How to build a pigsty with your own hands

How to build a pigsty with your own hands

Building a pigsty in a small farm is easy. Even a beginner can make a budget and make a project, the main thing is to spare no effort and time for the pigsty with your own hands.

  1. Important points when building
  2. Errors in the construction of
  3. Technical requirements for the barn and construction projects
  4. Selection of materials for construction
  5. Construction
  6. Manual <
  7. Heating and ventilation

Свинарник своими руками

DIY pigsty

Aviaries and cages for pigs should protect animals from the weather and not endanger their lives.Pigs only get sick from farmers who We don’t worry about ventilation or heating of the corral. A proper pig house is a place where animals are warm, comfortable and safe.

Important points when building

The pigsty is the place in which the animal spends most of its life, therefore the health of the pigs depends on how warm and clean it is in the stable. In the pigsty, individuals spend the most difficult stages of life: they hibernate and breed offspring. That’s why a number of factors must be considered when building a home.

DIY do-it-yourself pigsty
My pigsty.
UV Pigsty do-it-yourself #full review
Mini pigsty for three piglets. Overview.
DIY pigsty

So, everyone who is interested in how to build a pigsty with their own hands should consider the following:

  1. A pigsty’s drawing is a conditional building diagram, which includes systems and additional elements that pigs really need.
  2. The ventilation systems and the area in which the animal feed will be placed must be properly placed in the room.
  3. In the shed, you must not contain too many pigs or combine different breeds. it is necessary to pre-calculate the individual compartments for different species.
  4. It is important to take care of the future process of cleaning the room. In enclosures with unsanitary conditions, pigs are very often ill.

The pigsty for the farmer – this is an indicator of the work of the whole economy. If a person cannot equip a stable with pigs, then it’s not worth undertaking pig breeding. What determines the construction of a new barn? From the number of animals, weather conditions and the size of the entire farm yard. If the room is dirty, damp or crowded, it is not suitable for such animals. You can’t keep pigs in such a barn, otherwise you will have to doubt the quality of the resulting meat products. It is in the interests of the farmer to provide the animals with proper living conditions in the pen.

Фермер должен обеспечить животным хорошие условия жизни

The farmer must provide animals with good living conditions

Errors in construction

As the number of livestock grows, the pigsty becomes frustrated. Even a novice farmer knows that animals grow worse in cramped conditions. If you build a pigsty like a barn for any other animals, you will not be able to avoid livestock diseases. Improper ventilation leads to the formation of a fungus, which affects the health of both adults and young animals.

A barn with pigs is set up for the winter as well according to a certain pattern. Insulation of walls and floors is a farmer’s primary task. If the pigsty has a well-insulated floor, then in the summer it is hard to clean. The litter in the warm season should change 2-3 times more often than in winter: The stagnant liquid creates an ideal environment for the propagation of pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria.

The general barn is not suitable for keeping sows and young animals. Prudent pig farmers should separate the main barn from the specially designated sections. You need to find out what the correct pigsty looks like, how to build it and how to insulate it before construction.

In advance, the farmer draws up a diagram or drawing that provides all the necessary systems for cleaning the pigsties, ventilation of the main room and heat removal.They build a pen for pigs according to ready-made schemes or according to their own plan. It is important that the pigsty’s drawing takes into account all the needs of the pigs.

Technical requirements for the barn and construction projects

There is no point in starting a pigsty without preparation. The pigsty plan includes a detailed diagram of the future design and the layout of the communications.

How to plan the design of the barn? The pig project is drawn up at the first stage of preparation. Before proceeding with the planning of the structure, it is worth determining the loads on the entire structure. If the number of pigs living in the barn does not exceed 10 goals, then building a large corral is a waste of time and effort. Farmers who plan to breed pigs should expand the pigsty in advance so that they do not urgently need to finish building the shed.

