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A person who lives in a quiet village far from the polluted, overloaded metropolis will hardly think of wasting time and energy on arranging trees in a house, since his whole life passes among them. But for a city dweller who wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle, to breathe in the healing air, this idea will not seem strange.

In the photo Black Austrian pine in a flower pot with automatic watering CLASSICO from LECHUZA.

It is clear that with all the desire you cannot grow a birch or an oak in an apartment. It seems that you still have to go out of town at the first opportunity or go for the sake of a picturesque landscape to the nearest park. Or … plant a tree at home, only indoor! We will choose him today.

Everything in its place

Before heading to the plant store, decide where you will place your newly acquired tree. It is his place that will greatly narrow the list of candidates. For example, you think that placing a tree near a window, a source of natural light, would be the best solution. That’s right, however, most species are simply incompatible with drafts, so an open window can seriously harm or even ruin your plant. Also, keep in mind that most windows have batteries underneath. It is important to remember: placing a tree near any heating device is unacceptable.

How to choose a tree

So, you have decided on a place. Now you can start choosing an indoor tree.

Birch Grove

If your soul lacks a birch grove, then pay attention to Ficus Benjamin. Numerous varieties of this plant differ in the shape, size and color of the leaf, but all of them, in one way or another, at least remotely resemble our birch.

In the photo Ficus Benjamin in a flower pot with RONDO automatic watering from LECHUZA. Buy pots in the only official online store of the brand:
In the photo Ficus Benjamin in a flower pot with RONDO automatic watering from LECHUZA.

How to care for Benjamin’s ficus

Ficus Benjamin belongs to the Mulberry family. In the wild, like our birch, it reaches 25 meters in height, at home – 1,5 m. In general, the plant is unpretentious, but it still requires attention.

Lighting and temperature

Ficus Benjamin requires good diffused lighting. The best place to register for this tree is the west or east window. In winter, arrange additional lighting for the ficus (better – with a phytolamp). The optimum temperature for healthy plant growth is between 20-25 ° C. However, experienced flower growers believe that it is important not so much to monitor the temperature as to ensure that the watering corresponds to the temperature. Read about this in the next paragraph.


Watering this home-grown “birch” must be treated with special responsibility. With an insufficient amount of moisture, the ficus sheds its leaves, and from waterlogging, the roots of the plant begin to rot, which also leads to shedding of leaves.

To avoid unpleasant consequences and to provide the plant with the optimal amount of water for a long time, we recommend using the intelligent LECHUZA autowatering system. How this system works, you can find out from the infographic below.

How the LECHUZA intelligent autowatering system works
How the LECHUZA intelligent autowatering system works

Additional fertilizing

Apply the first fertilizers in March-April (once a month). In May, we increase the dose to once every three weeks. And once every two weeks – until the end of summer.

Island with palm trees

It’s still a long way to vacation, but I already want to lie under a palm tree. Don’t worry, you can do it at home too! The good news is that the selection of indoor palm trees is truly impressive.

Pictured is Chrysalidocarpus in a flower pot with PURO Color 50 from LECHUZA. Buy pots in the only official online store of the brand:
Pictured is Chrysalidocarpus in a flower pot with PURO Color 50 from LECHUZA. Many believe that only a large palm tree can adequately decorate the interior. Indeed, the spreading branches of such a tree make the right impression. However, in conditions of limited space, you can get a small copy in a stylish desktop planter.

The charming Dracaena Marginata is ideal for this role. This palm will certainly create coziness and the desired microclimate in the room. But how to take care of her?

Pictured is Dracaena Marginata in a flower pot with CUBE Color from LECHUZA. Buy pots in the only official online store of the brand:
In the photo Dracena Marginata in a pot with auto-watering CUBE Color from LECHUZA.

Lighting and temperature

Dracaena prefers a moderate temperature (15-18 ° C). If you do not have the opportunity to provide such conditions in your room, be sure to protect the plants from central heating batteries. Dracaena does not tolerate direct sunlight, but you cannot call it shade-tolerant either. With a lack of light, it quickly loses its lower leaves and, as a result, its decorative appearance.


In winter, the room Dracaena Marginata does not favor excessive watering, but in the summer it will thank you for this, if you also regularly spray the leaves. The main thing is not to overdo it, because dracaena do not tolerate stagnant water in a pot. The LECHUZA self-watering planter will help you avoid this mistake. For 12 weeks, Dracaena will itself absorb the optimal amount of water from the water tank.

Additional fertilizing

During the period of increased growth – from March to August – apply fertilizer twice a month.

Citrus paradise

The lemon tree will definitely bring variety and vibrant colors to your interior. Originally grown as an ornamental plant in China, today this tree can be found in most flower shops.

But before you get a room lemon, it will be useful for you to know that in matters of care it is still that fruit.

In the photo Lemon in a flowerpot with RUSTICO Color from LECHUZA. Buy pots in the only official online store of the brand:
In the photo Lemon in a flowerpot with RUSTICO Color from LECHUZA.

Lighting and temperature

Usually the lemon tree pot is placed on the windowsill, as close to the natural light source as possible. However, he does not like direct sunlight. This tree is also sensitive to sudden changes in temperature: it immediately begins to shed its leaves, unblown buds and flowers. Optimal conditions for healthy growth of lemon are considered to be +16 + 18 ° С, and humidity should be at least 60%.


Consistency and regularity are the keys to success when watering a lemon tree. It is important to organize watering so that the soil is always moist, but the water in the pot does not stagnate. How to do this, how much and when to water the lemon – it’s hard to say for sure. The rate of drying of an earthen coma depends on many factors: air temperature, season, pot volume, etc. Ideally, the lemon tree should absorb the right amount of moisture on its own. Such a process can be provided by an intelligent automatic irrigation system.

Additional fertilizing

Top dressing is carried out in the summer 2 times a month. Please note that the lemon tree needs nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizers for healthy growth and development.

Council: you can immediately plant the plant in a substrate that already contains these fertilizers and forget about feeding for a year!

Pictured are substrates PON and TERRAPON from LECHUZA. Buy substrates in the only official online store of the brand:

Of course, today there are a huge variety of varieties of indoor trees. Most of them can be bought at a plant store and can easily integrate a piece of wildlife into your interior. The main thing is to find the right place for the tree and take responsibility for its care. We have already told you about some of the tricks that will help you avoid the most common problems in plant care.

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