How the estrus goes in heat and what you need to know about the mating process

Ferrets have long been at the top of the list of pets. Today, experienced owners breed predators for profit. However, for good mating, it is necessary to correctly identify the signs of female and male readiness for mating. Ferrets have been in heat for several months, so animals must be monitored.

  1. Ferret breeding features
  2. Preparing for mating
  3. Signs of readiness for mating
  4. Unwanted female estrus
  5. Ferret mating process

Течка у хорьков

Ferret’s estrus

A long hunt can have a bad effect on the ferret’s health, so the body quickly exhausts and the baby can die.

Features of breeding ferrets

First of all, knit ferrets should be if you They decided to engage in breeding, and the animals are organized in such a way that prolonged heat in young ferrets leads to illness or even death of a pet, so ordinary pets and rejected individuals are immediately sterilized. its external qualities.

Breeding breeding thoroughbred individuals brings good profit, but the breeding process itself is quite laborious. These predators are predisposed to inherit the nature and diseases of their ancestors, so the future couple must be selected carefully. In the presence of genetic diseases, mating is prohibited.

Most often, a male is taken from an elite nursery for divorce, because these animals have the best characteristics.

The price of renting a small animal is high, but buying a couple of thoroughbred pets at once for a divorce will cost even more. Private breeders with a good reputation are also suitable for this. They are easy to meet at exhibitions of decorative animals. Do not use ferrets whose owners are unknown breeders for breeding.

Preparing for breeding

A set of measures should be taken immediately before mating ferrets. Preparation for mating includes:

  1. Search for a pair for a pet. It is extremely expensive to purchase heterosexual individuals of a rare breed, therefore, for breeding predators, most often they buy one female, and the male is brought for mating for an extra charge. This method of ferret divorce is practiced by private breeders who have only a few purebred females on the farm. Remember that the male must have a veterinary passport with him. It is better to use an animal that belongs to a familiar breeder for the mating process.
  2. Females are vaccinated against diseases such as plague or rabies 2 weeks before mating. The veterinarian must note the treatment in the documents for the animal, otherwise experienced breeders will not provide their ferret for fertilization.
  3. The same applies to the prevention of worms and lice. Also, the veterinarian must confirm the female’s readiness for mating.
  4. Mating of 2 ferrets from the same litter is prohibited.These predators are highly developed living organisms and in the case of mating, offspring can be born with defects. Inbreeding is also dangerous because genetic malfunctions can occur in subsequent generations.
  5. A place for mating should be prepared. Since the mating occurs on the territory of the male and is accompanied by vigorous action, all fragile or sharp objects must be removed. If knitting takes place in a cage, it is better to remove the feeder and drinker for a while, and also remove the tray. Animals can be scratched against sharp corners.

Care should be taken about the future nest for posterity. Usually it’s enough to install a closed box with soft rags inside the cage.

Materials in the nest should be natural and not cause allergies: the female will spend several months in the nest.

Signs of readiness for mating

The puberty of these small predators begins quite early: ferrets mature by 7-9 months.

Animals are in a state of hunting 7 months of the year: from early spring to early autumn. During this period, it is necessary to monitor the pet so as not to miss the moment the ferret is ready for mating.

In the male, the gon often manifests itself in preoccupied behavior. The boy begins to mark the apartment and tries to mess with different objects: toys, things or other animals. An external sign of hunting are enlarged testes.

In the female, the external genitalia — the loop — increases several times. It swells, acquires a bright red color, and after a few days the animal begins to go colorless discharge. Directly during estrus, the loop relaxes and becomes paler. Ferrets are mated 2 weeks after the female loop swells. It is important to remember that prolonged estrus leads to anemia of the internal organs, as a result of which the animal may die.

Unwanted estrus of the female

Often breeding breeders encounter estrus in the nursing female ferret. If mating is not planned to produce offspring, then this can be a problem for the animal.

Some owners eliminate this nuisance by covering the female with a sterilized male. However, this method causes hormonal stress to the ferret, as it can cause a false pregnancy.

Lingering estrus is eliminated by medications. To do this, use the Delvosterone vaccine, with which breeders control the hunting of ferrets and cats. However, before removing a ferret from estrus, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian. Some vaccines and pills for cats are contraindicated in small predators.

The process of mating ferrets

Most often the mating is carried out on the territory of the male.

In the home environment, the ferret will feel more confident that The mating process itself is quite aggressive, as animals actively bite and rolls ayutsya on the floor. The partner can harshly drag the female over the withers and shout loudly. However, to intervene in the process of mating should not be, otherwise you may scare off the animals. Many breeders recommend leaving male and female indoors for a day. It will contribute to high-quality knitting. If the female does not allow the male to approach her, then it is better to change her partner.

Mating with ferrets lasts about half an hour on average, but fertilization does not always work the first time.

Experienced choreuses are usually picked up for young females: this contributes to the rapid and quality fertilization. Old females are planted with young males: in this case, the offspring will be healthy.

If the mating of the ferrets was successful, the female loop ceases to be visible after a few days. Enlarged external genitals speak of poor-quality mating and give these females for re-mating.

Pregnancy in pets lasts 45 days, and up to 9 cubs are born in one litter. Females prefer to give birth in closed nests, so the appearance of puppies is most often recognized by the loud noises they make when they drink milk.

Additional recommendations for mating animals:

  • should not be breed them to inexperienced breeders;
  • before mating you need to find outlets for puppies;
  • you should not mate non-bred or sick animals;
  • immediately before mating, you need to increase the calorie content of the diet females.

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