty in itself – you can eat it individually, without mixing with anything.


Тыквенный сок спасет от бессонницы

Pumpkin juice will save you from insomnia

Freshly squeezed juice is diluted with water, apple or carrot juice.You can add a teaspoon of honey or a slice of lemon to the juice.

It is recommended to drink it in the morning for vigor, and in the evening – for insomnia.

In case of urolithiasis, drink consumption is agreed with doctor and drink three times a day (100 ml). Freshly squeezed juice helps to get rid of constipation.


Raw seeds can be eaten just like that or added to salads and granola.

To preserve their anthelmintic properties, you need to eat together with a thin film that separates the core from the peel.

Also, seeds can be ground into flour and used to sprinkle dishes or make a cocktail (pumpkin flour in combination with a sour-milk drink).

It is recommended to drink a cocktail 2 times a day for the prevention of diseases and increased brain activity, during periods of intense training sessions and during winter vitamin deficiency.


Pumpkin oil is obtained from raw vegetables and is most often added to salads instead of sunflower.

Oil can be made independently, but the cooking process is time-consuming, so many prefer to buy it ready.

The product helps to improve eyesight, relieve anxiety, improve the cardiovascular system, and create cancer prevention.

Oil is advised to be taken with prostate adenoma, during menopause, with hair loss and problem skin. A day recommend no more than 2 tsp.


First of all, contraindications concern people with an individual intolerance to the product. Caution should be observed with low acidity and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially with colic in the intestine.

After you eat seeds, it is better to rinse your mouth so as not to damage the tooth enamel.

Не стоит злоупотреблять продуктом при болезнях ЖКТ

Do not abuse the product for gastrointestinal diseases

The abuse of the product can cause harm, therefore it is extremely important to observe the recommended standards:

  • raw pumpkin pulp – not more than 500 g per day;
  • undiluted pumpkin juice – not more than 300 ml;
  • oil – not more than 2 tsp;
  • seeds – not more than 300 g

Using a raw vegetable for the treatment of any disease, it is necessary to coordinate the consumption rate with the doctor. Excessive amounts of product can lead to digestive disorders (constipation, flatulence, diarrhea). In addition, you cannot use unripe raw pumpkin for food.

Useful tips

  • You should not store peeled and cut pumpkin for a long time – the vitamins in it are destroyed over time. Vegetables are best stored in the basement in unpeeled form or frozen in slices in the freezer.
  • By agreement with the doctor, the product can be consumed during pregnancy.Its vitamins and valuable substances will not only be useful to the unborn baby, but will also help to reduce toxicosis in the mother. A properly selected diet with raw pumpkin will remove swelling and increase immunity.
  • This product is recommended for vegetarians, as well as those who adhere to strict fasting. The presence of proteins in the vegetable itself and its seeds will compensate for dietary restrictions.
  • Raw vegetables facilitate the absorption of heavy foods, such as meat. It is recommended to combine it with heavy meals during meals or eat a couple of slices after eating the main meal for better digestion.

How to eat raw pumpkin


Raw pumpkin is a healthy vitamin product with a pleasant taste and a fresh smell. Using a vegetable without heat treatment, we get a maximum of valuable substances and vitamins.

A useful addition to the diet will be not only the flesh of a vegetable, but also juice, seeds, oil, except for some contraindications, fresh pumpkin can be eaten daily, observing the established lennye standards.

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