In order to calculate the size of the barn, the following parameters should be taken into account:

  1. Target, s which breed pigs. If a farmer grows only individuals for slaughter to get meat and fat (a tasty sandwich or a meat dish from bad meat harms the human body), then animals can be housed in small enclosures of a few. For sows you need a separate space, fenced off from the remaining pigs.
  2. In one section, the maximum number of animals should not exceed 25 animals. Cramped circumstances will harm animals. In such pigs, weight gain is reduced and weak immunity is noted.
  3. Conditional settlement. On one healthy individual, on average, up to 1 square. m. It is impossible to reduce this indicator, otherwise neither an experienced farmer nor a beginner will be able to breed healthy offspring.
  4. The size of each section is calculated with an area of ​​at least 4 square meters. m.

If it is not difficult to determine the area of ​​the future pen for pigs, then the interior and exterior decoration of the premises needs special attention of the farmer. Construction begins with the preparation of materials and basic details. The layout and layout of future industrial or mini-sheds will reduce the amount of time allotted for construction. To equip a corral, you should take care of what kind of lighting, heating and ventilation will be inside the building. Factors such as temperature or humidity determine the well-being of an animal of any age. A pig can live in poor conditions, but it can’t bring the desired profit to a person.

Требования к сараю для свиней

Requirements for a shed for pigs

How to insulate a shed? This is facilitated by the overall construction of boards, cement blocks and foam. At the same time, lighting needs additional installations, which are provided for by the construction scheme. The temperature should create a special internal microclimate, otherwise the pigs will be constantly sick.

It’s easy to build pigsties if you plan all the construction in advance.What needs to be taken into account at the stage when the construction is just under construction?

For pigs living in the barn all year round, a pen for walking should be set up. Such an area should be fenced and properly planned. A corral is made of boards or durable materials. The structure is being erected as an integral barn with a corral, therefore, it is necessary to equip the area for walking immediately, and not after the arrangement of the barn. The walking place is best equipped along the wall (the longest part of the structure). The common roof of the pigsty should cover all areas, protecting the room from external negative factors. When the foundation is laid for the pigsty, the corral for sows is 10 square meters. m, and for individuals of the herd (according to the number of goals) – 1.5 square meters. m for each pig.

It’s not worth doing too much a pen for walking, because the heating in the pigsty, thanks to the installed devices, ensures proper heating. A large corral (improperly sized) violates the microclimate. When organizing the heating of the pigsty, the farmer must take into account the sizes for walking.

Место для выгула

Place for walking

Lighting for the pigsty is provided by lamps in the cold season, but in summer you can get by with natural light. Installed windows allow for natural ventilation. Future designs will help you plan your money and the average time allotted for construction.Both experienced farmers and beginners who plan to raise a large livestock of pigs build a pigsty with their own hands.

When making a pigsty at home, you need to equip several zones in which feeders and drinking bowls will be placed. Cleaning the floor in the pigsties is much easier if the construction plan (correctly sized pigsty) provides for removable blocks on the floor. You can use a ready-made construction plan. The newcomer will only have to substitute the dimensions he needs and proceed with the construction.

Selection of materials for construction

The layout of the pigsty includes the selection of building materials. The design of the pigsty cannot consist only of boards, and in some cases the dimensions of the pigsty, in which many pigs will live, are calculated taking into account sudden changes in temperature. To build a pigsty with your own hands, you will need to acquire building materials in advance. The structure is being built using:

  • cement;
  • sand and gravel;
  • cuts of boards or natural wooden beams;
  • roofing materials ;
  • foam blocks.

To build a barn you will need tools. Drill, screws, drills will help to complete a typical project on time. The size of the room, the automation of internal systems and communications will create a reliable, not temporary design.First, the foundation is laid, then the walls are arranged, and then the ceiling.

Simple designs have their own heating (autonomous heating) and lighting system. Piglets should not be dependent on other farm animals.

The do-it-yourself barn for Vietnamese pigs occupies a significantly smaller area. Heating and heating of such a room is cheaper. The ceiling for small rocks can be made lower and the corral smaller.


At the time of laying the foundation, the construction plan must be finally approved. The future design provides for easy cleaning and replacement of individual parts of the barn. First of all, the farmer equips the corral so that less time is spent on his cleaning in the future (cleaning is carried out at least 2 times a week). It’s more difficult to build a frame project with your own hands. Such constructions provide hoods, and farmers without fail make automated air exhaust.

