How to choose names for horses, boys and girls

How to choose names for horses, boys and girls

The birth of a foal is a long-awaited event on the farm. Regardless of whether a beautiful riding horse or a small pony was born, the animal needs to be given a nickname. Before you name a horse, you should determine its purpose in the household. Nicknames of horses participating in tribal divorce or international competitions are selected in accordance with established standards.

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Nicknames for horses

Ordinary farms try to choose nicknames, the value of which can improve the character traits of the animal. It’s not a secret that many horse breeders believe: an affectionate nickname will help establish a person’s relationship with a stallion.

Criteria for selecting a nickname

There are many ways to choose a name for a foal. However, in the first place, the nicknames of horses depend on the following factors:

  • whether the stallion is involved in breeding;
  • whether the breed of the animal is sports and whether the horse will participate in official competitions.

The fact is that representatives of the tribal branch or participants of international competitions must be named according to certain standards.If the horse was born for work in agriculture, then the nickname can be chosen in accordance with the taste preferences of the owner. Typically, farm horse names are affected by the following symptoms:

  1. Appearance. The horse’s name can be affected by an unusual color or characteristic spots on the body.
  2. The breed of the animal. If the horse is a representative of a pure breed, but was rejected due to some inconsistencies, then you should not give the animal a common nickname. Experienced breeders argue that the mismatch of appearance and nicknames can affect the fate of the horse.
  3. The nature of the stallion. Nicknames for quiet horses are selected with soft syllables, excluding sharp letters. For active fidgets, you can choose sonorous nicknames to which they will gladly respond.

There is a sign according to which the name of the horse predetermines its entire life.

That is why horse breeders are afraid to give their pets such nicknames as Trouble, Buyan, Woe, Plague, Bad Weather or Death. It is believed that such nicknames of stallions can spoil the character of the animal. This can be explained from a scientific point of view. The fact is that a person pronounces negatively colored words roughly and harshly, which is why the horse may think that they are scolding her.

This happens unknowingly and can greatly ruin the psyche of the horse.On the contrary, the horse breeders speak warm and affectionate nicknames gently, so the stallion calms down and happily goes to the owner.

Sometimes horses are named after famous figures. Often you can meet the horse Julius or Atilla, as these nicknames give the animal masculinity. The female nickname should be softer than the male one, and it is often associated with beauty and grace.

Anthonyms for horses

Sometimes, to name an animal, the horse owner uses human names . More than 20% of horses around the world are named after prominent personalities or simply harmonious human names. Common Russian names among artiodactyls:

  • Arkasha;
  • Vaska;
  • Sidor;
  • Bear;
  • Vasilisa.

However, horses cannot be called by their full human name, as this is considered unethical in relation to other people. The exception is foreign names, which are very popular among horse breeders. So, the nicknames for a young boy’s horse can be:

  • Scott;
  • John;
  • William;
  • Caesar;
  • Napoleon;
  • Lincoln;
  • Genghis Khan;

Females can also be called in honor of great figures or simply foreign nicknames. There is a list of horse-drawn horse mares:

  • Cleopatra;
  • Merry;
  • Betsy;
  • Mulan;
  • Ishtar.

Many owners believe that naming a pet as great figures will make the animal more resistant to life’s difficulties. However, you should not call the horse too often a full nickname in this case, because the owner may unknowingly use too harsh intonations.

You should try to come up with an abbreviated nickname for the horse so that he feels affection and care in his voice. An example of this is Bonnie, shortened from Napoleon.


Not the least place among the horse’s nicknames is occupied by onomasticons – names whose creation plays the role of coat color animal. For many breeds, the suit is a characteristic distinguishing feature, so the nickname of the horse may contain a hint of the color of the stallion.

Among the standard colors of the horse, the following are distinguished:

  • Red;
  • Bay,
  • Crow.

The remaining colors of animals arise for various reasons. Most often, this is a mixing of genes of different breeds and incomplete dominance.

Names for young horses depending on the exterior may be:

  1. For stallions of the bay breed, the nickname Gnedko, Gnedoy or Gnedukha is suitable.
  2. A horse that has a black suit is commonly called Crow, Night, Dark, Crow, Funnel, Black.
  3. Red horses are suitable for such names as Ginger, Rusty, Liska.
  4. If black and white colors prevail in the suit, the horse can be called Sivka, Gray, Zayka.
  5. Nicknames for small brown foals may be: Burka, Burena, Brown.
  6. Light red hair will cause the stallion to be called Kaurka or Kaurim.
  7. Names horses with black spots sound like Chubary or Dalmantin.

Most of the name by suit have Turkic and Arabian roots. The reason for this is the Tatar-Mongol invasion, which affected horse breeding in Eastern Europe.

Sometimes the nicknames of horses associated with the color are chosen in foreign languages. So, you can meet horses with the names of White, Black, Bianca, Rosso, Gray, Brown.

The nickname associated with the nature of the animal

The name can be chosen based on the nature of the foal. Quiet and calm males can be given names such as Tishka, Tikhon or Oasis. Playful girls are called Zayka or Silence.

Active horses should be given suitable nicknames. Stallions can be called Anger, Invincible, Leader or Champion. Names for horses girls can be like Rage, Strength or Victory.

