How to grow Adenium from seeds – a simple instruction

Popular Succulents are growing and the demand for Adeniums. These plants have dense leaves, stems of an unusual shape and bright buds, which captivates lovers of the original southern flora. Some even try to grow Adenium from seeds on their own. But no flower will sprout if you do not follow the rules.

  1. Features of the seeds
  2. Selecting a container
  3. Selecting a substrate
  4. Basic planting rules
  5. Soaking seeds
  6. Sowing <
  7. Spending <
  8. Transplanting and crown formation
  9. Useful videos

Как вырастить Адениум из семян

How to grow Adenium from seeds

Features of seeds

The seeds of Adenium, known as the desert rose, do not look very viable . Their length is 1-1.5 cm, and visually they are Rough sticks with hooks at the end and a light, gray-brown tone are remembered. Despite this, they quickly emerge.

Sprouts from such seeds – especially if they were previously treated with a liquid to stimulate growth – grow and harden on the surface literally in a week and a half.

At the same time, Adenium has a good germination capacity, comparable to the germination of the strongest succulents. And you can improve it if you choose the right substrate, the capacity for planting and cultivation algorithms.

Choose the capacity

Gardeners advise using pots of minimal volume: this will save the plant from an excess of water at first.

But it is important that they have a lot of holes – this will remove excess water and eliminate rotting of the roots.

It is convenient if the landing container is equipped with a lid – it literally turns it into a small home greenhouse.

On the bottom of the container you need to lay out a drainage mixture of expanded clay, small pieces of polystyrene foam, crushed brick or coal. The substrate should be laid on top, which should be moderately moistened.

If you grow Adenium in industrial quantities, it is better not to take pots or containers, but seedling cells with drainage holes, peat tablets or pots. This will not only protect against improper watering, but also simplify flower care. In addition, this will reduce the risk of death of weak plants: they will not reach for strong ones and quietly develop at their own pace.

Select substrate

In nature Adenium obesum grows in arid soils, therefore, appreciates moisture at all stages of its development.

The substrate should easily carry moisture and air. It is better to plant a flower in a ready-made store substrate based on peat or coconut fibers, especially at home. Loosen it in advance to enhance conductivity.

You can also mix succulent soil in a 1: 1 ratio with any baking powder to your taste. Among the recommended ones are perlite, coarse river sand, fine expanded clay, vermiculite, and crushed charcoal of wood origin. Some even use foam balls, but they can adversely affect soil acidity.

In general, the choice of substrate for a particular variety should be highlighted on the back of the package, in the instructions.

The Thai seed producer and numerous nurseries from China are conditional monopolists in the market of such colors – it is advised to plant them in small individual containers.

Basic landing rules

Выбираем правильный грунт

Choose the right soil

To make this plant take root at home and ascend in a short time, you need to follow some rules.

In addition to the correct choice of capacity and soil, it is necessary to provide adenium with preparation for planting and sequential sowing.

Even seedlings need care, so we will figure out what to do during and after planting.

Soaking seeds

To avoid the death or decay of the seed, you need to process it before planting.

To do this, the seeds are soaked in dechlorinated warm water for 120-180 minutes. Instead of water, you can use a solution of potassium permanganate or a suspension mixed with crushed coal. But then the soaking time is reduced to 30-35 minutes.

Then the seeds are treated with a biological or systemic fungicide like Fitosporin. This measure protects the plant from fungus.

You can also soak Adenium seed in a stimulator to quickly grow Energin or Epin for 120-180 minutes.

Some gardeners refuse to soak, but this often reduces the likelihood of seed germination.


Let’s look at the algorithm of actions for sowing seeds of Adenium of the Arabicum variety, Multiflorum and any other suitable for growing at home:

  • Lay the drainage on the slightly moistened bottom of the container, and on top the prepared substrate in advance;
  • Plant seeds are laid out flat, the distance between them is 3 cm, this rule cannot be broken categorically;
  • Top of the seed is sprinkled with earth, the maximum thickness of the top layer is 1 cm;
  • Capacity with seeds, where it turned out to be planted the future flower, slightly irrigated with water, covered with a lid or a layer of cling film.

Seeds will sprout quickly only if certain conditions are met. And the most important thing is maintaining a uniform temperature. It should not fall below 30 ° C.

When you lower the sensitive roots begin to decay, and if this happened to a young plant, you can’t save it.

Therefore, you need to keep the seeds sown next to the heating systems. You can also install a special lamp over them. It will give enough light, and will heat the surface of the earth, without which the germination of adenium is impossible.

You need to take care of the sowing daily or as described in the instructions for the seed. In the morning and evening, the cover is removed for ventilation for 30 minutes. At this time, you need to protect the plants from drafts and direct sunlight.

If you follow all the steps, sowing will turn into seedlings in two or three days.


Adenium seedlings appear quickly, although they bloom and multiply only many months after emergence. They are too weak to exist as mature plants, so they need sensitive care.

  • Hatching seeds are illuminated with a special lamp all 24 hours a day.
  • Gradually, the illumination is reduced to 18, 16 , 14 and 12 hours. But you can not remove the bottom heater. It can be played by a regular battery, heater, shoe dryer, or any other device that exudes enough heat.
  • Water is regularly added to the container: a spoonful is enough for a young plant.
  • Often small sprouts covered with a shell – it will prevent the leaves from opening completely, so it must be removed in a timely manner, otherwise germination will be pointless. Do this either with your hands or with tweezers – in any case, be careful, because the injured flower will not survive.

Transplant and crown

Цветку требуется много места

A flower needs a lot of space

Adenium is important to transplant in a timely manner.

For the first time – at the stage of opening of cotyledon leaves. This will allow the plant to quickly gather enough juice to form a crown characteristic of the species.

Any large pot can serve as a transplant capacity.

To save space it is permissible to transplant the sprouts into a single large bowl . But this will not contribute to their development.

The formation of the crown provokes the growth of new greenery. The procedure should be carried out with the help of neat garden scissors. After pruning, the succulent will bloom faster and flowering will last longer.


Attention! This flower grows with one stem, and if you cut it too early, you can completely interrupt its development.

If the plant itself begins to branch, it is better to remove the lateral processes that prevent it from growing to the size of an adult.

In general, Adenium has special hormones right at the top of the plant, called auxins – they suppress the appearance of side shoots. However, far from all adeniums, they are activated on time, so trimming the succulent is most important.

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