How dove pigeon mail works

Nowadays, pigeons are associated with beauty and appreciated for their appearance. But not so long ago, people used them to transmit information to each other. Is it possible to imagine something more romantic than to receive a letter sent with a winged one? The article just talks about what pigeon mail is and how it works.

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Как работает голубиная почта

How pigeon mail works


The Old Testament testifies to the fact that there was a pigeon mail already then. It was the pigeon that was released by Noah, and he was sure of his return. Later this method of transmitting information spread to countries such as China and Greece, and in 1167 the first state appeared in Egypt aromatic pigeon mail, for which it was ordered to build many special towers. Information was transmitted only like this. The first breeds of carrier pigeons were Bagdety, Skanderuny and Career.

If we talk about the appearance of such a means of communication in Russia, the beginning was made by wars Princess Olga, wishing to avenge the death of her husband, paid tribute to pigeons and sparrows from the Drevlyans. Opponents happily agreed, and she ordered tied dry branches to the paws of birds and set fire. Knowing that every pigeon would return home, she was able to destroy an entire settlement of enemies.

More romantic information about the first love letters from the monasteries to her lovers still inspires sophisticated natures for such acts.

Later with Using pigeon mail, they established communication between states.There was no other means of communication over long distances.

How it works

So how does pigeon mail work?

The pigeon has the instinct to return home, in addition, birds are very hardy and can fly hundreds of kilometers. The maximum flight speed is 70 km / h. Even the birds perfectly orient themselves on the terrain and easily find the way back to the nest.

Facts indicate the presence of birds:

  • acute vision;
  • phenomenal memory, with through which the bird remembers the route, compiled on the basis of visual perception.

Only certain breeds are used to transmit information. They are easy to distinguish from others in size (they are larger than their counterparts) and a massive beak. The appearance features of the clerks are clearly visible in the photo. The carrier pigeon must be capable of training, resilient, and be able to fly fast.

Bird carrier can fly about 1100 km. Among many breeds, German, Russian, Belgian and Hungarian are distinguished. Any of them can work in pigeon mail until the age of 20.

How does everything happen? The note is corked in a capsule and attached to the foot of the bird. Beware of predators such as a hawk, they often send two pigeons at once with similar messages.

This form of communication existed even before the advent of the telephone and the Internet, but pigeon mail continues to be used today.


It is important to understand that not every pigeon is capable of this. Yes, the birds are also all different: they are capable and not very fast and lazy.

As soon as the third week of life, the chick learns to fly, they immediately begin its training. The first days of the winged are allowed to fly only under the supervision of an experienced adult male who returns home without any problems. At first, training takes place at a close distance from the habitat.

Stimulate the subsequent return home allows feeding immediately after the flight. You also need to solve the problem of selecting a partner, otherwise there is a risk that the bird will choose itself and fly to him.

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Interesting facts

The history of the pigeon mail remembers the special winged representatives, interesting stories of which they still remember:

  1. Smuggler dove: During the reign of Napoleon, jewelry was delivered by pigeon mail and England to France.
  2. Scout. So the winged were used in the Second World War, transmitting secret and important information.
  3. Companion. The Swedish scientist Andre decided to make a balloon flight to the North Pole and took I’ve taken the dove with me. Only the second one flew back.
  4. Medical courier. In Plymouth, the birds delivered blood to a laboratory located far from the hospital. This method turned out to be faster than regular transport.

The British were distinguished by the original idea: to transmit notes using birds during traffic jams.

In general, no progress would have been made the modern world, every woman in her heart will wish for beautiful romantic acts and exquisite gestures of attention.Delivering a love message in such an ancient and original way is one of the most effective ways to win the heart of a lover.

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