Особенности строительства свинарника

Features of the construction of a pigsty

It is better to equip a crib in a country house without high costs away from home. In winter, the construction of the shed does not begin, because the materials are more expensive and the construction process itself is not without delays. Using polycarbonate in construction prevents many problems (bacteria multiply less).

The compound for a large livestock needs to be done separately from the rest of the economy. The farmer needs to allocate space for walking pigs. Piglets need fresh air even in winter, so you should not make an isolated barn.

It is better to make an air exhaust system for large pens without purchased installations. Such a device is more expensive, and hired workers will be needed to install it. A home-made system is better and more economical, but only an experienced farmer can do it. In a private house, it is better not to keep a large herd if the size of the suburban area is small. Piglets need a spacious paddock and a whole system for removing contaminated air and excess moisture (so that dangerous bio-bacteria do not multiply). The device of the shed for piglets from the photo will help to understand what types of structures are the simplest and most affordable. Photos and diagrams of piglet pens are easy to find on various Internet resources.


The answer to the question of how to build a pig shed with your own hands involves several steps. To build a shed for pigs, you need to understand what the structure consists of and in what sequence it is necessary to install it. It is possible to equip a cheap shed from panels within a few days. Subsequent disinfection will equip a stable for the settlement of pigs. Standard construction includes foundation, strong ceiling (roof top) and walls. Wall equipment is the last stage of construction.

The construction of the barn is done step by step, and the farmer spends several days building and equipping the pigsty.

How to build a convenient pigsty? First of all, you need to organize the correct work of the entire construction.

Сарай для свиней своими руками

DIY barn

How does construction begin? A warm paddock is built in several stages:

  1. Foundation. If the farmer has decided on the land (size and allotted area), the foundation should be poured. Hollow or durable, it will become the basis of the entire structure. For pouring use cement. The depth of the base is about 70 cm, and the height is about 30 cm. You cannot use cuts from boards for the foundation.
  2. Walls. You can make walls from boards or by pouring individual blocks of cement. Preferences depend on the needs of the farmer and his capabilities. Wooden structures need additional heating, and concrete blocks are much easier to process. For structural stability, sleepers or fittings are used. A modern shed for piglets is built only from high-quality building materials. Materials determine the longevity of the room.
  3. Roof (roof). A pitched roof is the best option for a durable construction. Materials for the ceiling are selected for strength and stability. A leaking roof is the biggest threat to the room.Separate attic structures are not recommended for the ceiling. Moisture-resistant materials will provide a warm microclimate in the barn throughout the year.
  4. Filling the floor. At home, cement is poured on the floor. The time has passed when sheds for pigs were strewn with earth or flooring. The best option is for the cleaning to take place quickly, and the room does not stink – to make a bulk cement floor. In such conditions, the home crib will not take much time from the farmer. Cleaning the pen is easy, but only in conditions where materials selected for the floor will be moisture resistant. Each meter of the sheltered floor is safe for the animal, which can gnaw at the wooden flooring. Concrete is poured in 2 layers for greater strength.
  5. Finish. Exterior finish is the final stage of construction. Finishing materials are selected at a price. Spend money on external processing should only be in cases where you need to provide additional protection against moisture or negative environmental factors. Thermal insulation allows you to avoid diseases in pigs and maintain the right indoor climate.

The animal organism is very susceptible to temperature changes, so heating and lighting of the pigsty are most important for piglets.

Heating and ventilation

It will be possible to build a pigsty and provide pigs with heating if lighting and heating are provided.The temperature in the pigsty should be regulated in two ways: natural and artificial. Additional lighting heating is needed only in the cold season, and if a pigsty for 2 heads with your own hands can be built without taking into account these requirements, then a pigsty device for industrial purposes requires compliance with all requirements.

You can build a pigsty without autonomous systems any malfunctions in the heating system are fraught with the loss of the entire number of pigs. Shed for pigs is heated using lamps or heaters. It is harder to build a concrete structure, but it is safer for animals. It does not need additional protective flooring in case any system fails.

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