How to get carrot seeds at home

How to get carrot seeds at home

Get carrot seeds in at home – means to provide yourself with high-quality seed material, prepared with your own hands. This will make sure that the desired variety is planted in the spring and vegetables with high quality characteristics grow from seeds.

  1. Why pick the seeds yourself
  2. Selection of carrots for seeds
  3. Planting carrots on seeds
  4. Caring for the plant after planting
  5. Collection and seed treatment
  6. Conclusion

Как получают семена моркови в домашних условиях

How to get carrot seeds at home

Why collect seeds on your own

There are several reasons to grow carrots for seeds on your own at home:

  • improvement and fixing qualitative characteristics of a certain variety,
  • profitability, since home harvesting provides a large amount of seed material with the lowest financial costs,
  • quality, because producers often do not update plant mother plants when germination of seed material, which leads to degeneration of the variety and the production of inferior vegetables, similar to wild root crops.

Selection of carrots for seeds

For home production varietal varieties of carrots are taken from seeds, and not f1 hybrids, since the seed material obtained from hybrids, give root crops that are vaguely reminiscent of the first generation and have many shortcomings, from irregular shape to pale color and inconsistent taste.

It is possible to get seeds from carrots for planting only a year after the growing season.

Large and high-quality vegetables are left for harvesting seeds. Bright representatives of the desired variety, including root crops, should:

  • be of the correct form,
  • have the appropriate color for the variety,
  • meet the requirements of the variety,
  • to have no mechanical damage.

Root crops selected for seed are stored separately from the others in a cool basement. The best way to preserve vegetables until spring is to put them in a hole with wet sand.

Planting carrots on seeds

Собственные семена

Own seeds

To obtain seed, take not 1, but 3-4 root crops, planting them next to each other so that ensure effective pollination of plants.

Planting of carrots begins in late March-early April, when sprouts appear in root crops stored in the basement.

Root crops are not washed before planting , height Ki do not break off. They are placed in a container or other container intended for growing vegetable seedlings. When planting large root crops in the ground, only 1/3 of the vegetable with the sprout is left, and the remaining part is cut off.

Caring for the plant after planting

From the end of April seedlings are transferred to open ground conditions or to the greenhouse. Subsequent care of the carrots planted on the seeds includes several obligatory measures:

  • improving the quality of the future seed material, for which purpose the seed carrot that has been planted is once watered with milk of lime after 2 weeks after planting,
  • maintaining constant humidity and a stable temperature at the required level, for which root crops are surrounded by mulch throughout the season,
  • regular watering, weeding and loosening of the soil,
  • cropping of lateral shoots after 2 months when the testis begins to form the main stem with an umbrella inflorescence.

The testes fully ripen after flowering and the stage of formation, as indicated by the dark-beige color of the umbrella inflorescence and its folding.

Seed collection and processing

The seeds that are ripened are removed by cutting off the entire umbelliferous inflorescence with a part of the stem up to 20 cm long. Planting material is sent for maturation to a well-ventilated place for dosing, hanging umbrellas connected by bundles .

Avoid seeds of weathering in the process of ripening helps wrap bundles of umbrellas gauze material or tissue paper.

After thoroughly drying the seed material is separated from the umbrella inflorescences by grinding over the container. The most valuable ones are those that are formed around the edges: they differ in maturity and large size.

Fully ripened seeds are also determined by placing them in water: they always sink to the bottom, and low-quality ones remain on the surface.

After selection of the seed material suitable for planting and removal of extraneous debris, it is finally dried without the use of active heat (oven or dryer) and stored until planting time at a temperature of 10 ° С-15 ° С. The seedlings retain their ability to germinate for 3-4 years.


Independently collect carrot seeds at home – a way to prepare high-quality planting material that will show high germination and give an even autumn and a rich harvest of carrots. t 3-4 years after harvesting. At the end of the storage period, the number of single seeds increases, therefore, the sowing standards are increased by 2-3 times.

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