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It is very easy to grow a feijoa on a windowsill! You buy feijoa fruits at the market or in a store, if they are not quite ripe (that is, hard), wait for them to ripen, eat them with pleasure, and take part of the pulp with seeds from one fruit. These seeds are very small and do not separate from the pulp, so here you need to apply one “little trick”, namely: adding a little water to the pulp, leave it for three days for fermentation, after which the seeds will easily separate from the fruit, you will wash them, dry them and … you can safely store it for three years. They will not deteriorate or lose germination! But we will not keep them for a long time. We will sow them in February. They say this is the optimal time for sowing feijoa.

How to grow feijoa on a windowsill? Farmer Roslyn Russell

Before sowing, the seeds can be held in a solution of potassium permanganate for disinfection. And I usually sow them in this way: I take the land (I bring the land from the dacha, and you can buy a special substrate for germinating seeds in the store), I pour it into a medium-sized pot (15 centimeters in diameter); you can take other dishes, just let there be a hole in the bottom; if you take a plastic box for germinating seeds from under something unnecessary, in the sense of being used, you can make a hole in it with a heated nail; and on top (attention!) I pour a layer of washed and calcined sand (not sugar!). This is done in order to avoid the appearance of mold during germination, and after germination, the roots quickly reach the nutrient layer and the plant develops normally in the first days of life. If you bring sand from outside, try to rinse it very thoroughly. Then dry and bake in a dry, clean frying pan.

Moisten the contents of the pot well, scatter not too many seeds over the surface (small seeds can be pre-mixed with dry sand for a more even distribution). Place the pot in a plastic bag so that it looks like a dome of film over it, and put it in a warm place. At first, it doesn’t have to be light. Check the contents of the package every day. Allow excess moisture to evaporate if necessary.

And now, finally, the seeds hatch (this can happen three to four weeks after sowing) and you have the opportunity to observe the magical miracle of the development of a tiny plant. Everything happens right before your eyes. Your feijoa is growing and getting stronger. Now they need light. And fortunately, there is more and more light in your room. After all, spring has already come.

Фейхоа (Feijoa)Фейхоа (Feijoa). Farmer Forest & Kim Starr

Your young plants look lovely: they have dark green oval leathery leaves, silvery gray from the inside. They smell good when rubbed. After all, this plant belongs to the myrtle family. It deodorizes the air, refreshing and revitalizing it. A thin stalk stretches higher and higher. It’s time to give each plant a separate living space. Divide the feijoa into separate pots. Buy soil suitable for myrtle.

What to do with “extra” plants? I think you will give them to relatives and friends. True, I only had one seed in due time, but I still gave the plant to my friends. Now the feijoa is growing with them, and I’m going to repeat the entire procedure described with a new batch of seeds. But here’s what I want to warn you about. With seed propagation, varietal characteristics are not preserved, so if you have a single bush, it may disappoint you. Leave a few plants for yourself and when they bloom and bear fruit in five years, you will be able to compare their taste and conduct fruit tasting with the invitation of friends.

When the plant reaches a height of 30 centimeters, you will have to reluctantly carry out the first operation: cut off about a third of it. Otherwise, it will stretch upward, and this way you will help the plant turn into a fluffy tree. After the appearance of several side branches, you can prune them again. And stop there. It is not necessary to form a “correct crown”. Let him grow as he wants.

Фейхоа (Feijoa)Feijoa. Farmer danrandow

Feijoa grows quickly, and for the first three years it is transplanted annually. Transplant carefully so as not to break fragile branches.

In the future, feijoa can be propagated by cuttings (cutting off semi-lignified shoots 10-12 cm long with 2-3 leaves in October-December and always soaking in a solution of heteroauxin or root for 16-18 hours, since they take root with difficulty). But in adult plants, a lot of root growth is formed, which is also suitable for reproduction. Moreover, in order for the plant to bear fruit, the root shoots must be removed.

Adult plants are transplanted every 5 years, kept in a fairly bright room, although they also tolerate light shading. In nature, feijoa grow on very poor, sandy and stony soils, and if you grow them in rich fertile soil and apply fertilizers, then your plants will definitely thank you for your care.

Arrange them sometimes “sea breezes” – carefully spray the leaves with warm water (on hot summer days and in winter, when the air is very dry). The optimum air temperature in winter is 12-14 degrees.

The feijoa bush blooming in your house will not leave anyone indifferent: neither you nor your guests.

Фейхоа (Feijoa)Фейхоа (Feijoa). Farmer cheeryy

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