Sound names will help from an early age to distinguish strong individuals by voice intonation. Often horses with powerful names become leaders in the herd.

Names depending on the season

Sometimes I use characteristic names Signs of that time of year when the horse was born:

  1. Autumn foals will be nicknamed September, Rain, Fog. For females, you can use nicknames such as Autumn, Gall, Oktyabrina.
  2. In winter, boys are called Snezhka, January, Frost, Ice. For mares, Snowball will be good names. Winter, Snowflake, Snowstorm.
  3. Males born in the summer period are recorded under such nicknames: Sun, August, Horn. Girls should be called Augustine or Heat.
  4. Soft spring nicknames are given to spring young growth. Boys are most often called May, Creek or Leaf.Girls are awarded nicknames like Grass, Drops or Lilac.

Names of horses in honor of natural phenomena

Sometimes the color or character of the animal may be similar to natural or weather phenomenon. So, sometimes stallions can be called a Meteor. City, Tornado, Volcano, Sunset, Granite.

Names for mares can be: Comet, Thunderstorm, Element, Zorya.

Such nicknames have been given to horses for a long time in the hope to endow them with the same qualities that natural phenomena have: speed, strength and endurance. A horse named Wind, according to the horse breeders, will be faster and more maneuverable, and the Skala stallion will bear the hard work better.

Nicknames related to the particular origin of the animal

Sometimes the basis the name may be the place of birth of the animal. So, the names for horses of boys can be like Amur or Irtysh, and for girls, the names Volzhka or Onega are suitable.

Sometimes they give a nickname depending on the thoroughbred of the breed. The mixture can be called Bastard or Serf, while for pure breeds the names Lord, Earl, Emperor, Barin, Duchess or Countess will go.

Other selection criteria for names

Often the basis of the nickname for horses stallions can serve as food. Sometimes there are males named Sugar, Ginger, Medoc. Nicknames for girls’ horses in this case sound like Toffee or Berry.

The foal’s nicknames on large farms are selected according to the letters of the alphabet to avoid inbreeding: Adele, Athena. Apollo, Beatrice, Bernard, Buran, Viscount, Vendetta, Veronia, etc.

Sometimes nicknames are chosen in honor of favorite creatures or characters from mythology: Pegasus, Dragon, Icarus, Ares, Aphrodite, Gorgon.

Beautiful nicknames for horses are obtained if you use the names of stars and planets to create them: Aldebaran, Centauri, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Castor, Orion, Andromeda.

Sometimes derivatives of notes or chords: Domino, Rhea, Rem, Fai, Quinta, Thirds, Septa, Nona.

Good nicknames for horses are called ia of various colors: Astra, Chamomile, Poppy, Orchid, Tulip.

Sometimes horse breeders choose characters of books or plays as a name. However, it is better to choose heroes with a good fate. If you name the horse in honor of Hamlet or Kazbich, this can complicate the animal’s life.

Criteria for selecting a name for a pedigree or sports stallion

There are certain rules on how to name horses that Designed for tribal divorce. The nickname of the foal from purebred horses must be combined in the names of the parents. The first letter of the baby’s nickname must match the first letter of the mother’s name, and the middle letter must match the paternal name.

For example, if the female name is Kassandra and the male is Mirage, their cubs may receive nicknames such as Kasmir, Kameo, Kemil or Kama.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a suitable nickname, since letters may not

If the foal’s parents are winners of sporting events and have a long pedigree, the cub can get a double name, which is recorded in the animal’s passport. The name is spelled depending on which of the parent horses has achieved great rewards. A baby whose parents do not compete is usually called by the same name.

Not always sonorous nicknames should be used in everyday life. This applies to exhibition and breeding breeds. The stallion, which according to the documents is listed as Maximus Jacques-Geron, in life can be a simple Max.

For equestrian sport, there are a number of restrictions regarding the name of the horse:

  1. Names for horses of stallions must not coincide with the nicknames of the ancestors of famous breeds.
  2. You can use the name of a famous person with his personal permission, which must be formalized.
  3. Nicknames that contain more than 18 letters, also forbidden to use.
  4. A horse is not allowed due to an abusive or unethical nickname for the competition.

After choosing a name for a horse, you must register it in the official departments. Both the horse and the breeder must be evaluated by experts.To do this, the foal is subjected to a thorough examination, documentation is collected for his parents and medical certificates. All three animals take a blood test to confirm kinship, and if it is positive, a foal with a name is issued to the foal. Following the nickname is entered in the studbook. This procedure is especially strictly observed with rare breeds of animals. In this case, all living horses entered in the stud book are under the supervision of special committees.


The name plays a big role in the life of the animal. The selection of a nickname largely depends on the characteristics of the horse. For sporting and breeding breeds, there are established criteria. Owners call ordinary farm horses soft nicknames with positive coloring. When choosing a name, often the horse breeders are repelled by external factors, the breed or the nature of the stallion.

Sometimes beautiful names are involved in creating a nickname for stallions, but the animal cannot bear a full human name due to ethical standards. Horse names should not be associated with events or phenomena that are negatively perceived by humans: this can affect the nature of the horse in later life.

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