How to get rid of small midges on an orchid

If you get small midges on orchids, you have to choose ways to deal with them. To do this, you need to know exactly what kind of insects wound up on a room flower.

  1. Description of the pests
  2. Scyarides
  3. Whiteflies
  4. Drosophila
  5. Thrips
  6. Feeding with drugs
  7. Folk remedies
  8. Additional methods of protection
  9. Prevention
  10. Conclusion

Как избавиться от мелких мошек на орхидее

How to get rid of small midges on the orchid

Description of pests

The first step in effective control of insects is to determine their species. Small midges on orchids can to destroy the plant.


Another name for the parasite is mushroom mosquitoes. They are noticed when a dark flock appears on the plant. Black and saturated gray small midges in orchids 4 mm long. Due to 2 transparent wings they look like mosquitoes. The appearance of black sciriada is observed in autumn and spring, when the room is damp and cool. There is no harm to the plant from adults, but the larvae hit the roots of the plant, venturing to a depth of 1 cm in the ground. Affected shoots and roots quickly colonize rot. As a result, the flower dies.


If midges are found in the orchid and fly over the flower, gathered in small white flocks, these are whiteflies. In appearance, they are dotted white insects up to 2 mm in length.The pest lays larvae on the back of the leaves and along the entire length of the stem, leaving behind yellow stains. For the full development cycle, the larva affects more than 50% of young shoots. The affected flowerpot deforms the shape of the stem. The leaves gradually dry.

 Мелкая мошка на орхидеях способна погубить растение.

Small midges on orchids can kill the plant.


Tiny midges in orchids that have a yellow body color and red eyes are called Drosophila. They appear on the plant in any season. From eggs, adults grow in just 6 days. The size of an adult insect ranges from 5 mm. Often the appearance of these pests coincides with the process of feeding flowers and the introduction of food residues. Drosophila starts the rotting process of the plant.


Elongated striped midges on orchids with pressed wings are called thrips. They live on the ground, where they hide, and on the leaves, the juice of which they feed. After the invasion of the parasite, the plant is covered with many black dots or a silver film. The insect is especially active at night, so it is difficult to diagnose during the day.

Due to the large number of bites, the affected plant gradually dries out. Pest larvae infect only leaves. If small midges are wound up in the soil of an orchid, they urgently take measures to get rid of them: pests multiply in the shortest possible time.

Fertilizing with drugs

Before using chemicals, you should clearly recognize which midges have wound up in orchids. The correct definition of the parasite increases the chances of fighting it.

You can get rid of midges in orchids using the following methods of control:

  • Sciarids. Processing plants is carried out in 3 stages. To destroy the insect on the leaves and stalk using the well-known drugs “Raid”, “Raptor” or “Neo Dichlorvos”. Under such conditions, the earth must be etched with chemical preparations of tapas Bazudin or Grom-2. The third stage is to disinfect the surface where the pot with the flowerpot was placed. It is carried out with hydrogen peroxide or other disinfectant.
  • Whiteflies. Etching of leaves and stems from white pests is carried out with Sherpa, Aktara or Fury preparations. The root part is not touched.
  • Drosophila. To eliminate these pests use means in the form of aerosols. The most popular among them is Dichlorvos. Aerosols “Hexachloran” and “Combat” show good efficiency. They are used strictly according to the instructions. After spraying, the room is aired in half an hour.
  • Thrips. This type of parasite is difficult to eliminate. In this case, the drugs “Actellic” and “Fitoverm” are used. Treatment with parasite chemicals is carried out every 10 days until complete destruction. In parallel, the soil is washed under the shower with a regularity of once a month.
Препараты для борьбы с мошками на орхидее

Preparations for controlling midges on the orchid

Folk remedies

If small midges are wound up in the orchid, folk remedies will help get rid of them at home. Among the effective methods of struggle distinguish:

  • Garlic infusion. It is prepared in a proportion of 1 minced head of garlic and 600 ml of boiled water per 1 plant. Garlic poured with boiling water is left to infuse for 3-5 hours. After complete cooling, the leaves of the plant are treated. The pulp from the infusion is deepened into the soil: this provides additional protection against pests. Alternatively, several cut garlic cloves are instilled into each infected pot.
  • A solution of potassium permanganate. The dosage of potassium permanganate is clearly observed, because the drug leaves burns on a houseplant. A solution based on it is done as follows: 1 g of potassium permanganate is added to 1 liter of boiled and cooled water. The liquid should acquire a pinkish tint. Spraying and watering with this solution is carried out no more often than every 8-10 days for a month.
  • Soap solution. For cooking, take 25 g of finely ground gray laundry soap and pour 1 liter of warm water. After complete dissolution of the soap, the leaves of the plant are washed. The procedure is carried out 2-3 times a month for damage by pests.
  • Vegetable oil. In 1 liter of water add 1.5 tbsp. l vegetable oil.The solution is used only for spraying the flowerpot.
  • Ash. Wood ash is distributed on top of the soil and on the roots of the pot. It will relieve the houseplant of parasites and reduce the acidity of the soil.
  • Sulfur. 4 matches are immersed upwards in the soil with a wooden end; the top layer of the substrate is moistened with water. Matches change every 2 days.
Избавление от мошек в домашних условиях

Get rid of midges in at home

Additional protection methods

To get rid of midges, flower lovers tried different methods. For example, as an addition to folk methods, a vacuum cleaner and special traps are used. Before the treatment procedure, a hose from a vacuum cleaner is passed near the plant: this removes flying parasites from the indoor flower.

Purchased fly traps are also used to catch the parasite. A similar thing is done at home. To do this:

  • they take yellow cardboard or thick paper painted in such a color;
  • a bright card is smeared with a thin layer of honey;
  • the resulting product is hung around a flowerpot .

From time to time, cardboard boxes are removed. Traps are often changed.


To prevent parasites, basic rules of care are followed.Such precautions include:

  • drying the soil in between watering;
  • moderate watering of the plant no more than once every 3-4 days;
  • absence near a flower of food that can undergo a process of decay;
  • keeping the substrate in the freezer for 2-3 days before planting: this helps to get rid of eggs and larvae of parasites;
  • timely removal of wilting or damaged parts of the plant;
  • periodic loosening of the soil;
  • wiping the leaves of the flower with a soap solution of several p az per year, excluding the flowering period.
Для профилактики паразитов придерживаются правил ухода

For prevention parasites adhere to the rules of care

In order not to lure midges, some actions limit:

  • decorative moss is put in a pot to an indoor plant;
  • carry out fertilizer tea, coffee grounds and eggshells.
  • water the plant with infused water on bread crumbs.

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A good method of prevention is to plant a plant with an adhesive layer on the leaves near orchids. This serves as a barrier between insects and the flower.

The key to a healthy plant and prevention is, first and foremost, proper care.


If flying midges appear near a room flower, all possible measures should be taken to combat it, because parasites greatly interfere with the normal growth of the flower . Timely help to the plant will relieve pests and contribute to the luxurious flowering of orchids.

How to get rid of small midges on an orchid
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