How to grow “Arabian coffee” – care

Everyone has houseplants and flowers in a house or apartment, and some have a balcony completely filled with shelves with flowers. Today we are not talking about indoor flowers, but about a coffee tree. This is an evergreen indoor tree with densely covered leaves, the color of which resembles gloss. And when harvested, a soothing and tonic drink is obtained from it.

Arabian coffee takes up a little space in the room and is formed in the form of a small tree. In the first year, it grows up to 15-20 cm, and in the future, with good care, it reaches one and a half meters. The flowering season itself begins in summer (May, June, July). Fragrant flowers are collected in small buds of several pieces. And the smell is very reminiscent of a jasmine flower.

Arabian coffee (Coffea arabica)

Farmer Mary-Plantes

Arabian coffee is unpretentious when grown. He is like a little child – he loves the sun and treats the shade well, you can even recommend taking him to the garden or vegetable garden in the summer. In winter, we adhere to a temperature of 16-18 degrees, and in summer 25-30 and not lower than 16 degrees. Watering this plant in the summer is done often, and in winter we water it moderately and do not forget to maintain the temperature 2 degrees higher than in the room.

The transplant is performed once every two years. Do not forget to take a pot 1 cm larger than before, this is done because over time, the root system of Arabian coffee becomes highly developed and a deep pot is needed. The composition of the land almost always consists of humus, sand, turf and leafy soil.

Arabian coffee (Coffea arabica)

Farmer Horty Girl

Top dressing is recommended to be applied 2 times a month and preferably during these months – May, June, July. The composition of the top dressing consists of chicken droppings and horn sawdust. And, as necessary, we apply fertilizers with microelements once a month.

Here are some of the problems that come with growing coffee.

  • When waterlogged, the leaves rot, turn yellow and fall off.
  • Young leaves begin to die, but only the veins survive.
  • Dry air simply kills the leaves (they grow dull, dry out).

Not only external influence has a deplorable effect, but all kinds of pests disrupt the normalized flowering cycle – such as; aphid, tick, scale insect, worm.

Arabian coffee (Coffea arabica)

Farmer Scented Leaf

And in conclusion, I want to warn you that when growing coffee at home, the amount of caffeine is much higher than in purchased ones. And unfortunately, it is not recommended to use it in large doses for patients (hypertensive patients and heart patients).


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